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Note:  His advice, though insightful, was pretty much ignored.  I am sharing it here, and maybe it can help somebody else.

"I've been playing since the first PVP season... I finished Diamond that time, and since then I have 5 Adamantium finishes and the rest are Vibranium. I'm not bragging, as I don't think that's particularly special. There are many, many players that have finished Adamantium every time. I only listed my PVP finishes so you'd have an idea of what a good (not great) PVPers stats look like:

At level 219, I have 18 characters at level 13, 54 at 12, 4 at 11, 3 at 8 and Doom (just recruited today) at 1. My hero bonus is typically on par with other Adamantium players around my level. When somebody doesn't have their characters sufficiently leveled to keep up with mine, I win VERY easily. At the beginning of a PVP season, for example, my characters will have a little over 30k HP, and my opponents will occasionally have 15-18k HP per character. I can kill any of them in one shot with most of my characters.

My armory will also consist of all 2g items, 36 from this PVP season and 36 from the last. There are people out there that will fill all 72 slots with the newest 64g item (costing them nearly $1000 each time they do it). 72 gold feels like a lot to me to invest in each PVP season, but I think of the times I've wasted 64g on an item that turns out to be little more than garbage and I feel justified (yes, silly logic, I know). However, because I've done this, my armory will be as good, if not better than almost every person I encounter.

I also perform offensive PVP attacks an average of 20 times per day. Sometimes A LOT more, but that seems to be my average over the course of a season. I assume every night when I go to sleep I am going to lose anywhere from 50-250 points. I need to use each day to recover those points, and hopefully gain a little ground from where I was the day before. You're going to lose on defense way more often than you win, so accept that and move on. The key is having more attacks than defenses. If I'm going to win 90+% of my attacks, and lose ~70% of my defensive battles, this shows that as long as my total attacks are greater than my total defenses, I should consistently progress in terms of PVP rating.

PVP scores tend to be on a 32 point sliding scale. You win or lose 16 points for fighting somebody of equivalent rating, and you win more or less (and lose more or less) the further away from your own rating your opponent is. If you fight somebody with a significantly higher rating, you stand to gain more points for a win and lose less points for a loss. You might earn 24 points for a win where you would only have lost 8 had you not won (notice how that's a 32 point swing... that is always the case).

So, what are you doing wrong? Nothing. That's the simple answer. You get out of this game what you put into it.

If you want to be successful at PVP, it helps to be informed about the metagame. What characters are working the best together, in this constantly evolving game? What items should your agent have equipped? Is it worth buying the newest shiny 64g item? See what other people are doing and adapt. Work on your hero bonus. I try to have somebody training at all times. I plan my finishing times around when I KNOW I can be home to get the next character started. I'll look and decide between training somebody from 9-10 or 10-11 based on whether 18 hours from now I'll be at work or not... Find something that works for you. Then focus on your armory. Get the best items your budget can afford. If it's 2g items, that should be plenty. If gold isn't an option you're not alone. There are plenty of successful free players. They just devote their time into understanding the mechanics of the game and using them to their advantage.

Good luck in whatever you do from here. I hope I've helped in some way."

Later on, because the topic poster is an idiot, he took back his answer:

"Here's what you're doing wrong: You believe that nothing is your fault. You don't understand the game and you don't want to get better. You blame everybody else for your shortcomings.

You don't want to get better. You want an "I WIN" button. Your knowledge of the game is SO BAD that you assume everybody is cheating you.

You realize that only the top .5% of players are in Adamantium right? That's 1 out of 200! You think that for every 200 players there aren't 1 in 199 who have a better understanding of the game and its mechanics than you?

This game is frustrating. It's about learning the intricacies of game-mechanics. Using things that work well together. Putting in time and effort. Good luck with this game. You're going to need it."

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