So most of us have been there, you know, seeing a weapon that seems perfect for PvP (or any other purpose), but it requires Gold. The only downside to these purchases (other than having to spend actual money) is that after you keep leveling, eventually their power (attack) weakens to the point where it just isn't an effective weapon anymore. However, everytime I see such a weapon or hear about a weapon that's dominating PvP, I want to get my hands on it. I've caved in and done this once, but now the weapon is worthless and will be going into my PvP armory when I unlock my next page. Now here's my question for all of you:

  • Why buy gold weapons now if you're just going to be leveling up in the near future anyways?

It seems that the best time to start stocking up on such weapons are when you're past level 150. I figure there must be some point where leveling takes such a long time that a gold weapon purchase will last long enough to be useful. With the amount of PvP Seasons and Spec ops being released I know that I'm leveling to fast to take advantage of them anymore. So this is what I propose and I would like everyone's feedback on this:

  • Playing this game should be a long term goal. As a result, if you don't stress over missing "limited time weapons" or trying to place in Adamantium League when the Hero will unlock a month later anyways, you can focus on just parking your agent, leveling characters, leveling your agent, and doing the spec ops when they come around. Because of this, I shouldn't worry about buying weapons that cost gold because eventually I'll be level 150 or higher and anything I buy now would be worthless at that point.

Any truth to this?

Agree or Disagree?

As always, feel free to check out my M: AA videos on Youtube.

Your friend,


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