Now that we have all the info about mission 3, (as found here: ) it's time we hash out what the best setup is to 3-bird each of those 4 Horsemen.

In London, you fight against Dragoness (bla), Selene (inf), and Pestilence / Beast (inf).

- Team up with Wolverine. (preferably with his Stalking e-iso)

Sabretooth is the obvious choice here.  Between him and Wolvie, infiltrator Beast should die before he has time to blink.

The 3rd hero isn't as obvious, so you could make do with practically any bleeder in your roster.

At first, I was thinking Elektra for the extra (and internal) bleeds, + hemorraging attacks.  Constant stealth, + Fatal Blow are also nice touches.

Now, I'm thinking Black Cat would be better. Her L9 exploits all the bleeds, plus has deadly crits (which become pretty likely while her L6 is active). I rarely use her, but her L9 is supposed to do tons of damage when set up like this.

In New York, you fight against Mystique (tac), Toad (inf), and Death / Iceman (bla).

- Team up with Angel. (to be honest, I'm really not a fan)

My tentative plan is to use Omega and Hercules in order to fully capitalize on Angel's L1. Omega will get the scrapper bonus from Toad, and the tactician bonus from Death.

However, that ignores the need for someone who uses Despair, Fatal Blow, or Brutal Strike to get past Death's revival effect. To make matters worse, Herc is vulnerable to Death's blaster form. ...Then again, if you're lucky, you could prevent that from becoming an issue through using Omega's Nueral Disruptors (disoriented), or her protect ability (just make sure she ends her last turn as a scrapper). And, failing that, Angel's L9 could revive Herc as backup.

- Also, Death's revival effect only restores 10% health. So it's not really all that hard to overcome through regular means. It should especially be a non-issue when combined with Angel's L2. Herc with an extra turn while Blessing of Olympus is active? You know that's gonna hurt.

(Let's assume we only have the basic Angel. Otherwise, everything is different.)

If you're worried about Death's revival ability (or you missed out on Omega), then the best option may be to put your Agent here and let that be the one to finish Death. (If nothing else, there's always the Liberator we just researched.)

If you want your Agent to fight some other Horseman, then Elektra might make a good 3rd. She can get around the revival, plus her L2 adds follow ups. That means more Rising Up from Angel, plus another extra hit from Herc (he can focus and fortify himself with one move, if need be... and he'll probably kill whoever he hits with this combo).

Really, the 3rd hero is a tossup between Elektra and Omega for me.

In San Francisco, we fight Avalanche (scr), Sugar Man (inf), and Famine / Rouge (inf power).

- Team up with Cyclops.

I'm thinking this would be a good place for Juggernaut. He'll get enraged. He's immune to stun from Famine, and his momentum makes her counters do negligible damage to him.  Plus, his L9 (assuming her Scarcity lets it through) will fully work with Cyclops's L2.

.... I'm not sure, since I don't have him, but for players who missed out on Jugg, Hulk should make a pretty good alternative. He'll take full damage from any counters, but he would at least Hulk Up from them.

Edit: I originally had Nightcrawler as the third hero because of his Mystic Shroud e-sio, but I forgot the bosses are on the 2nd wave. That means it won't help against Scarcity at all. (so it's a good thing I spent the last few days farming for the e-iso, huh? *sigh*)

In light of that, Quicksilver should be a better choice, despite the fact that he relies on stacking up quickness. (Too bad I don't have him.) The main thing he brings to this team is that he can apply combo setup to all 3 enemies at once, which Jugg or Hulk will make great use of, especially if they're attacked while Combat Awareness is active.

    • I don't know for sure yet, but a good way around Scarcity might be your Agent with the Void Generator. And if you also use the Target Painter, or better yet, the Marksman's Spotter, then you should be guaranteed a 1-hit-epic-overkill with Jugg's L2, which makes the guaranteed crits deadly !! Ditto with Hulk.

-- So, I think this is probably the loadout I'll use.

In Wakanda, we fight Blob (bru), Living Pharoah (gen), and War / X-23 (scr).

- Team up with War Machine.

I'm thinking this is a good time to use Havok, who is automatically in this strike team anyway. (I'm not sure if that means people who haven't recruited him can use him here or not, though I seriously doubt it.)

He should blast right through Blob, even without radiation exposure. With 3 stacks - on everyone? It should be a massacre.

- I'm going to tentatively say that Magneto would make a good 3rd, partially because this is the only time we don't fight an infiltrator.  His default attack is energy-based (as is his L6), so that works with all the radiation exposure. Plus, each attack will empower Havok. (He'll also make short work of the 1st-wave sentinels, during which time he'll be maxing out Havok's cosmic energy.)

Unfortunately, War is the only 2nd-wave enemy who should automatically be magnetized.  But, that's not all too bad since Blob can't dodge anyway.

Alternatively, Moonstone's L1 could immobilize War or Blob. Unfortunately, her L2 is her only energy attack.

However, you can just use Taffy or Adhesive X Canisters to cause immobilized, so I'd stick with Magneto if you have him.

Keep in mind that you make these 4 strike teams out of the initial 2, so heroes have to be in the right places from the beginning.

London --> London & New York,

San Franciso --> San Franciso and Wakanda.

Be sure to comment. Any and all feedback is welcome.

(I'm sure players who don't have 1 or more of these heroes would really appreciate suggestions for alternatives.)

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