Im writing cuz im free player too, and many saids thats is imposble to win vib or ada without cash. But I don't think so.

Sooooo this are my tips:


- First of all:

Make some strategy, since u will always face people with better heroes, brute force is not a option. So is very important to chose some advantage, and exploit as hard as u can:

Example :

Multi turns:

Debuff-buff strategy:

Untochable (ghost/phase)


Mind game strategy:

War Bufss- strategy:


After u chouse ur game, u will need to master it at it finest.


3rd rulle exploit farming :


4 and most important is - "THINK OUT OFFF BOX!!"


some practible tips:

If u want to beat someone with multi turns moves, u will need to fig out who is the best items and heroes for that strategy:

Kings of multi turns are : CABLE , DR Strange, QS, Gambit and PSYLOCKE(she is queen of co-work)

So to make that strategy even more finest, u will need Quantum Juper too.

Now U game is too is as many turns as u can to kill other before he or she kill u.


5 Rulees:

U must find a way too short the distance bettwen u and other:

Example: Ur ataks is lower, better iso lots of red iso, and some sudent supot or cap america..... well u get it....



LET'S TALK ABOUT debufffs:

Very usefull tips is that debuffs take same % from all, so if puts lots of debufs on op team(about 30%), u will have nice chance to win if u survive to the 3rd round. Hard thing is to work around debuff removes or healling efects.

/under constraction/

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