Since Marvel Avengers Alliance is becoming such a popular game I thought I would go ahead and make some review/gameplay videos and post them on Youtube. Now, I'm no Potkettleblack, Razorgirl, or BrainYak, but hopefully as the content and videos get better everyone can benefit.

Recently, I recorded my five daily PvP battles and added a review on Gamma Gadget. So if you are interested, check out the M: AA playlist at:

The video convered mostly on the Gamma Gadget review, but if you want some more information on what was going on during the battles this is the gist:

My team consisted of a Tactician Agent, Quicksilver, and Future Foundation Invisible Woman.

The weapons I used were: Focal Plasma Cannon, Offensive Accelerator, and Gamma Gadget. Note: the stupidity of having Offensive Accelerator in my arsenal has been addressed in my video...(pain...).

With Quicksilver, I always got the first turn. If there's an infiltrator I attack them first. Not only does this do great damage to the infiltrator (sometimes killing them), but doing the extra damage and combo setup on the rest of the team is icing on the cake. Quick tangent, with gamma radiation on Quicksilver when he was attacked, his "Tag Team" ability was doing 200's (note this is high for my *average player level of 51-58*). However, if no infiltrator was present, I went after who I thought was the greatest threat (or who I could eliminate from the game quickly). Since people around my level love having WWII Tactician Captain America and Tactician Dr. Strange, attacking them with quicksilver is my next best option. This is because with the chance to crit with Invisible Woman (IW), I could either take them out or do some major damage while gaining 'combat reflexes'.

When it was my agent's turn, I always applied Gamma Gadget first. The only exception was when there was a blaster. If there was (and there were no heroes "guarding"), I would attack the blaster first to get in some extra damage and then apply gamma gadget with my extra turn.

Recently, I changed offensive accelerator to Spider-Sense Injector. With this, I had the chance to have every person on my team have a counter. Captain America shield throw? I welcomed it and embraced it with a creepy hug. It gives combat reflexes to IW, puts up shields, and Quicksilver now hits everyone again and reapplys combo setup. After that, any hero that gets attack by a single target attack, either a. gets hit by IW "force spheres" b. makes their entire team get hit by QS 'tag team' c. Gives me an extra turn to reapply Gamma Gadget

Lastly, Invisible Woman depended on if she had combat reflexes or gamma radiation yet. If she had gamma radiation I would use "Force Volley" and hit everyone (in the video you see this one time where it mops up the other team nicely). If she doesn't have gamma radiation and no combat reflexes, then I just have her attack a tactician. I never put up shields for her turn. I have found that it is just not effective in the long run and hurts me when I'm just trying to deal out a lot of damage (glass cannon). This goes the same with "Force Cage". I just don't use it...

Many people have been claiming QS as a "supportive role" with his two turns and not doing very much damage, but in PvP he has been an invaluable contributor to doing damage and taking out enemy heroes/agents.

Overall, this team does well with me at the wheel and hardly loses when the AI take over. It's a great round about team that has been taking advantage of all these tacticians and blasters that have been out. I'll change accordingly if the PvP field changes dramatically, but until then, this is my best group up yet.

Even though I lost 2-3 of the battles in the video, I'm currently:

  • Level 51
  • 56 Attacks
  • Rank ~1590
  • Top 0.0%
  • Player position around ~468

I honestly don't like the bonus XP you get in PvP right now because I'm trying to park my agent. It's a bummer when you have to 'attack' to count for the 100 PvP fights to get Cable. *Sigh...why can't I just defend.

Any questions or suggestions for my team, videos, etc. Let me know and I'll try to address them in future Videos / Blogs.

Thank you,


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