The ending dialogues of MAA may have been decent, but they weren't nearly as good as they could have been. All the heroes we've fought with, teamed up with, and only Coulson, Phyla-Vell and Adam have anything to say? Without further ado, I present to you...

The End


Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
Maria, status.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
Reality is rapidly distorting. We don't have long left.

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
I guess we'll use what time we have. Agent, come with me. The heroes wanted to say goodbye.

Actual Goodbyes

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Well, I guess this is goodbye Agent. Thanks for helping me out all these years.

Captain America:
Captain America Icon 1
You've been a fantastic leader, soldier. Proud to have served with you.

Thor Icon 1
A more valiant soul could not have been found in all of Valhalla.

Hulk Icon 1
Hmph. Hulk may be strong, but Agent was stronger.

Black Widow:
Black Widow Icon 1
Not everyone could have taken the hits you got dealt, and kept coming back every time anyone was in trouble.

Constrictor Icon 1
Hell, I'd I have quit. I DID quit.

Black Bolt:
Black Bolt Icon 1

Emma Frost:
Emma Frost Icon 1
He says he's grateful for your assistance Agent. Truly, so am I.

Mockingbird Icon 1
You saved me from AIM, Agent, when no-one else could. You helped redeem me even after I turned again. Not many people have that sort of dedication.

Hawkeye Icon 1
You saved Bobbi, and you saved me. Hell, you saved me tons of times. I can't think of any person I'd rather have fought for.

Wolverine Icon 1
I'm still the best there is, but you're ok in my book, bub.

Daredevil Icon 1
You kept up with our goals, and kept the criminals off the streets. Hell's Kitchen appreciates your support.

Luke Cage:
Luke Cage Icon 1
I enjoyed giving some thugs a beating with you. I knew my support wouldn't give up on me.

Punisher Icon 1
Kinda funny, isn't it. After all these years of putting thugs in the ground, I guess it's about time I joined them. See you around, Agent.

Black Panther:
Black Panther Icon 1
You have been a friend to Wakanda, Agent. I will be forever in your debt for your support against M'Baku.

Union Jack:
Union Jack Icon 1
Not to mention the UK. I believe I speak for all of Excalibur when I say you did a bloody good job of it.

Hercules Icon 1
Have you enjoyed the Gift of Battle? I hope it brought you the joy it brought me.

Ares Icon 1
A game of war is the best game that can be played. My brother and I agree on that one.

Doctor Doom:
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Doom was correct about the end times! You were a fool for destroying my Syndicate, Agent! Only Doom could have saved this world!

Mr. Fantastic:
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1
Oh, don't listen to him. You took him in, even after he tried to unite all villains and destroy SHIELD. Even if he won't admit it, he's thankful for that.

Iron Fist:
Iron Fist Icon 1
Since the first time I met you, the chi has flown in your direction. I knew then, just as I know now, that you would become the hero we needed. You sure lived up to it.

Kraven Icon 1
Ahahah! We will share the hunting grounds of the next life, comrade!

Drax Icon 1
You have been an honorable warrior. I am pleased to have fought beside you.

Dr. Strange:
Dr. Strange Icon 1
Perhaps we shall see each other in the next life Agent. I shall search for you, by all the powers that be.

Groot Icon 1
We are Groot!

Kang Icon 1
Your time is steadily running out. Does anyone have any final remarks?

Satana Icon 1
Honestly? I should have consumed those souls when I had the chance.

Daimon Hellstrom:
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1

Satana Icon 1
Only joking, dearest brother, only joking...

Deadpool Icon 1

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Can somebody shut him up?

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Think back to how it all started, not all that long ago.

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Much as I hate to say it, Stark's right. You were just another recruit, thrown into situations you shouldn't have had to deal with, and you've ended up as possibly one of our most valuable assets. That's the SHIELD way, and you served it as best you could.

Glad to have had you along for the ride, Agent. And for now, I guess this is goodbye.

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