Health: 2/5

Stamina: 5/5

Attack: 2/5

Defense: 2/5

Accuracy: 5/5

Evasion: 3/5


  • That's why they call me GREY
    • apply migranie and headache after random pun joke.....
  • EAST Europe:
    • Immune to all atritution but magic effects.
    • Take increased dmg from magic effects.
  • Puppie wrath
    • counter every attack made from enemy with internal bleeding
  • follow up on targets with internal bleeding

Grey STAGE move set:


  • Crit if it possible
  • every turn apply bleeding on allys

lvl 1: Puppie bite

Stamina cost: 5%

Target: 1  / C/D: none / # of hits:2 / hit/crit: 95/95% / slashing

SP: Deadly crits / Exploit attritution/ Hemorrhaging effect

lvl 2 : Messing with dots mastar!!!

Stamina cost: 20%

Target: AOE / C/D: 1 round / # of hits 10 / hit/crit: 100/none / debuff

SP: Subtle/ Choas Shot / 3 stacks of internal bleeding / quick action

lvl 6: Change to white

Stamina cost: none

C/D: 1 round

SP: Switch to White Stage

lvl 9: Chair in the Head AND THEN Head in the Chair !

Stamina cost: 30%

Target: 1/ C/D: none / # of hits 21 / hit/crit 100/100% / mele magic slashing 

SP: Deadly crits / exploit attritution/ boon buster / exlopit paragon / exploit opportunity / etherel strike / consume all stacks of buff to deals extra dmg.

White Stage move set:


  • Calm:
    • restore Health every turn

lvl 1: Hey!

Stamina cost 20%

Target : all ally/ C/D: none /buff

SP : all ally gain rising up /

lvl 2: my oppinion is... um...

Stammina cost 10%

Target: all ally/ C/D: none / buff

SP: all gain build up /  stack 1 internal bleeding on Greywolfwhite cuz typos

lvl 6: Grey!

Change back to Grey Stage.

lvl 9:  War and Peace / Peace and War

Stamina cost: 100%

Target: all


Cower to all enemies

Despaton attack to all ally

SP : Full round action

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