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  • Gumby643

    "February 27, 2013: Special Operation 7 is announced with a silhouette of a new hero. "

    This silhouette is of Ant-Man for those who couldn't guess....

    How do I know? Compare the announcement silhouette to this:

    Seems to be the costume type they're going with....a little disappointed, but oh well.

      • I'm NOT saying Ant-man is the spec ops hero. Their play on words mean it could be just a new hero or it could be the spec ops hero.
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  • Gumby643

    The purpose of this blog is to actually blog. I don't do that very often, but I am today. Hopefully it's entertaining to read and you might learn something from it.

    To start off, I wasn't always a buyer of gold. There was a time in my "childhood" phase of Marvel: Avengers Alliance where I didn't know what a 'spec ops' was and thought, "This is much too difficult and complicated for me...I'll just stick to these simple chapter missions". I didn't know then that they scaled to your level, that there was a limited time spec ops hero you could unlock, and that there was gear to be acquired that could be very effective in PvP (which hadn't really existed at the time).

    Honestly, I was just excited over the idea that there was a Marvel game I could …

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  • Gumby643

    Let me start out by saying I do love having spec ops....sometimes. Currently parking my agent makes me grumble everytime I have to complete a long list of tasks to unlock what could be a limited edition hero. Lastly, they always come out when there's still time left in the PvP Season. Which brings me to the point of this blog....

    Short answer: no. Here's why:

    1. Traffic: Anytime a new spec ops is released a lot more people start flooding the servers again. If you want to avoid those pesky 'force refreshes' then it may benefit you to wait a little bit before diving in.
    2. Bugs and Glitches: It just came out so that means players are bound to run into problems, bugs, or errors. Waiting a little bit gives Playdom time to work out any of the glitches t…

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  • Gumby643

    So a new PvP season is upon us and I've been debating if I should even make this blog. It seems like a lot of people create blog posts stating their day-to-day results for PvP, and also Spec Ops. To this I say: Why?

    I'm sorry, I just don't understand this. I have better things to do than read through all of those and a lot of times they have pointless information other than stating you won "xyz" in the daily bonus (which just makes me cringe more because I have the worst luck with that). Now, if you have some tips or some sort of guide mixed in, then that's fine. If you're just making something for the sake of making something, just stop...please. /rantover #myopinion. ಠ_ಠ

    To set you guys up so you understand what I'm talking about and my meta…

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  • Gumby643

    Out-leveling Gold Items

    December 14, 2012 by Gumby643

    So most of us have been there, you know, seeing a weapon that seems perfect for PvP (or any other purpose), but it requires Gold. The only downside to these purchases (other than having to spend actual money) is that after you keep leveling, eventually their power (attack) weakens to the point where it just isn't an effective weapon anymore. However, everytime I see such a weapon or hear about a weapon that's dominating PvP, I want to get my hands on it. I've caved in and done this once, but now the weapon is worthless and will be going into my PvP armory when I unlock my next page. Now here's my question for all of you:

    • Why buy gold weapons now if you're just going to be leveling up in the near future anyways?

    It seems that the best time to…

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