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    July 10, 2014 by HPisBS

    My team of Taskmaster (morale boost + skullthumper / lock on on L6) and Sabretooth (frenzied + skullthumper / wide open on L1) is doing me proud on offense. And for a while, they were doing pretty well on defense, too. But now that we're in the final week and I'm actually fighting for adamantium, their defensive win rate is back down to ~ 20%.

    I'm used to that, but if I am to have any real hope of holding on to adamantium (without an asterisk next to my trophy), that has to improve.

    So for now, lets focus on possibilities for making defensive pvp teams that can actually win... or at least drag out a fight for the attackers. (Of course, I'll be considering only the heroes I actually have for this.)

    I'll be taking into account all e-isos and a-is…

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    Satana ended up with an avoidance E-ISO like I wanted and Daimon with a 2nd (half-) life, so there is really no point to having this blog.

    I would delet the whole thing if I could.

    I just found out the forums are back (a month after the fact, thanks to the address change), so that means I finally have access to the ideas I had for Satana and Daimon... from 3 months ago.

    Ok, we can all agree that the main problem with Satana is survivability, right? She's a glass cannon.

    So, I thought up some buffs to help her survive a bit longer, and that would fit her character pretty well.

    • Chance to create illusion clones, avoiding attacks.
    • Counters melee attacks that are avoided in this way with Soul Sample
    Soul Sample
    • Drains a small amount of health an…

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    Now that we have all the info about mission 3, (as found here: ) it's time we hash out what the best setup is to 3-bird each of those 4 Horsemen.

    In London, you fight against Dragoness (bla), Selene (inf), and Pestilence / Beast (inf).

    - Team up with Wolverine. (preferably with his Stalking e-iso)

    Sabretooth is the obvious choice here.  Between him and Wolvie, infiltrator Beast should die before he has time to blink.

    The 3rd hero isn't as obvious, so you could make do with practically any bleeder in your roster.

    At first, I was thinking Elektra for the extra (and internal) bleeds, + hemorraging attacks.  Constant stealth, + Fatal Blow are …

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