Let me start out by saying I do love having spec ops....sometimes. Currently parking my agent makes me grumble everytime I have to complete a long list of tasks to unlock what could be a limited edition hero. Lastly, they always come out when there's still time left in the PvP Season. Which brings me to the point of this blog....

Should you Play?

Short answer: no. Here's why:

  1. Traffic: Anytime a new spec ops is released a lot more people start flooding the servers again. If you want to avoid those pesky 'force refreshes' then it may benefit you to wait a little bit before diving in.
  2. Bugs and Glitches: It just came out so that means players are bound to run into problems, bugs, or errors. Waiting a little bit gives Playdom time to work out any of the glitches that may exists from the time of the release.
  3. XP: From previous experiences, I get a lot of XP from the missions during a spec ops. If you're comfortable with the current meta you're facing in PvP, leveling up a lot could force you into a new set which could result in more losses or wins (it's a gamble). So if you want to hold onto that Adamantium League status it may be wise to hold off just a little bit before starting the Spec Ops.

To conclude:

For me, there's still 5? 6? days left in the current PvP Season and I'm sitting at about level 71~. Spec ops usually give quite a good amount of XP. Now, if you're like me and leveling up could force you into a new bracket of more difficult players in PvP, then leveling up is not the best action to take. There's still over 26 days left for the Spec ops, but only 5 or 6 for the PvP Season. If you care about placing well in PvP (not everyone does), then I suggest you hold off on starting the new Spec Ops and focus on finishing out strong in PvP.

Not only is it beneficial for you to wait for the PvP Season to end, but also to wait to start the Spec ops knowing that they'll get all their kinks and glitches worked out.

PvP? Leveling?

If you don't care that much about PvP and you're not worried about leveling, then my whole arguement above is nearly void. However, there's still a benefit in waiting for things to smooth out in regards to heavy traffic on their server and any bugs that still might exist.

Good luck to everyone in the remaining days of PvP and enjoy the new Spec Ops (whenever you decide to start of course).

Your friend,


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