• Greywolfwhite


    Health: 2/5

    Stamina: 5/5

    Attack: 2/5

    Defense: 2/5

    Accuracy: 5/5

    Evasion: 3/5


    • That's why they call me GREY
      • apply migranie and headache after random pun joke.....
    • EAST Europe:
      • Immune to all atritution but magic effects.
      • Take increased dmg from magic effects.
    • Puppie wrath
      • counter every attack made from enemy with internal bleeding
    • follow up on targets with internal bleeding

    Grey STAGE move set:


    • Crit if it possible
    • every turn apply bleeding on allys

    lvl 1: Puppie bite

    Stamina cost: 5%

    Target: 1  / C/D: none / # of hits:2 / hit/crit: 95/95% / slashing

    SP: Deadly crits / Exploit attritution/ Hemorrhaging effect

    lvl 2 : Messing with dots mastar!!!

    Stamina cost: 20%

    Target: AOE / C/D: 1 round / # of hits 10 / hit/crit: 100/none / debuff

    SP: Subtle/ …

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  • Greywolfwhite

    Hi all

    This is my 11 pvp tour. And i will by your host for that blog.

    Rlz in this PvP

    PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THESE 4 thnig , simple DO NOT DESERVE/ DO NOT have place here.

    1st Rogue LVL 12

    2ncd Ares Lvl 12

    3nd Void generator

    4rd Bolonga.

    If you are over lvl 100 and do not have those, i will garanted you, you will finish in silver league.

    1st days, was HOREY, my best since i hitted the vib ^_^ (ofcorse thanks to VOID GEN glitching)

    My ofence was plus 50 too, (ofcorse Ares/Rogue)

    But now im at 800, simple cuz i want to use samo others "glitchi" things, My currrent Project is.

    "can i use RESCUE/Black bolt"  strategy here is simple, i will those here, extremly slow and anoying guys, to make long fight, and also i will use "DRAIN EVIL STICK THING" also kno…

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  • Greywolfwhite

    Im writing cuz im free player too, and many saids thats is imposble to win vib or ada without cash. But I don't think so.

    Sooooo this are my tips:


    - First of all:

    Make some strategy, since u will always face people with better heroes, brute force is not a option. So is very important to chose some advantage, and exploit as hard as u can:

    Example :

    Multi turns:

    Debuff-buff strategy:

    Untochable (ghost/phase)


    Mind game strategy:

    War Bufss- strategy:


    After u chouse ur game, u will need to master it at it finest.


    3rd rulle exploit farming :


    4 and most important is - "THINK OUT OFFF BOX!!"


    some practible tips:

    If u want to beat someone with multi turns moves, u will need to fig ou…

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  • Greywolfwhite

    This is my first Blog

    I will try my best to help anyone who wants.

    My pvp (atk)

    S. Hellstrom (inf)(10lv) Arh Angel (scr)(lvl12)


    Sh stuff



    C.Possed Pistol or Grand lady gun

    My Pvp(def)

    Havok / Arch Angel

    same stuff


    sneak peak

    Ive seen by 20 battle for now 7 force refresh, so my advice is too save urs chalenge point for a few days latter

    This new ops for def is interesting. Maybe is me, but even on lvl 300 meta i see so many P5 (blaster) Phoenix and Rescue(Yeah, her ..there o.o)

    So my New PVP (atk)

    Havok(blast(12)/Purple iso) /OS(scr/brs/tact)/prism iso/lvl12)


    D. Hellstrom !?

    Even with his byggy second passive he is still not that easy to kill

    Something important about him

    Do not hit him with AoE if there is s…

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