Anyone playing this game for a while knows that Gear Sets are released with every Special Ops, with synergy between the four pieces providing a good Agent setup to anyone who can get all of them.

There have been a few styles of gear set over the years this game has existed. 

The first is a set revolving around a certain debuff or buff, with some applying and others exploiting or consuming for more power. It can be used without the complete set, as long as you have a way to apply you can have 2 or 3 pieces instead of 4. This includes: The Chess Set (Rook Ammo), Cosmic Set (Cosmic Energy), 40th Century Man (Timestream Displacement), Data Set (Combat Data), Vindication Set (High and Low Capacity Charges), Sticky Situation Set (Webbed), and Galactic Set (Cosmic Energy).

The second type of set is one in which each member reqires one specific other member to function most effectively. This means that some parts are not great without the whole set, but if you have it, they are very powerful. This includes: Demon Set, StarkTech Set, Son of the Demon Set, Murderworld Set.

The third type is one with less synergy, with one or more pieces able to be used on it's own without any negative effects. This includes: AvX Set, Self-Sacrifice Set, Genetic Re-Engineering, Dark Defiance Set.

The fourth set type is one where you must have one weapon for the rest to be most useful. The problem with this set type is that the gear can be used alone, but is not nearly as effective without other parts. This includes: Armory of Attilan Set and Superior Soldier Set.

The last type of set is the newest, introduced in Spec Ops 16, a set in which you must have all the pieces socketed for any pieces to reach full potential. This can provide a super powerful agent setup, but doesn't allow for any swapping of parts with non-set items. This includes: Horseman Set, Integrated Intelligence Set, Cybernetic Set, Hunter's Set, Maddening Method Set.

My question: which type of set is best in your opinion? Are there some you'd like to see more of in coming Special Ops? Some that are not great? Type any thoughts or comments below.

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