Hi all

This is my 11 pvp tour. And i will by your host for that blog.

Rlz in this PvP

PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THESE 4 thnig , simple DO NOT DESERVE/ DO NOT have place here.

1st Rogue LVL 12

2ncd Ares Lvl 12

3nd Void generator

4rd Bolonga.

If you are over lvl 100 and do not have those, i will garanted you, you will finish in silver league.

1st days, was HOREY, my best since i hitted the vib ^_^ (ofcorse thanks to VOID GEN glitching)

My ofence was plus 50 too, (ofcorse Ares/Rogue)

But now im at 800, simple cuz i want to use samo others "glitchi" things, My currrent Project is.

"can i use RESCUE/Black bolt"  strategy here is simple, i will those here, extremly slow and anoying guys, to make long fight, and also i will use "DRAIN EVIL STICK THING" also know as part whatever/4 demon set.

I try it Rescue/BB combo- what i learned...

Chance to get suxes in this combo is 50/50 in teory, it will fork nice, but hard part is that only got hitters is actually BB L9. And Jugs can take ress of team easy, I also try it in lvl 100,

Results- lvl 300 meta- 1win/6 lose

LVL 100 5Wins/2 lose.

Intereting, hope it is usefull to someone.

Next combo im trying now.

ARES/BB 2/4 atl set: Bolonga: Sh Staff

Legit in it .... Fast incress of particules/ and BB Lvl 1 nifs Rogue conter,

L2 -bb/Ares-L3/Bolonga all takes out buffs.

What i've learn about

ARES-BB combo...


It is slow, but it works, even if you, meet oppponent with way better stats than yours.


PLS: COMMENT under for COMBOS, that you want to try and i will gladly try them for you.

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