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    As written by: TommyI916 from the GameFAQs' M:AA Boards (Dec 25, 2013)

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    Note:  His advice, though insightful, was pretty much ignored.  I am sharing it here, and maybe it can help somebody else.

    "I've been playing since the first PVP season... I finished Diamond that time, and since then I have 5 Adamantium finishes and the rest are Vibranium. I'm not bragging, as I don't think that's particularly special. There are many, many players that have finished Adamantium every time. I only listed my PVP finishes so you'd have an idea of what a good (not great) PVPers stats look like:

    At level 219, I have 18 characters at level 13, 54 at 12, 4 at 11, 3 at 8 and Doom (just recruited today) at 1. My hero bonus is typically on par…

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