With the new Age of Ultron suits coming out and some having very different movesets to their original characters, I figured I would revisit the Avengers and provide my opinions on good A-ISO and E-ISO builds for each one. These builds are specifically for their new suits, the builds for the original suits can be found here. Let's get right to it.

Iron Man

Iron Man Icon Large 5

Iron Man

Hulkbuster is an interesting character to work with. One suit is Bruiser, one is Blaster, and the Hulkbuster option is both no matter which suit you choose. Since he uses both Melee and Ranged abilities, there are a number of options.

EISO: If you can get his personal from the Epic Boss, Overloading, it would be the best choice since it will allow you to prevent and counter Tech actions, frequent in both PVP and PVE. If you can't get it, go for Distant. A higher critical hit chance on 6/8 actions isn't bad.

Hulkbuster has a lot of moves for a lot of different purposes. For this build, the intent is to maximize the damage his L9 Unibeam can do in a few short turns, by using L1 to charge, L2 in Hulkbuster mode to set up the Unibeam and then blasting with the Unibeam to finish the foe.

L1: I'd go for Ionizing, because you'll almost certainly use Mk43's L1 to Power Up, and this will allow you to get a potential 4 stacks of Radiaition Exposure on the enemy first round to be Exploited by Hulkbuster and his Energy damage.

L2: Two very different actions here. I'd personally augment the Repulsor Blast with Upgrading (to further power up his Unibeam blast soon coming) but if you really like his Digger Missiles better, Erupting is a good option.

L6: Two AOE Ranged moves, both setup for a powerful later hit. Aiming is an obvious choice, Lock-On makes it even better setup (and increases the missiles follow-up damage)

L9: You could go for a move augmenting either side, but both are high damage Tech moves with deadly crits. All you need is an Increased Damage or Increased Crit for Tech A-ISO and you have a good move, and with the L1-L2 setup you have massive damage.

I did not go for Obsolete Tech on the build because it locks out Tech which would neutralize his E-ISO. If you didn't get that E-ISO, you could throw Obsolescent on the L1 instead of Automated.


Hulk Icon Large 5


Hulk was radically changed by this suit. While his other alts have been about maximizing Hulk Ups for damage and increasing his stats, this one takes Hulk Ups and make them give him extra turns, and throws on a much better Hulk Smash as well. What's not to like?

EISO: An ideal setup would be his Bastion E-ISO for PVP and his Invigorating one to keep up Stamina in PVE. If you can't get those, Defensive Fighter can rapidly build defense with all his L1 attacks (for a defensive Hulk), or Close can maximize his damage (for a pure attacker).

L1: Unarmed Melee on a Paragon Exploiter can be difficult. He already applies Pressure Points, with his L2, but that is a good option since the constant use would be almost guaranteed to get you all the debuffs. I personally went for Pulverizing for Wide-Open, because I like the L9 damage boost and I trust the L2 will give me whatever debuffs I need.

L2: Calamitous, to guarantee a hit on the move that Staggers all enemies to guarantee the rest of your hits.

L6: Burting is good to break all the enemy shields.

L9: This is Catastrophic, so you shouldn't need to worry about Accuracy. Increased Damage is good, Increased Crits is also great.

Captain America

Captain America Icon Large 5

Captain America

His new suit isn't great, but the passive is pretty helpful for allies. Reducing DOT damage and stripping enemy Exploiting will slow down their damage and keep you alive a little longer. As basic as the suit seems, the build actually takes a lot more thought than you'd think.

EISO: Depends on the class. As a tank and with his AoU passive, the Generalist could do really well with Cleansing to keep debuffs away. If you preferred to get him Tactician, his personal Fervent is good for the strong counters.

L1: I like his personal Concussing so he destroys enemy Melee abilities. Between Dizzy and Subdue, Infiltrators that counter with Melee won't be much of a threat. If you can't get it, Knocking will spread Incapacitation between his Shield Guard counters and his regular turns.

L2: This move strikes me as a setup. Pulverizing is smart because Wide-Open and Target Focus will maximize his L1 damage.

L6: Bursting is the only real option. With Discus, you won't need to ever worry about enemy shields. Without, you have a good move just in case they throw one up.

L9: Now that it is QA without Snappy Service, Manifesting is a great option. A Quick Action that offers a free critical hit is a pretty good move.

Black Widow

Black Widow Icon Large 3

Black Widow

So the alt is out, with a similar power set to her Tact Grey Suit but somewhat better, because who doesn't want a Stealthy AoU Hulk or even Hulkbuster? I personally prefer Scrapper, since th buffs make Combat Reflexes practically a passive, but the build works for both classes.

EISO: In Infiltrator Mode, you could go for Sting since she will be countering often. In Scrapper Mode, I'd go for Aggressive or Bruised, both of which turn her into a real damage dealer (either increasing overall damage or never removing combos). I personally will go for Bruised. Either class, if you really worry about the counter-class causing problems, her personal is always an option. I prefer the damage setup, but if you run her PVP and Scrapper, the Neutralized might be almost necessary.

L1: I'd go for Pulverizing. With Wide-Open, Combo Setup and Exploit Combos, and the counters giving you the other moves free, you'll be able to do some good damage.

L2: Sharpshooting is my choice, because next time she uses the attack the damage will be better than the first time around.

L6: Pugilist, so the damage will become comparable to the L1 (and even better with passive and Bruised combined!)

L9: While it is a buff, there is need for an A-ISO in my opinion. Energize is not really needed, and since the move targets (which guarantees crits), Manifesting is also unnecessary. If you really wanted an A-ISO for it, I guess Manifesting would be the better choice.


Thor Icon Large 4


Thor's change was not an offensive boost to the team as many expected, instead it was a defensive buff that gave him a Prevent Debuffs style shroud on his L9 that can be constantly reapplied. With the right AoU partner, this could work really well it seems (kinda like the Cap alt).

EISO: In both forms, the obvious choice for me is his personal Dynamic. No he doesn't play off Static as much as in some of his other alts, but adding the E-ISO gives him a nice DOT he can keep triggering to cover for his damage.

L1: With the conversion of L9 to a more buff move, and the addition of the cooldown, this will have to be his biggest damage dealer. I'd give it one of the CP A-ISOS, Increased Damage for general use or Increased Accuracy if you feel like you miss a lot.

L2: I'd go with Knocking for this move, because he uses if often enough while setting up his MoM and the Stuns can help keep him alive.

L6: I'm still going with his personal, Worthy, because the two stacks of MoM will allow him to power up and fire off a Hammer Throw first round, no other setup needed.

L9: This move is a difficult one. My original build had a Bursting, so you could constantly use Shield Breaker whenever you needed to. However, with the addition of the team buff, it might be better as an all buff move for some players. In that case, I'd recommend Suppressing, so you get a shield AND Prevent Debuffs.


Vision Icon Large 2


Vision's update changed him around a little bit, making his Infiltrator mode more on par with the Blaster mode, and the AoU alt gave that an additional update with a few new effects, passives and the chance to be Infiltrator and Bruiser instead of his usual Blaster Infiltrator. The overall effect is a Vision that is no longer a sub-par 200 cp hero from an earlier Spec Ops, he now has true potential to be a threat.

EISO: At the moment his personal still doesn't work, so the E-ISO is a little varied. If you have him in Blaster alt, I personally would go with Collateral, so he can get the Burning around faster to exploit with the L9, although Unavoidable is always an option as well. If you have him as an Infiltrator, none of the E-ISOs specific to them would really help here, so Relentless would be the simple choice.

L1: Two very different moves, both of which now setup his L9 (which is the focus in the build). I'd recommend augmenting the Optic Beams, and I'd go Aiming for increased damage. Why not Ionizing? While it is true he does Exploit Radiation later on, he won't be using this move enough to make it worth it. The goal is to use it once, on the enemy you plan to kill later on.

L2: His update really made his other personal, Sighted A-ISO, some viability. It's no longer super important that he swap quickly, since he can hang around in Phased for a while applying debuffs, and then go for the damage once he's about to run out of time.

L6: We want to augment both moves, and both are Tech. Obsolescent or Automated would work here, both are viable options. Automated works well for the user who wants to go Phased and maximize that L9 damage, but Obsolescent deserves a mention for anyone considering him for PVP.

L9: With the addition of the extra exploits on this move, the damage potential is further amplified. His personal, Flaring, will fit it in with his new style of staying in Phased for a while before coming out to kill.


Hawkeye Icon Large 4


Hawkeye's alt is pretty simple. No moveset changes or anything, just a precounter that Interrupts enemy Ranged. Thus, the build will be the same as his regular one.

EISO: Nocking is ideal, Attentive isn't bad, Surprising or Close is also acceptable.

L1: It really needs damage, so that's what I'll give it. Powerful Ballistic is all it really needs.

L2: It is an AOE, so Aiming makes a lot of sense, the Lock-On can help his damage a good deal.

L6: While it isn't often used it should be useful, so I'm giving it Bursting. The Shield Breaker effect can help him for his later shots, while stunning an enemy.

His L9 can't be augmented, nothing for debuffs.


Quicksilver Icon Large 3


Quicksilver is like Hawkeye, he got an Interrupt to enemy Melee and a protect ability for allies on low health referencing that sad movie scene, but he didn't get any move changes or anything that really makes setup different. Blaster class is interesting though.

EISO: If he is Blaster, Phased Frequencies provides an interesting alternative to his regular isos, since he'll go through enemy evasion and Phased but be anti-Bruiser. If he's Scrapper, Aggressive or Accelerating like normal.

L1: Pulpy works if you want the Bleed route, but Pressurized is also nice for some additonal debuffs.

L2: Wide-Open or Pulpy, depending on if you prefer classic or Bleedsilver.

L6: Increased Damage on his big punch.

L9: It's a Stun move on all enemies, so go for Knocking to make more Stuns.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Icon Large 3

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch didn't get anything in class changes, but she did get a small chance to do reduced potential on her attacks and a big chance to give random move attributes to AoU allies. Sometimes that's useless, like Hallowed, but sometimes it's very helpful, like a Catatrophic Quick Action. Since she is giving all these random attributes, a little more can be put into debuffs since she and her allies will exploit them (rather than buffs or support that work as well in any suit)

EISO: Fortuitous if you can afford it or win it, Statistical if you can't. Both help her a decent amount, with one adding to her chaos attributes and the other making her L6 not have a chance to apply a chance to heal.

L1: Aiming is best if you are going for overall damage, but if you want to play to her chance of giving Exploit Attrition, then Ionizing also increases her L2 damage and adds a DOT.


L6: Manifesting, for a free team critical hit along with Chaos Shield.

L9: Breaking, for the chance to apply Soulfire, Deathfrost, Dark Void, Radiation or Biofeedback, which may be exploited by Exploit Attrition from her passive which sometimes pops up.

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