Hey you. This blog has no actual purpose, really. All I wanted was to know how it's like to have a blog post. Idiotic isn't it? It's just that, well, the game will be ending later today (or early tomorrow, whatever), and consequently the wikia will too. Sure, the wikia will stay alive for a while after the game's demise, but the unfortunate and inevitable truth is that it will eventually be as dead as the game itself.

Sooooo... Yeah, That's it. Shrug2.gif

But since you and I are here, wanna talk about something? How are things going? It's been 1 month since they announced the game's end, plus we're standing on the edge of it. At this point I assume you've already reached a very high level of acceptance about it. Don't know about you, but I accepted it right from the start. At least I think I did. Guess I'll have to put it to the test after its true end.

Anyway, let's finish this I guess. Goodbye my friend, and thank you for reading this stupidity of mine. Emoticon-Salute.gif

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