I have decided to create a blog with Tavarich to recommend Augmented and Empowered Iso-8s for all heroes in the game. There have been blogs created that taught how to iso heroes with regular crystals, but Empowered and Augmented builds make the hero truly powerful and many people don't know the best way to go.

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Lists of Empowered and Augmented Iso-8s can be found here and here.

For the AoU alts, click here.

Note: Many other builds will work for heroes, and many can be found for cheaper. We are offering one or two builds for each hero, with a few ideas to keep it less expensive. This is the ideal situation, so most people wont be able to dish out 60/70 gold per hero. (Any A-ISO can be replaced with the free ones or the CP ones to help reduce price.) If you have another idea, be sure to comment it and if it seems effective we'll add it.

Iron Man*

Iron Man Icon Large 1

Iron Man

Iron Man is your first hero, so he's really simple to use. His L1 sets up for the L9, his L2 gives you a DOT and his L6 puts up a quick Shield to protect you. He doesn't require complicated strategies or certain flows to use him, he just works. The build provided aims at focusing more on his Unibeam damage than any other, but also leaves the missiles as an option if you'd rather aim for DOTs. 

EISO 1: His personal, Capacitative, so when enemy Energy attacks are used he charges his Unibeam, giving it more damage and a better hit chance. 

EISO 2: Overloading, so he prevents and counters enemy Tech attacks, making him an effective anti-Tech agent for newer players without access to Obsolete Tech, or even just for his team-ups.

ALT EISO: Overloading, Tech prevention is generally better than a few extra charges.

L1: Ionizing, it's his basic setup move and increases damage of other Ranged, this will add a DOT and increase Energy damage, making it a good Unibeam setup.

L2: Aiming or Scorching, one works more for general setup while the other works for repeated use of the missiles. If you like to spam L2, then Scorching, but if you are aiming for a Unibeam focus, then go Aiming.

L6: Automated, he'll either get Tech Upgrade with his shield as a Quick Action or gain it on his High Energy Laser. 

L9: Increased Hit is all that it needs, since it's his biggest damage attack and needs to hit to do damage.

Black Widow*

Black Widow Icon Large 1

Black Widow

Black Widow seems lame, but can do some great damage if Iso'd right. In fact, she can do huge damage, so is arguably the best lower level hero when done correctly. Add on some augmentation and empowerment, and she should be all set for those team-ups. If you get her in a costume, her Tactician Grey suit gives her all the buffs of her Infiltrator, but Tact class. Her Scrapper alt in AoU is also one of my favorite Scrappers, when you throw on a Bruiser E-ISO her damage climbs to 10k or more. Woah XD.

EISO 1: Her personal, Adroit, because Disadvantage can always be a benefit and her L1 is a good setup move plus her follow-up and counter.

EISO 2: Close, for a higher crit rate on her L1 and L6 (her L6 seems to have secret Deadly Crits, so higher crits are very good for her)

ALT EISO: Either of these is good.

Her augmentation can go two ways, depending on whether you'd prefer damage or debuffs.

L1: Pulverizing, it's a setup move for her L6 in the base alt, and this makes it better setup.

L2: Sharpshooting, so when she uses it often it'll do a better amount of damage.

L6: Pugilistic, it's her highest damage attack and this will make it Exploit Combos for even higher damage.

L9: Gracious, because it already comes with Targeted so she doesn't need Epiphany, and it'll keep team stamina up.


Hawkeye Icon Large 1


Hawkeye isnt a bad hero, especially with his Heroic Age suit, but in terms of damage the developers really left him behind. The first 50 levels he's OK, but without substantial assistance or buying his suit he really needs some help. His debuffs and attack spam can be pretty fun regardless, and he isn't a bad hero to use.

EISO 1: I like his personal, Attentive, because if he can take the first turn he is less likely to die off soon and in his Heroic Age alt he can shoot a ton of debuffs early on for a quick advantage.

EISO 2: I say Surprising, because it is cheap and since he tends to follow up with his arrows, it can often give a god chance to Stun. If you have his other personal, Nocking, go with that instead. The precounters are great, and really can add to his power especially when he gets into multi-shots.

ALT EISO: Nocking is ideal, Attentive isn't bad, Surprising or Close is also acceptable.

L1: It really needs damage, so that's what I'll give it. Powerful Ballistic is all it really needs.

L2: It is an AOE, so Aiming makes a lot of sense, the Lock-On can help his damage a good deal.

L6: While it isn't often used it should be useful, so I'm giving it Bursting. The Shield Breaker effect can help him for his later shots, while stunning an enemy.

His L9 can't be augmented, nothing for debuffs.


Cyclops Icon Large 1


A cheap, early Tactician that works with his extra turn in a simple but very effective way. His flow is basic, but it's all that it really needs, L6 leading into the L1 on a Blaster, next turn use the L2 on the Flanked target and follow-up with a crit. Simple enough for a new player, but to really make him shine you have to play around a little with isos, and this build will do just that.

EISO 1: Optical, his Store EISO that costs 30 Gold and adds Ignore Defense to both his L1 & L9. Essentially gives him a portion of the passive on his Phoenix Five suit, and adds some power to his hits.

EISO 2: Distant is the best option for his overall damage, but his personal Commanding is also a decent option for some team support.

ALT EISO: Optical for Uncanny, Commanding for P5, both will get a little bit of the other.

L1: Aiming, since it provides a follow-up and is his default follow-up move, it increases it's own damage as well as allies with Ranged attacks.

L2: Suterusu, so you can apply Disadvantage and Weak Point on any target you want without dealing with any Inf counters.

L6: Manifesting, so he buffs the team with a counter, free critical hit and Agile as a Quick Action.

L9: Bursting, to break the entire enemy team's shields and then apply Incap for a chance to Stun, making it a decent situational move.

Invisible Woman*

Invisible Woman Icon Large 1

Invisible Woman

The first and cheapest infiltrator besides Black Widow, she was one of the first heroes you would get that had an equally defensive strategy as offensive potentail.  She wasn't too much of a threat before her Heroic battle came out, with the E-ISO that makes all shields gain Prevent Debuffs, and combined with her alt and a suitable partner it can really wreck a team that isn't prepared with Shield Breaker. This build works at keeping the defense/offense balance and making her do the best damage possible.

EISO 1: Circulating, her EISO from the Fantastic 4 HB, removes and prevents debuffs while a shield is active.

EISO 2: You want her to do good damage with the Force Spheres, so Distant will make the Deadly Crits happen more often.

ALT EISO: Go with her personal one. Since she shields a lot and ally shields still get the benefits of the passive, your team will be mostly immune to debuffs.

L1: Bursting, so you can apply Shield Breaker. This attack serves as her follow-up and counter when the team is shielded, so you may apply it to more than one enemy.

L2: I'd put Manifesting since it sets her and the team up for future crits, although Energize can always be an option.

L6: Aiming, so you can apply Lock-On to the whole enemy team. Allows her to set up her L1.

L9: There's no AISO for Debuff actions. 

Iron Fist*

Iron Fist Icon Large 1

Iron Fist

I absolutely love Iron Fist, specifically in his Heroic Age uniform. Yeah it can be hard to get, but once you have it it can win nearly any battle against any boss. Like PKB has said before, he's like a second Agent, with some helpful passives, a way to heal the team, some setup and a good damage move.  I used to love him for PVP but battles took way too long since I needed to heal, then wait rounds, etc, until I realized that he can be a pretty fast support hero if you use him right. Anyway, here's my best build.

EISO 1: Aggressive, since it can easily boost his damage fast. Alternatively, Bruised will stop him removing Combo Setup when he attacks, which also boosts damage.

EISO 2: Heartfelt, the personal one from his HB that gives him 100% Combo Breaker. It limits his combo breaker use, but guarantees it. If you'd prefer, go with the one you didn't choose from above.

ALT EISO: If you really like Heartfelt, go for it, but I personally prefer the ability to do more Combo Breaker over guaranteeing a few. I personally do Agressive on his Scrapper Suit and Hardened for the Bruiser one.

L1: I equip it with Pugilist, because Exploiting Combos raises the damage of his L1 to almost his L2. If you'd prefer him to support others, Pressurized works, but Pugilist is best overall.

L2: Increased Damage, because it doesn't need debuffs. It is intended as a finishing blow, not a mid-game punch.

L6: With his personal Ferric for Rising Up, it can work almost as well as the Horn of Heimdall, especially AOE with HAIF's Praying Lotus. However, if you like him as a team supporter for PVP, he can use Manifesting to start the combat with no debuffs and a free crit, clearing the field for your team's max damage potential.

L9: I use Gracious, since it is used every 3 rounds so keeps team stamina up and Energize allows you to skip the Healing Chi but still get the Stamina bonus.

Ms. Marvel*

Ms. Marvel Icon Large 1

Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel is one of my favorite heroes and is a really great early level Blaster because she has a heavy offensive focus, but has just a little bit of healing and absorption to keep her alive and not too vulnerable to enemy attacks. She works by going for damage through attacks, I personally use her in a L2 -> L9, L6 on the L2 enemy -> L1 flow, but she has potential to be used however you want. 

EISO 1: Fixating, one of her own EISOS, the one that drops from her HB, adds True Strike and Guaranteed Hit to all of her attacks, so she won't miss unless they are Phased.

EISO 2: Realized, her other EISO which costs 30 Gold on the store and makes hidden potential trigger on Elemental, Kinetic and Psychic attacks, letting her charge up a lot more often and faster. If you want to go to a cheaper EISO, the Skullthumper EISO can be a good addition, as can the Distant EISO for crits.

ALT EISO: For her alts the best option is her Fixating EISO from the HB.

L1: Ionizing, this attack already has lock on which increases the damage you deal on the next attack, Radiation Exposure will increase this damage every time you attack with it.

L2: Knocking, Incapacitation is a nice add to her arsenal.

L6: Pugilistic, her L2 has Combo Setup and with this AISO you can exploit that combo for some buffed damage.

L9: Manifesting, this will guarantee a critical attack on your next attack, which has a 100% chance to hit because of the Fixating EISO.


She-Hulk Icon Large 1


Regular She-Hulk when augmented right turns into a mini Hulk with some fun effects and the ability to use debuffs like Opportunist effectively, as well as the ability to cancel turns. With Worthy, you can only get one of the two so it may or may not be worth it, depending on how valuable you consider Pain and some Passive immunity. Let's get right to the builds.

EISO 1: Furious, for the Getting Angry passive. It gives her way better damage and a more Hulklike style, but since she doesnt consume it it'll end up as a permanent stat increase.

EISO 2: Objecting, for a passive that blocks turns like Heimdall. None of the CP or Bruiser E-ISOs are better.

ALT EISO: Either is good, whichever you have or can afford.

L1: It should go with Boxing, so it becomes a Rage Punch with lots of debuffs. If you feel like the passive gives you enough Hulk Ups, I guess the next best option is Pugilistic so it exploits its own Combos. (Note: For Skirn there is no Combo Setup, so stick with Boxing)

L2: Bursting, because there isn't much better. Give her regular damage if you prefer.

L6: It needs Pugilistic, to exploit the combos her L1 will apply and make it her equivalent of Hulk Smash. Since her Skirn suit doesn't have combos, you could just do Damage instead.

L9: Manifesting, so she gets a free critical hit on the first of the next 2 turns.

Black Cat*

Black Cat Icon Large 1

Black Cat

She certainly isnt seen well by the public, but she can hit hard if you set her up right. Let's make her support herself a little better, she will never be the best hero but she'll become a hard and fast high damage bleeder who is definately playable and in no way bad..

EISO 1: Startling, for a follow-up with her L2 on any enemy who is bleeding, giving her an extra crippling attack she'll use often.

EISO 2: Lucky, for a chance to gain two turns after using her L6, just in case you need to bleed another enemy after killing the first one.

ALT EISO: Starling is probably better for guaranteed follow-up damage rather than chance turns.

L1: Pulverizing, it sets up her L9, which is Melee, so Wide-Open is the best choice.

L2: Feline, adds Hexed and Fumbling to her Unlucky kick which will also be her follow-up with the Starling E-ISO, allowing for more counters and more bleeds everywhere.

L6: Manifesting, to set up the Deadly Crit on her L9 and assure maximum damage is dealt.

L9: Increased Damage, it's all the move needs.


Colossus Icon Large 1


One of the cheap protectors, he's a very good defender on his own, but needs a little offensive help. His P5 alt adds to the defensive with health boosts and damage reductions, but for that offensive power he needs some good isos. He could also use a refactor, but only PD can do that. If you look at him and Thing, they are exactly the same except for a few debuffs. Same passive essentially, same move style, same protect and reduce, funny isn't it?

EISO 1: Decimating, his own EISO from the X-Men HB, he's a protector and this EISO makes him counter with his L6 (Decimate) when attacked, evening him out a little.

EISO 2: Vengeful, Extra turns while protecting.

ALT EISO: Decimating, counter when attacked.

(Note: Colossus is also a great candidate for Elite E-ISO if he's being used in PVP, because the defense and attack stacks will give him the offensive power he desperately needs while further stacking his damage reduction to make him truly impenetrable)

L1: Knocking, this is the attack that sets up his L6, having it apply more debuffs is a nice addition.

L2: Iron, his personal, he's a protector and now he will make your whole team take 50% less damage.

L6: Pulverizing, he'll do this as a counter with his EISO, so making it do more damage is a good idea.

L9: Erupting, even if it's the only AISO for ground attacks, it greatly improves them.

Dr. Strange*

Dr. Strange Icon Large 1

Dr. Strange

Here's the guy who left the medical practise to go into magic, and became the Sorcerer Supreme. He's mainly an attacker but does other interesting things, and with the right isos on him he can throw multiple hundred thousand damage Bolts of Balthakk, pretty amazing for a 23cp hero! 

EISO 1: His personal Siphoning makes him get a large stat boost whenever he gets Power of the Principalities, going up to 100% max. This can make him do huge damage.

EISO 2: Baleful, his own EISO from the HB with Dormammu. Exploit Attrition on his L1 for some boosted damage.

ALT EISO: Siphoning, for the epic damage boost.

L1: Ionizing, this is Strange's main attack and with the Radiation Exposure it does incremental damage each time you use it.

L2: Rising, adds a buff on him and there aren't a lot of other options here, if you want to go with a more offensive choice, you can use Thorned.

L6: Hexing, add Hexed to all enemies as a Quick Action, giving them a chance to fail their turns and take damage.

L9: Phasing, it completely changes the purpose of this move from a shield to a selective Phase for one member of your team. Perfect for PVP. 

Luke Cage*

Luke Cage Icon Large 1

Luke Cage

Luke Cage was for a long time the worst hero in the game, then he became one of the best. His Nul suit can be very powerful in PVP, and his reg suit is a great scrapper. His Meteors and precounters can be pretty devastating, but sometimes the enemy team will be able to counter them. That's where isos come in.

EISO 1: Tag Team, his 30 Gold Store EISO, a chance to gain an extra turn when allies are hit with melee attacks.

EISO 2: Cracking, his other EISO, from the HB with Iron Fist, removes debuffs when Knuckle Up is applied (1 each time).

ALT EISO: Tag Team, chance to get extra turns. His Cracking doesn't tend to work with Divine Hammer, but also can, very confusing.

L1: In his base suit, go for Pugilistic to Exploit Combos on his follow-up and counter. Nul aready does that, so you can give him  Suterusu, to make his Fatal Blow move Stealthy.

Luke Cage-Ragnarok'em Sock'em

Divine Hammer

L2: Knocking is a good call for Nul, since it's a setup move. For Cage, Suterusu will make his big Punch Stealthy to ignore Bruiser protectors.

L6: Cagey, his personal AISO that makes him receive reduced damage from follow ups and counters. Nothing for Nul since it's a debuff.

L9: Erupting, even if it's the only AISO for ground attacks, it greatly improves them. We don't want him missing, since his Collaposing Infrastucture/Meteor Swarm can become a great DOT that is very lethal for enemies


Sif Icon Large 1


Sif is fun, but kind of left behind. Almost no heroes do only Ravaged on an attack... However, she can be setup to be the true warrior she is, quite easily in fact. A few isos give her better damage and an ability to make the whole team go Berserk with some basic counters and follow-up attacks, not too bad for a cheap hero.

EISO 1: Aggressive, since two of her attacks are Melee and that can boost her attack nicely.

EISO 2: Two options here. One, go with her personal Berserking and give her L6 Manifesting, to buff the team with a Guaranteed Crit. Otherwise, give her Street Fighting for crits, and her L6 gets her A-ISO, Raging. You don't really need both Berserker moves, so only choose one.

ALT EISO: If the alt is Scrapper, go with Aggressive or Close. Bruiser can only have Close, so go with that.

Her L1 is a setup move, so I think Wide-Open can be good with the Pulverizing.

Her L2 is her big hit, Hemmorhaging will add some extra Bleed exploitation to assure a bigger hit.

Her L6 can go two ways, Raging to give the whole team Berserker or Manifesting to give the whole team a crit. EISO2 explains how to set it up with the EISO.

Her L9 probably isnt used too much, so I'd give it Vampiric just in case she ends up needing health. 

Human Torch*

Human Torch Icon Large 1

Human Torch

One of the cheap monsters. This guys is a beast on low levels, even if he gets less so on higher levels he's still fun to play. I still remember the terror of fighting a Annihilus Human Torch and Iron Patriot team in low league PVP when I first joined, makes me laugh playing him at level 300. 

EISO 1: Pyroclastic, all Human Torch does is burn people, so getting better burns is a great addition.

EISO 2: Explosive, Splash damage + Splash Burning so you only need to use the L1 once. 

ALT EISO: Pyroclastic, since it's still fire based, so now attacks will apply additional fire debuffs if they have burning (which might even add those debuffs to his passive counter)

L1: Aiming, to set up his L2 and do more damage on all of his attacks.

L2: Ionizing, add a nice debuff in radiation exposure and does more damage each time used.

L6: Bursting, shield breaker is a nice addition to this attack.

L9: Suppresing, since this attack also damages your teams it's better not to go with another debuff.

Kitty Pryde*

Kitty Pryde Icon Large 1

Kitty Pryde

The Shadowcat, the intangible x-man. Even if you only get her to farm 12.2, she's an interesting character that does some cool things and has a dragon, giving earlier players their first example of a Summon attack. She has a simple style with Phased, her L1 gives it to her, her L9 doesn't use it and let's her stay hidden, and her L2 exploits having it for some good damage.

EISO 1: Draconian, counter with Lockheed while she's not phased.

EISO 2: Sting, she'll counter with her lockheed passive, which applies burn, with this it'll also apply poisoned.

ALT EISO: Draconian, she starts phased and countering, with this she'll keep countering after her phase finishes.

L1: Pulverizing, this attack sets up her L2 and all but one of her attacks are melee so it can set up anything with Wide-Open.

L2: Focused, you want to make sure this attack hits, since has deadly crits and does more damage while Kitty's phased (and even more with Wide-Open & Exposed).

L6: Knocking, add a stun to the Reduced Defense this attack creates.

L9: Cooperative, her L9 isn't a super effective move but as a QA that doesn't remove Phased it will be a lot more beneficial.

Mr. Fantastic*

Mr. Fantastic Icon Large 1

Mr. Fantastic

Not my kind of hero and there basically because he's a cheap way to get PVP bonus, here's the not that fantastic Mr. Fantastic.

EISO 1: Overclocked, his own from the HB with Doom, Mr. Fantastic's L9 is now AoE.

EISO 2: Distant, his L1 & L2 are ranged and he can use the damage boost from higher crits on both attacks.

ALT EISO: Overclocked, his own from the HB with Doom, Mr. Fantastic's L9 is now AoE. Makes more sense than crits because it drains the crap out of bosses and enemies.

L1: Pugilistic, his L2 will have slightly higher base damage but after creating the combos you can go for only damage or go for Distraction.

L2: Pugilistic, for a high damage base move that creates and Exploits Combos.

L6: Knocking or Charged, a full team Incapacitation or since this attack has deadly crits, get a higher crit rate.

L9: Obsolescent, apply Obsolescent Tech to the enemy team (with the EISO)


Spider-Woman Icon Large 1


And I thought Nul was tough to beat. The hero who was long a mediocre Scrapper for new players has been reborn as one of the toughest Worthies yet. As such, I will give her a more up-to-date build as well as one for her alt only. How I personally work her E-ISO is a little confusing, but you will see why.

EISO 1: Tantalizing, her own from the HB with M.O.D.O.K. It works as a substitute for an AISO on her L9, and makes Mind-Control rather annoying for the other team (Lose Control)

EISO 2: Rising, because her passive is even better when it works 100% of the time.

ALT EISO: Her personal, Runic, so you don't lose the Runes when they blow up (and they blow up big). The Runes are very effective at what they do, destroying the enemy team. Her L9 Rune already has most of the effects from Tantalizing, and she really doesn't need the 100% counter as Kuurth. She'll just make them kill themselves.

L1: Dazing, her own AISO, makes it exploit stun and delirium, and turning this into a massive punch.

L2: Bursting, since this is the set up for her L1, making sure that hits is important. On her alt it already has Shield Breaker, so go with Sorcerous for the ability to stealthily target an enemy.

L6 & L9: There's no AISO for debuff actions.


Thing Icon Large 1


Another cheap protector and the last of the Fantastic Four, he's a bit of a Colossus copy and is often considered one of the worst heroes. But does he really deserve such an honor? With the right isos he becomes a pretty good tank, and his L2's protect abilitiy is one of the best. Doing him right will really make it Clobberin' Time.

EISO 1: Masonic, his AISO from the HB, start with Stone Wall and receive less damage when Stone Wall is active, making Stone Wall even a better protect ability.

EISO 2: Vengeful, for a chance to get an extra turn when he's protecting. 

ALT EISO: Masonic, to make him a better protector overall.

L1: Knocking, since he's mainly a defender, you want him to last in combat so the less he's attacked, the better.

L2: Aware, adds a counter to his protect.

L6: Erupting, also hit flying targets (pretty generic for Ground attacks)

L9: Bursting, it's his only ranged attack so Aiming wouldn't be very effective. It also makes the move a little better.


Daredevil Icon Large 1


The Man Without Fear, but as WiiSage would know, players always have fear when using him since Playdom throws crap at his and calls it A-ISOs. Reckless Rage? That's move of a buff for the enemy team! Anyway, there is a way to make Matt Murdock good. He IS the only hero to have Heavy Crits in the game, and Man Without Fear is a powerful suit. Let's see how to make him great.

Base Build:

EISO 1: Assailing E-ISO, his 30 gold Store E-ISO, gives him a follow-up attack after attacking enemies with Pressure Points. 

EISO 2: Cognitive, so he can gain an extra turn after being hit by any Melee attack with no limits on turns.

Note: I also like his Typhlotic E-ISO so he can gain Paragon Exploiter, so if you are missing either of these, you should use that one.

L1: Knocking, to add Incap which is exploited by his L9 Paragon Exploiter.

L2: Gracious, for a Stamina boost to keep him going.

L6: Pulpy, so he can apply Bleeding on a move other than his L1 and work around it better.

L9: Ragged, so he Hemorrhages and works around his own Bleeds.

Man Without Fear Build:

Daredevil Icon Large 3


As Man Without Fear works a little differently from base Daredevil, he'll need a separate build. He still uses L1 for Paragon Setup, but with his finisher now melee and Unarmed he gets a new Combo Wide-Open move that'll add a L6 use to make it do the best damage.

EISO: Cognitive, the extra turn will be the most helpful in his setup.

L1: Knocking, to keep his L1 as his primary setup move for Paragon.

L2: Pulpy, add more Bleeding to be Hemorrhaged by his L9.

L6: Bursting, add Shield Breaker on the setup move to stop any damage reducing shields from slowing you down.

L9: Pugilist, so he can Exploit Combos twice and do a massive amage attack.


Nightcrawler Icon Large 1


He seems like an odd Infiltrator, playing with Pressure Points and some counter/follow-up spam, throw in the typical evasion passive and a Bleed alt, but nothing special. This build will change that completely. The release of her personal A-ISO required a rework of how he functioned, and let's just say his damage is way too high for a 48 cp hero. Add in the alt and you have a massive damage hero that also supports Bleeders. Pretty fun.

The way this build works, you start off with the L9 every time. Next round, you can either attack an enemy with L1, and get a follow-up for a near guaranteed kill, use the L2 to 100% guarantee that next round the L1 will kill, or use the L6 for slightly less damage than the L1, but an additional Stun chance.

EISO 1: His personal, Revered, gives him a little chance to setup by keeping debuffs off the team and making him only vulnerable to damage.

EISO 2: Close, brings the unisod crit rate of his L1 to a whopping 91%, and makes his overall damage much higher.

ALT EISO: In his alt, either of these will go. Close will provide more damage, but Revered gives you that setup time early on. That's a personal call.

L1: Waylaying, it adds Paragon Exploiter to this move, allowing it to exploit Stun, Pressure Points and Combo Setup (twice!), followed thereafter by the same attack 60% of the time, overall bringing the damage up significantly and making this a killer move.

L2: In this build, this attack is a situational assistant to the damage of the L1. It already has Stun and Weakened, Pulverizing will give it Wide-Open to increase the damage further.

L6: This move gets a L1 follow-up, and will add the Stun part of Paragon Exploiter with Knocking. If you lead with the L9 and then hit with this, you are almost guaranteed a damaging follow-up on that target.

L9: Pressurized. This already does Exposed and Slowed, so some of you might see this as redundant, but it truly is not. Pressure Points adds 100% chance for Dizzy, and a 25% chance for others. With two of the 3 others guaranteed, you have 3/4 pressure point debuffs AOE with a chance for a 4th, straight away.


Phoenix Icon Large 3


Phoenix should be the great Psychic master of the universe and stuff, but is dwarfed by Emma Frost and Psylocke in terms of effects. Strange, isnt it. At least they got he look right in P5 suit, so I'll keep that one. Damn it looks awesome in team page. I like her better as a Tactician, but this build reflects Blaster class. She has no particular 'flow' to speak of, just a bunch of moves that do some different things.

EISO 1: Consuming E-ISO, her personal one, gives her Soulfire on her L1 which removes buffs and can be quite helpful in PVE.

EISO 2: Explosive for the Collateral Damage, her two non-locked attacks are Single Target so a bit of AOE damage evens her out a bit. It will also give Burning to all the enemies, so they'll have nearly permanent burns. If you have her Tactician or Infiltrator, go with Distant for crits.

L2: I think this should be augmented with Ionizing, since when I use her I tend to spam it since it's her better attack of the two and it boosts damage of Energy, namely, itself. The Radiation Exposure is also a helpful DOT.

L2: I'd say this should be given Lock-On with the Aiming A-ISO, because it will again boost her damage of L1.

L6: This goes nicely with Energize, since she can drain her own Stamina fairly fast.

L9: This isn't often used since an ally has to die and noone really wants that to happen, but I'd say the best way to augment it is with Increased Damage. It doesn't really need debuffs and is intended to be a big hit, so make it that way.


Quicksilver Icon Large 1


The only reason anyone is reading this is to make their PVP team better XD. Nah, he's fun to play with everywhere, but he can really be a PVP monster. With the new Pulpy A-ISO, he can become as good a Bleeder as X-23 or anyone. Amazing, isn't it? He can also be an annoying attack Interrupter in his AoU alt, and he can be very annoying as a Blaster.

EISO 1: I think his E-ISO, Accelerating, is clearly worth it, because he loves to counter with Tag Team and if he does't use Quickness it is a good thing.

EISO 2: Aggressive, since everything he does is Melee and it can quickly boost his damage with all the counters and whatnot.

ALT EISO: His alt is amazing, well worth the E-ISO slot. If you get either Scrapper alt or the Generalist one, go with Accelerating. If Blaster, Phased Frequencies will make sure no enemy can escape his wrath with Phased or Dodge.

His L1 is default to build his Quickness, but adding Pulpy will turn it into an annoying DOT spreading attack as well.

His L2 can be great with an AOE Wide-Open, this has been done in PVP before. it can also be great with a Bloody, which will turn him into a bleeder over an Unarmed only guy. 

His L6 is good with Suterusu to make his big punch Stealthy. Increased Damage is also a good call.

His L9 is intended to Stun, and what better way to augment that then with an Incapacitation AOE? Knocking is a great choice.

Footnote: Using the Pulpy route to give him Bleeds on his L1 and L2, I see him as a PVP partner for more people than the majority he already partners with. I see him with X-23 in the future as a potential threat. Only time will tell.


Storm Icon Large 1


The beautiful Ororo Munroe was my first purchase above 15 CP and she was well worth it. The combo of her and Cyclops when he had Combat Expertise, amazing. Storm makes a versatile Blaster and has one of the earliest 50% dodge abilities, and can truly be a destructive force if she's isoed right.

EISO 1: Her personal EISO, Windy, lets her start with the Protective Shroud so she doesn't have to use a turn.

EISO 2: Unavoidable will increase the accuracy of her Lightning and make her other two ignore Phased.

ALT EISO: Her personal works well for both classes, but if she is Tactician, Quick for Snappy Service helps Protective Shroud production.

Her L1 is Energy, so Ionizing would be a perfect companion. It would allow her to do a little extra damage and a DOT.

Her L2 is an team buff, and I think that Manifesting for the Epiphany is smart. Allows your team to dodge and dish out some big hits in return.

Her L6 is often used, so Aiming for the Lock-On to setup her L1 or L9.

L9 truly needs nothing other than damage, it's really a damage move with some defensive properties as well.

War Machine*

War Machine Icon Large 1

War Machine

Oh the great War Machine. The bane of my existence for a time. Once Iron Patriot came out, he became the PVP staple some called Pepsi Can. He's not quite what he once was, since the Worthy come with an immunity to Radiation, but he's still the bane of lower level enemies in PVE, a few 21 Gun Salutes will clear the field very fast. He'll need two builds, since Iron patriot uses primarily Energy and Radiation, while War Machine uses guns. 

EISO 1: His personal E-ISO, Tactical, can play a good role for his Classic, Patriot and Original suits. A free Disadvantage as well as Targeted can be helpful at neutralizing enemies, especially Infiltrators who he might be vulnerable to.

EISO 2: The second choice for his original suit I'd say should be Surprising, he attacks a lot and the chance to Stun can stack up pretty fast. You could also make a case for Distant, but it wouldn't help his Iron Patriot suit as much (since that Overcharge grants guaranteed crits for a turn). 

ALT EISO: This depends on the suit. I generally like Tactical, so that's what I'd reccomend on the Original alt, but if you were running Iron Patriot in PVP, Surprising/Distant might be a better option, or perhaps Unavoidable for a Blaster Patriot.

War Machine/Original Build -

L1: He doesn't have any real defenses to speak of, and he ends up using this move a lot when he has no Charged Capacitors. Suppressing is the best choice so he'll constantly keep up a shield, to handle counters and DOT damage alike.

L2: Again, a lot of options here, and even though he doesn't play off Radiation, I'd put Ionizing here. The attack is intended to be repeated for a kill, and Radiation Exposure will increase the damage of the next shot, plus add a DOT at the end to finish them off if they survive. 

L6: Like his other two attacks, it's got several options. Bursting or Lock-On are OK, but not the best choices, and Obsolete Tech won't really be much use. I'd personally use Sniping, since the accuracy on this move is generally terrible and you want to make sure it hits. 

L9: Automated, because Tech Upgrade directly increases his damage for more than just the next attack. 

Iron Patriot PVP Build - L1: Supressing, same reasons as above.

His L2 can get Ionizing again, since it now Exploits Radiation, so will boost itself even more. 

His L6 is intended to Irradiate the entire enemy team and make them die of Radiation Exposure. An Ionizing will give it two stacks per attack, so you can get the full four stacks from 2 charged capacitors and make them die of DOTs on their turn, but if you have it on his L2, another excellent choice is Downgrade, for an AOE Obsolete Tech. 

L9: Automated, same as base build.

Amazing Spider-Woman*

Amazing Spider-Woman Icon Large 1

Amazing Spider-Woman

Her hands look really wierd. I mean, I like the character, she's fun to play, she webs like a monster and she can do awesome damage, but ... her hands look really odd. Anyway, she's a great team-up for any of the spiders and she also does well with Magneto or Victor Mancha. She's also a great defensive PVP hero since she can quickly steamroll an unprepared team. She also seems like a good candidate for Rampant E-ISO, if anyone has it...

EISO 1: Unavoidable,so she can ignore enemy Phased and Evasion effects to take them down however they try to hide.

EISO 2: Explosive, gives her a chance to do Splash Damage and Burning on all enemies after using any of her attacks (except the L6). Another option is Close, to boost her L9 crit rate. 

ALT EISO: Get the Blaster alt no matter what, and give it Unavoidable. Scrapper alt doesn't have any super beneficial E-ISOs that can be applied by class, so Close would have to do.

L1: Pulverising, adding Wide-Open to her follow-up/counter makes it also a setup move for her L9.

L2: Exploit Webs, since this action applies a ton of Webbed it will do far more damage on repeat uses.

L6: Her personal, Rattling Maneuever, is an excellent option to apply a debuff that will assist her alt and the team as a whole.

L9: Suterusu, to ignore any protection or counters on her truly devasting punches,


Beast Icon Large 1


He is almost two characters, a support character who buffs and inspired the Neurotrope and a debuffer who stops the removal of debuffs. Pestilence was always the staple of debuff teams before the arrival of the Scroll of Rutamarroth, and now he is starting to become a little less popular. He can also make PVE a little difficult, as he prevents your debuff removal as well as theirs. 

EISO 1: Pacifying, so he will heal a small amount of health when Stunned, using L2 or L6, and Recharging.

EISO 2: Inspiring, so he gives himself and others on the field a stat boost.

ALT EISO: Either of the PVP E-ISOs would be greatly recommended, Covert for the precounter Generalized or Energizing to prevent his abilities getting locked out. Otherwise, Pacifying makes him restore health using the L6 as a Quick Action. 

EISO 1: Pacifying, since he can use his turn on his L2 and the health boost may help. You could also use any of the Tactician or Infiltrator E-ISOs, depending on which you got. If you use him more in PVE, Sympathetic is also an option.

L1: Pulpy, in his regular suit it is a helpful DOT and in his Pestilence suit he can Exploit Attrition later.

L2: No iso, as it is a debuff in both constumes.

L6: Manifesting, so his L6 gives you all the benefits of a Neurotrope. No A-ISO for Pesilence, as it's a debuff.

L9: Suterusu, so protectors can't block it.

Black Panther*

Black Panther Icon Large 1

Black Panther

One of my favorite Tacticians, he may seem to be average and weak, but when he gets his abilities going he becomes a real monster. The right build is integral to assuring his complete dominance over the playing field, in as little time as possible, and this provides a good example of how to make him shred the competition. 

EISO 1: Flashing, his own from the HB with Black Widow and Wasp, adds a passive to his L9 and a new passive when his L6 is activated. Gives him a vicious Pre-Emptive Depower as well as Hobbled and Stealthy on his attacks.

EISO 2: Close, his L1 and L2 do average damage without his passives, so they get a higher crit chance to boost it straight away.

L1: Pulverizing, because of the way his passives work this should be the opening attack, so it gets a debuff that makes his L1 and L2 do more damage.

L2: Bloody, this attack Exploits Bleeds, and with this AISO it also creates them.

L6: Rejeuvenating A-ISO, so he can geain some heals as well as powerful buffs..

L9: Reflexive, his own AISO, makes this attack a QA. Combined with the E-ISO, allows him to have a pre-counter, Stealthy, Hobbled, follow-up and counter by Round 3. 

Black Knight

Black Knight Icon Large 1

Black Knight

Black Knight for a while was one of my favorites, then he fell to 'Ready to Train' status. His refactor made him one of my best heroes. Dishing out huge damage, buffing allied Slashing attacks, he can act as a tank or damage dealer, depending on your need. He also is great for PVP, since he gives the team a resistance to magic attacks and a passive immunity to Soulfire, Dark Void, Deathfrost, Bane, and best of all, Scroll of Angolob removing buffs.

Tank/Support Build - We need him strong and able to take hits, since he'll be staying in Atonement for the whole game. EISO 1: Shielding, his personal, allows him to reduce damage like Captain America

EISO 2: Savant, so he can start with a shield and block some early hits.

His L1 doesn't need to be augmented for this build, since using it forces him into Blood Curse mode and you want him to tank.

His L2 should be Restful Atonement, so he can restore a little health and keep up tanking.

His L6 can be Pulverizing (Wide-Open), combined with Weak Point it will set up an ally.

His L9 and Cooperative, so that he can do a quick de-tank for the team, and then use his L6 to set up.

Blood Curse Build - You want him to cut the enemy team to pieces and augment Slashing. EISO 1: Close, for some extra crits and damage. Alternatively, Skullthumper if you want crits.\

EISO 2: Shielding, his personal, so you can occasionally cut damage.

His L1 gets Hemmorhaging, to add extra bleed damage after every follow-up. 

His L2 won't be used.

His L6 needs Increased Damage since it is his big hit, intended to finish the enemy when they are Bleeding.

His L9 goes with his personal, Trampling, so you can AOE Hemorrhage even if you miss, and he can follow-up.

Interchangeable Build - In this, you don't need one specific form. Maybe you start in Blood Curse, and then feel the need to tank. This build will allow quick swaps for the most efficient method.

EISO 1: His personal, Shielding, so he can reduce damage.

EISO 2: Quick, so he can swap from Blood Curse form to Atonement form without losing a turn.

His L1 will get Hemmorhaging, again for the extra Bleed damage.

His L2 will use Restful Atonement, for the QA health boost when you need to tank.

His L6 will go with increased damage, more for the Blood Curse form than Atonement, but you can only have 1.

His L9 will go with his own, Trampling, for the follow-ups in Blood Curse mode as well as the Hemorrhaging . -Goldencahill

Captain America*

Captain America Icon Large 1

Captain America

The valiant avenger of justice, worthy enough to pick up Thor's hammer in comics. He's not an exceptional hero, but he has a certain simple style about him that brings you back to the game's beginning without being completely obsolete. Obviously he could use a little bit of a buff, but isos can give you almost all that he needs.

EISO 1: Fevrent, so he can counter with Shield Throw, often dealing some nice damage.

EISO 2: Leading, so he gets to start the combat. Useful for starting with a Shield Guard.

ALT EISO: Any of the above, WW2 Cap would benefit more from Fevrent as he starts with Shield Guard already, as would Steve Rogers who can counter with multiple shield types, Avengers and Age of Ultron would probably prefer Leading to get a protect up fast.

L1: Concussed, so he can do Subdue and cut damage of melee.

L2: Pulverizing, to increase his damage on counters and repeat uses.

L6: Calamitous, so his Shield Throw is guaranteed to hit and ignores avoidance on his Discus counters and regular uses. If you don't have it, Bursting, so he breaks enemy Shields on his counters as well.

L9: Gracious, so he can keep his Stamina up and have no need to Recharge.

For Steve Rogers the moves change a little, and with added debuffs some stuff is no longer needed. L1 keeps Concussed, L2 can't have anything, L6 can use Knocking and L9 Calamitous or Bursting. 

Captain Britain

Captain Britain Icon Large 1

Captain Britain

Even if he's a bruiser he's more of a pure attacker so everything goes to make him better at that. He can hit hard when he hits, which isn't always often, but when he does hit it is like a truck.

EISO 1: Knightly, makes his passive Roar of Valor better.

EISO 2: Close, all but one of his attacks are melee, so he can benefit a lot from higher crits.

L1: Pulverizing, his L9 exploits the debuffs this attack creates so it gets a debuff to be exploited by his other attacks.

L2: Pressurized, his L9 exploits everything this AISO applies.

L6: Two ways to go here. Erupting, so you can hit flying targets and have a chance to Stun. Otherwise, Overwhelmning for the AOE Weak Point. Your choice depends on how many flyers you expect to fight.

L9: Focused, you want to make sure this attack hits every time. It is his mega punch, so a miss mean he can't be as effective for a few rounds. -Tavarich

Doctor Voodoo*

Doctor Voodoo Icon Large 1

Doctor Voodoo

One of my favorite Blasters, he's not your usual Blaster and does interesting stuff. Magic Warding makes him great to fight Demons and all that, and no more evil Scroll of Angolob in PVP. He's only lacking a really good damage move, and while you can't really augment that onto him, you can augment him with more support and defense to keep him alive longer.

EISO 1: Spiritual, his own from the HB with the Gorillas, makes the team receive less damage from AoE attacks.

EISO 2: Resonant, most of his attacks are magic, so with this he gets a little heal each time he uses one.

L1: Sorcerous, give a couple of debuffs and some damage as a stealthy action. Also, since it has Soulfire, will remove the protect or buffs you need to get rid of.

L2: Thorned, add a passive buff to an attack that exploits his L1, has deadly crits and heals.

L6: Ritualistic, there are too many types in this attack for anything else to be useful, unless you only use one of them, in that case you can go with a type-specific AISO.

L9: His personal Energizing will restore Stamina to the ally gaining Extra Turns.

Elsa Bloodstone*

Elsa Bloodstone Icon Large 1

Elsa Bloodstone

I really didn't think she would be all that useful until I saw how powerful her counters could get. Even at low levels she was doing 6 or 7k shots when enemies took several turns, and I loved every minute of it. I still can't tell if she'll be useful for PVP, she's got a lot of really powerful effects that work in the current meta but Magic Warding will slow her down a lot... something to think on.

EISO 1: Resonant, to grant her heals after every action she does (including the counter)

EISO 2: Hair Trigger or Grit, grant her a L1 follow-up after using L1/L9 or grants her a small stat boost after any attack. Either is really a great option.

L1: Thorned, so her counter and regular L1 add Thorns, to Hemmorhage attacking enemies.

L2: Knocking, it'll add a Stun to her Shovel and make it a more useful move.

L6: Calamitous, will assure she hits with an AOE Despair and Soulfire.

L9: Sniping, to make sure this attack hits (raises Accuracy to 100% to go with the Ethereal)


Fandral Icon Large 1


The cheapest of the Warrior's 3 and the first in game double class. Doesn't hit very big but can be a great support hero, since he focuses more on debuffs and evasion then actual damage results. Don't underestimate him however, with the right player or a little luck he can really slow down a team, and often he can screw with important high damage moves with his pre-emptive Witty Retort.

EISO 1: Loquacious, his own from the Season 1 HB, add Migraine to his Witty Retort passive.

EISO 2: Convivial, gives him a follow-up/counter passive for a little extra damage and debuffs.

L1: Hemmorhaging, adds extra bleed damage so he can actually benefit from his own L9.

L2: Manifesting, for a free critical hit on his next action.

L6: Rising, gain some buffs while healing.

L9: Pulverize, also apply wide open to the enemy team.


Gambit Icon Large 1


I'm not a big fan of the Infiltrator class, but I like this guy, he does a lot of damage when Kinetic Charge is stacked high enough. Add in his E-ISO, and wow. He lost a lot of setup speed when they nerfed him to not gain Kinetic Charge on follow-ups and counters, but he's still a strong hero, albeit a little slow.

EISO 1: Pilfered, his own EISO from, Kinetic Charge now stacks up to 8 times.

EISO 2: Ukemi, so he can take a counter or a hit from a Scrapper and not be killed.

L1: Knocking, so he can Stun an enemy and give himself extra time to build up charges.

L2: High Card, turn this QA with his Kinetic Charge into a move that applies Flanked and is Stealthy, great for team setup.

L6: Increased Crits, it's Deadly Crits and needs to kill the target.

L9: Aiming, AoE attack that doesn't consume Kinetic Charges, add Lock On to all the other team.


Gamora Icon Large 2


On release she wasn't great, and then for a while her in her Guardian suit and Groot in his was a tough defensive team to beat. She plays around Doom, dealing it in a way that wasn't done before, and also has a hint of Bleeding I'd like to expand on. Here's how I've built her.

EISO 1: Close, because all her attacks are Deadly Crits so you want as many crits as possible.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, because Stuns allow her to keep setting the enemy up for the Doom/Fatal Blow combo.

ALT EISO: Close, because crits are integral to her damage.

L1: Pulpy, to give her 2 stacks of Bleeding on her only move able to apply it.

No A-ISOs for debuffs, so nothing on her L2.

L6: Pulverizing, it consumes the Doom from her L1/L2 and sets up her L9.

L9: Hemmorhaging A-ISO, so she can do some extra Bleeding damage after a Fatal Blow to kill bosses that didn't die from it, or hurt an enemy that wasn't quite below 20%.


Gorgon Icon Large 1


One of the new Inhumans and the last in game hero (for now), yet another attacking bruiser, since his moveset is offensive, so are his A- and EISOs. He can make your team immune to some debuffs, which is fun, and seems to be made like a Thundra 2.0 - more overall power and better debuffs, but the vulnerability of Kicks Like A Mule and Ground Attacks

EISO 1: Relentless, you want this guy to attack every round. Unfortunately it will not remove the Kicks Like A Mule from his L9.

EISO 2: Viscous, add slowed for his L9 to exploit if Gorgon's attacked with Melee. Even if just for his L6 and L9 he can also benefit from Close to get higher crits on those attacks.

L1: Pressurized for his L9 to exploit. Since Dizzy is now guaranteed with Pressure Points and this move does Weakened and Exposed, you'll have 3/4 debuffs for his L9 to smash, and the Slowed from Viscous gives you all 4.

L2: Pulpy, so he can hit all enemies with Bleeding and set up a critical hit.

L6: Suterusu, to Ground and Flank an enemy without any protectors getting in the way.

L9: Focused, since you'll lose a turn after this attack you want to make sure it hits.


Groot Icon Large 2


I am Groot. What more is there to say? He has a few options, since you can choose to augment his offensive or defensive forms, but not both. Ideally you want him to stay in big Groot form, so this mostly augments the offensive side.

EISO 1: Vengeful, since he naturally protects the Extra Turns help him a lot.

EISO 2: Hardened, he can use the extra defense since it doesn't expire even after he 'dies' and returns to protect mode. If you have his personal, go for it, reduced DOT damage is excellent.

ALT EISO: Vengeful or his personal, but if you don't have his personal and use him Generalist I'd go for Cleansing

L1: Pulverizing, to setup his L9.

L2: Manifesting, so he sets up a crit on himself and allies for when he returns to Big Groot.

L6: Pulpy, so he can apply Bleeding without having to be hit with Thorns.

L9:Erupting because you don't want a miss to a Flying enemy.


Hercules Icon Large 1


He is a classic protect bruiser who plays off some basic buffs from Rising Up. Seems simple enough, until you find out that when he has all four, he hits like a truck. Say hello to a cheap defensive team, Hercules and Heimdall. Here's my build for him. (Some of you may prefer to give him debuffs, but honestly, when I use him it is for damage and damage alone)

EISO 1: His personal, Smiting, because the Marble Down counters and guaranteed to hit and may Stun all enemies.

EISO 2: Vengeful for Big and Fast, which partners well with his L2. If you want cheaper, Hardened will boost his defense a little each battle.

His L1 doesn't really need debuffs, because IMO it is his biggest hit, so I'd go with Increased Damage. A little damage boost can't hurt, especially with Blessings. Alternatively, Knocking for the chance to stun.

His L2 I give Gifted, the QA one. There has been debate on if the Rising Up/Breakthrough one is better, I think QA is better. With QA you are getting a protect and a move, giving you 2 buffs and an attack. Rising Up and Breakthrough merely gives him a hint of his full potential, one crit and possibly a few buffs, at the cost of a turn.

His L6, I think Bursting makes the most sense, so he can take out Shields on those really annoying Shielded enemies.

His L9 is used to setup or as the counter with his E-ISO, so Pulverizing for the AOE Wide-Open will help increase his L1 damage. -Goldencahill


Hulk Icon Large 1


Hulk isn't quite the Smasher you'd think from watching the MCU, at least not without setup. He needs to build Enraged and Hulk Ups to hurt anything, and is very vulnerable to Blasters while doing so. Some defense and extra damage will make him a bit more of a Hulk.

EISO 1: Thick, his personal, so his Hulk Ups cut damage he takes.

EISO 2: Ironclad, his other personal, so he can take reduced damage and resist crits. Combine the two and he takes little damage, especially if he gets Fortified or some other Defense boost.

ALT EISO: Take your pick. Both do the same/similar things, so whichever you have or prefer.

L1: It stacks his Hulk Ups, so Pulverizing will increase his L2's damage as well.

L2: Increased Crits, since the Deadly Crits can make his damage huge.

L6: It makes sure he doesn't miss, so why not make sure the enemy has no Shields with Bursting?

L9: It doesn't really need much, it's just a Stun move, so I just went for Increased Damage.

Kamala Khan*

Kamala Khan Icon Large 1

Kamala Khan

In the comics, she's pretty amazing, but in the game she really isn't. Her wide variety of powers just ended up a generic Combo Setup style, and without very much Lockjaw it really didn't make her very interesting. However, she seems like she might be able to pull off some good damage if she's augmented right, and her L2 does look pretty unique, so without further ado here's Kamala Khan.

EISO 1: Bruised, so none of her actions consume Combo Setup.

EISO 2: Close, to augment her L9 specifically since it has Deadly Crits, as well as give all her other abilities a nice crit boost.

L1: Pugilist, so her setup move also Exploits the Combos that she won't remove.

L2: Gracious, for the team Stamina boost that'll also keep her attacks going.

L6: Pugilist, again for the Exploit Combos so her overall damage becomes far better.

L9: Increased Crits, so the Deadly Crits on this move will have a very high chance to proc.

Karolina Dean*

Karolina Dean Icon Large 1

Karolina Dean

An amazingly powerful girl with rainbow powers. Her MAA build makes her remarkable similar to Havok, but also the opposite. While he builds defense and breaks enemy Shields, she builds Attack and needs Shields to do real damage. She plays with crits a lot, I don't see too many non-crits with her. Here's a build that is really part community, part me.

EISO 1: Unavoidable, so she doesn't miss on her L1 and L6 and her L9 can ignore Phased.

EISO 2: I went with Distant, for increased crits on her L9 as well as other moves. If you have her personal, it would be a good replacement for this.

L1: It is a buff move for her more than a debuff move, but we can even it out with Ionizing (and make it even smarter to boost her future Energy damage).

L2: Manifesting, so she sets up a team critical hit.

L6: Aiming, to increase the damage of her other moves on all enemies.

L9: Increased Damage to make sure it does the best damage possible and kills all the enemies she's faced with.

Kate Bishop*

Kate Bishop Icon Large 1

Kate Bishop

She is Hawkeye, but better. She comes with the Loaded Quiver, but you select the arrows, her Sure Shot gives you the Pinpoint Target, and she can AOE Fatal Blow. She also has a nice L9 with killer damage. Her style is simple, shoot and keep shooting, and don't let any enemy get in the way.

EISO 1: Distant, with her constant attack style and Deadly Crits AOE Fatal Blow moves, you want to keep her crits as high as possible.

EISO 2: Again, focusing on her constant attacks, a great option is Surprising. A 10% chance to stun may not seem like much, but when you add it to all her arrows and passives you are near guaranteed some Stuns.

L1: This is her simple setup move. Most people will use it at least once to work with her passive, and since all her attacks are Ranged, Aiming makes the most sense.

L2: She has many types of arrows, but only a few A-ISO options. The one that makes the most sense is Bursting, so she can fire off an AOE Shield Breaker that also packs some handy debuffs.

Note -  According to 568624, her passive Boomerang Arrow is actually augmented by A-ISO on her L1. In that case, Bursting and Aiming could be swapped, mainly because the Shield Breaker would be applied AOE every other round.

L6: It's a Fatal Blow move, notorious for low damage but great potential. The potential in this case is Deadly Crits, so Increased Crits is what is used. The increased crits from this iso and Distant E-ISO combined will make sure enemies on low health won't survive the Fatal Blow.

L9: It's a simple big damage shot. The only A-ISO that makes sense is Suppressing, since adding debuffs to a damage only move is never wise, and Kate alone has little defensive abilities. This way, if you don't kill the enemy you can survive their counter, and if you do kill the enemy you get a free shield.


Medusa Icon Large 1


Queen of the Inhumans, married to Black Bolt, here's the woman with her hair as a weapon. An infiltrator with some fun debuffs and who can reduce damage, what's not to like?

EISO 1: Distant, all of her attacks are ranged, so they get a crit boost. Ukemi if you want more survivability, since it stacks with her damage reduction.

EISO 2: Lingering can be very nice if you're countering, if not, Reflexive, for higher survivability and for no Gold, Relentless to keep attacking.

L1: Focused, this attack exploits stun with can be done with her L6 and has deadly crits which can be guaranteed thanks to her L9, so you want it to hit often.

L2: Vorpal, Ignore Defense with this attack.

L6: Bursting, add a nice debuff to this attack.

L9: Aiming, apply Lock On to the whole enemy team. -Tavarich

Molly Hayes*

Molly Hayes Icon Large 1

Molly Hayes

When I saw Molly Hayes appear on the ad, and it said 'Princess Powerful', my first thought was "Great, they are messing up MAA now". Then I saw her kill entire enemy teams in PVP and my opinion changed. She's a tough Bruiser with some great immunity, a starting buff, and potential to crush PVP like has never been managed before (except maybe with Iron Patriot).

EISO 1: She needs to recharge after using her L6 Temper Tantrum, so I give her Recovering so she gets a small health recovery. Another smart option is her personal Sweet, since she migh eat candy every round. This can be lethal, not only for the health and stamina she gets, but for the buffs like Phased (!) she might give herself and the debuffs like AOE Exhausted. The final option is her Spec Ops personal so she wont always lose a turn after her Tantrum.

EISO 2: Close Empowered, because she relies on critical hits for damage, and this boosts those crits.

L1: It already does all the setup we truly need, but it could setup better. I put Knocking on it so I don't have to use the L9 to Exploit Stun.

L2: The move is intended to kill the setup enemy, but it notorious for being blocked and doing little damage, Suterusu for a Stealthy killer.

L6 is tricky, you can give it Manifesting if you want to set up a crit after Temper Tantrum, or Energize if you want to restore Stamina when using Raspberry.

L9: Bursting is a great choice, allows her to break enemy Shields before going on a rampage.


Quake Icon Large 1


The cool hybrid of comics and Agents of Shield appeared in the game without warning for the Ant-Man Spec Ops, and added some versatility to Ground effects. She she seems like she'll make a fun partner with Nul or Avalanche. Her style seems pretty simple, with several abilities that work around Ground and Sonic effects, and then one large attack that will benefit from her passive, but isn't Ground so can't be 100% setup. Basically, she ends up like Superior Spider-Man, where any of her moves can be the main focus.

EISO 1: Distant, because all her attacks except the L1 are Ranged and the higher crit rate benefits the overall damage she can do.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, because she hits several times and has Flanked, so will end up with good Stun rates. Relentless is also an option if you'd prefer to protect from instead of applying Stun.

L1: It's Unarmed Melee, applies Combo Setup and does Flanked. Pugilist gives it a nice damage boost and makes her hit harder repeatedly.

L2: Aiming, because she's using it as setup for her L6 by Grounding flying enemies, why not increase the damage on them as well?

L6: Erupting, obviously, to Immobilize even Flying enemies. The obvious choice.

L9: Increased Crits, because it's both her finisher and Deadly Crits, so you really want it to crit and kill the enemy.


Rogue Icon Large 1


A moderately good absorbing Generalist who became an awesome PVP killer with SO 16. Famine is great, keeping classic Rogue's abilities while giving her a whole new way to destroy stats. Then the alt that was known about or 2 years but never released came out, losing the Famine powers but keeping every power she gains permanently. I used her for many a season, so here was my build for her.

EISO 1: Her personal, Caressing, gives her more healing on her L6 and more stun on her L2, great to start the battle.

EISO 2: Inspiring or Cleaning, depending on your preference.

ALT EISO: Any of the above work, all affect you or the team a different way.

Her L1 can be nice with Bloody, Bleeding helps her team better and the move is her counter/follow-up. (Note: Doesn't currently work because the move exploits combos, so just replace with either Wide-Open or increased damage)

I give her L2 Pulverizing because Southern Hospitality counters make most sense to buff damage, and she needs to absorb every few rounds anyway.

Her L6 can have Incapacitation, with Knocking, so she heals and might Stun the enemy.

Her L9 could use damage, so Pugilist lets it exploit combos. -Goldencahill

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Icon Large 1

Scarlet Witch

A buff and debuff artist, she's a fun hero to play with even if just for the randomness of her skillset. I only wish Probability Field could do what it once did...

EISO 1: Statistical, her EISO from the HB with Quicksilver, get rid of the chance to fail that her L6 has.

EISO 2: Fotuitous, her EISO from the Store, chance to get random benefits, adds to her playstyle and further boosts her usefulness.

ALT EISO: Statistical, cheaper than her other one and less random.

L1: Aiming, an AoE debuff that increases the damage of her L2.

L2: Ionizing, add a debuff that makes this attack stronger.

L6: Manifesting, get a guaranteed critical added to the effects this attack causes.

L9: Breaking or Building, one of her AISOS, add buffs or debuffs. This really depends on your playstyle, buffs can be removed but stay with your heroes, debuffs are more damaging but go away once the enemy is dead. Alternatively, add whichever one drops first from the mission. -Tavarich


Spider-Gwen Icon Large 1


She wasn't my favorite Spider when they said she'd be added, and she didn't disappoint me, but not did she impress me. She spreads Webbed pretty well and has a nice passive, but her L2 is basically useless. Her setup just involves Webbing and then hitting with the L9.

EISO 1: Distant, because 3/4 of her moves are Ranged, and moves always benefit from more crits.

EISO 2: Relentless, because Stuns are often annoying, and Incap can be especially annoying on heroes with QAs.

L1: Exploit Webbed, so the repeat uses will do more damage.

L2: Pulpy, for a desperation debuff in case you ever want to use this move.

L6: Calamitous, for the guaranteed AOE Webbed this move originally was.

L9: Snared Target, to guaranteed a hit and Deadly Crits on targets with Webbed, so it can be easily setup with the L6.


Spider-Man Icon Large 1


One of the classic Marvel characters and everyone's favorite photographer. He's one of the most often used heroes in the game, be it HBs, premiums, deploys or other things, but when the Spider-Verse series came out, and MAA started releasing other spiders, he seemed a little left behind. However, that is simply not so, as no other Spider-Man can break 100k in damage (that I have seen) and while his debuffs might not be quite as varied as the rest of the Spider-People, he can certainly dish out the damage to prove himself.

EISO 1: Inventive, his own EISO, adds Smartest Man in the Room, which grants a new passive every round (up to 3), those are: Round 1: Ignore Most Avoidance Effects; Round 2: Guaranteed Crit; Round 3: Ignore Defense. Gives him the needed damage and hit rate.

EISO 2: Tangled, his other EISO, his L1 also applies Opportunist, which his L6 exploits, lets his L1 do Staggered and a few other debuffs for some fun, and lets his L6 play with other Opportunist characters.

ALT EISO: Inventive, adds Smartest Man in the Room if you want damage, accuracy and support. Tangled if you'd prefer debuffs.

L1: Exploit Webbing A-ISO, so that his follow-up, counter and set up action gains the level of damage his L6 has (nearly).

L2: Gracious, give a team wide stamina boost.

L6: Arachnid, his own AISO to get Deadly Crits on an attack that has Guaranteed Crits on webbed targets.

L9: Pulverizing, both his L6 and L9 are melee, so make them hit a little harder.

Spider-Man 2099*

Spider-Man 2099 Icon Large 1

Spider-Man 2099

He has to be one of the best Spider-Men released, because he plays with all the rest. He has the Webbing (obviously), he has Bleeding for Superior, he has Flanked and Blind Sided for Noir, he has Poision for Ultimate, and best of all he combines it all in a functional, fun moveset. His build just makes his damage a little higher, because he doesn't really need any major fixing.

EISO 1: Close, because his 3 attacks that really matter are all Melee, and could benefit from Increased Crits.

EISO 2: Aggressive, to boost his attack a little each time he attacks.

L1: Exploit Webbing, for a little extra damage while you go for the repeat web effects.

L2: Pulverizing, Wide-Open on his setup move.

L6: You'll usually lead with it, and since Open Wound isn't always sure to apply the Bleeding, add an extra with Pulpy.

L9: As usual on a big hit move, just go with Increased Damage, to keep it doing the damage it aims for.


Thor Icon Large 1


He is the god of Thunder, and a powerful Bruiser who, when fighting the right team, has an amazing AOE smash. His isos make him more about Thunder and less about smiting, so let's get right to it. (Note, I play him Bruiser, and only Bruiser. A scrapper or blaster setup doesn't make sense to me, since it cuts his smashing power)

EISO 1: This will be his personal, Dynamic. Adding Static Charge to his L6 and making his hammer attacks Electric, this allows him to be dishing out a little extra after every hit.

EISO 2: I think this should be Hardened, since he sets up with his L2, although a Distant could also make a lot of sense so he can crit on his big hits.

ALT EISO: Dynamic, the electric ability is very good.

His L1 is a big hammer. Increased damage is all it needs.

His L2 is setup, his personal Shocking makes it do Static Charge as well as the E-ISO, although I think Knocking for Incap would be nice.

His L6 absolutely needs his Worthy personal, the two stacks of MoM allow him to have a fully powered Summon Thunder first round.

His L9 can again go with Increased Damage. Big AOE hit. -Goldencahill


Thundra Icon Large 1


I first got her for Chapter completion on Season 2, but as I used her I grew to like her more and more. She's very similar to Gorgon in fact, kind of fun to play with.

EISO 1: Resolute, her own EISO, make her buffs almost unremovable.

EISO 2: Close, all but her L9 are melee attacks.

L1: Pulverizing, add a nice debuff on the target that will boost future damage.

L2: Knocking, add Incapacitation to an attack that gives Thundra a nice buff and a useful debuff to the enemy.

L6: Suterusu, so her big hit is Stealthy and can't be countered.

L9: Tempestuous, her own AISO, allows her to pre-emptively use her L2 before hitting with this attack. -Tavarich


Tigra Icon Large 1


A tiger lady that was recently needed to get Ka-Zar, so a lot of people probably have her. She can be pretty fun to play and she was the original Shredder who ignored immunity to Bleeding.

EISO 1: Her own EISO, so she can follow-up with a Hemorrhaging Swipe after using her L1 or L6.

EISO 2: Ukemi, so she can cut the counter attack damage since her attacks aren't stealthy unless she fights a Tactician.

Increase damage or wide open on her L1, either to boost her damage in the future or immediately.

Vampiric Strike on her L2, so she can heal off the Bleeding she has applied as a QA.

Pulpy on her L6 so it can also do Bleeding like her L1/L9.

Cat-astrophic A-ISO on her L9 since it is used as a setup so Catastrophic and Stealthy make it guaranteed to work without fail. -Goldencahill (Build submitted by WiiSage)

Union Jack*

Union Jack Icon Large 1

Union Jack

A follow up and preemtive counter machine for the cheap price of 90 CP. Also one of the guys than can help you run 12.2 really fast. His high damage precounters to most enemies actions had made him a fun, but not really relevant hero. Rocket's release made him the first of the counter/follow-up spammers, and his A-ISOs/E-ISOs release made him a truly lethal threat. Once he builds up his Bounding Attacks and other buffs, he'll do easy 20k precounters to any action they dare make, you'll soon prefer the enemy's turns to your own.

EISO 1: His new personal, Bounding, makes his damage stack greatly when his passive functions, which it often does. This also makes a pairing with Rocket Raccoon even better. This E-ISO was even able to survive a damage reducing nerf and still remain a great option.

EISO 2: Aggressive or Combatant if you have it. The goal is to maximize his Attack to get the best damage possible, and while Aggressive works with his L9, L2 or L6, Combatant gives the Winded immunity and works with all follow-ups.

L1: Sharpshooting, deal 50% extra damage the next time Union Jack does this move or precounters.

L2: Suterusu, if you have it, will make his most important move Stealthy. Combined with lv15 bonus, he can set up his precounters without any worry for enemy Bruiser tanks. If you don't have it, try Bloody.

L6: His personal, Surprising Attack, will make this move valuable as he can use it to pre-interrupt buff actions. This essentially makes him a mini-Heimdall for enemy buffers in PVP. At the moment it's broken, applying the buff to enemies, but it'll be the best option once they fix it.

L9: Victorious, his own AISO, makes this attack a QA, but it gives it a cooldown. Considering the damage and the setup it does, it's worth it.


Wasp Icon Large 1


Hank Pym's female counterpart, put both of 'em on a team and you can pretend you are teamed with Galactus XD. Anyway, she plays off the original version of Opportunist, which now isn't that different from all others. She is still good.

EISO 1: Irritating, her personal, so she can always counter enemies with Opportunity Debuffs with Buzz Kill, exploiting all the debuffs she does.

EISO 2: She's likes to Poison, and her counters exploit it, so Lingering would be wise for her.

Her L1 and her personal, Anaphylactic, so she can Incapacitate as well, allowing her to set up more debuffs.

Her L2 is to slow down, and I think Bursting is a nice partner. Distracts, removes buffs and cracks down on Shields? Why not?

Her L6 is AOE and also setup, so Aiming helps prepare her L1 or L2 for use.

Her L9 is to crush and kill. If you play a team with Combos for some reason, Pugilist would hugely buff damage. If not, Increased Damage makes better sense. -Goldencahill


Wolverine Icon Large 1


The star of the X-Men movies, he's not a overpowered hero, but what he does, he does good. In the comics he is the person they send it to be badass and slaughter some minions. Might benefit from Hemmorhaging.

EISO 1: Stalking, his own EISO from the fight against Bob, adds Hunting Instinct, placing Unique Scent on Melee attackers and making them unable to dodge Wolverine's attack, which also have a higher chance to hit against them.

EISO 2: Soothing, his other personal EISO, it gives him the ability to heal to full health once per fight, Wolverine can also benefit from the Close EISO that gives all of his attacks a higher chance to Crit.

ALT EISO: Stalking, adds the Hunting Instinct passive.

L1: Pulverizing, add another useful debuff to an already nice attack.

L2: Vampiric or Charged, either get a small heal or if you think is unnecessary, give an attack with deadly Crits a higher chance to Crit.

L6: Knocking, get a chance to Stun in another of his attacks, specifically his setup.

L9: Mangling, apply Mangle, making the enemy unable to heal or buff.

Note: all of wolverine's attacks are slashing melees, so the AISOS are interchangeable with the exception of his L9 since it's his personal one and only works on that action and Vampiric, which is counterproductive on his L1. -Tavarich


A-Bomb Icon Large 1


For a Hulk character, he's really odd. He's more stealth focused and subtle than a big smashing character. He can be pretty damaging alone, and unfortunately isoing doesn't add as much as I'd like to admit. However, he needs to be the best he can be, and this'll work towards that goal.

EISO 1: Ukemi, to reduce damage from folow-up attacks and cut weakness to Scrappers.

EISO 2: Close, increase the crit rate of his L6 which has Deadly Crits.

L1: Aiming, to increase damage on repeat uses.

L2: Bloody, add a useful DOT on a move he'll have to use often.

L6: Increase Crits, to assure the Deadly Crit gets through.

L9: Knocking, for an AOE Incap on an already useful setup move.

Agent Venom*

Agent Venom Icon Large 1

Agent Venom

The first in our long line of symbiotes that have managed to annoy PKB to no end, which turned out to late be a precursor to the Spider-Army. Agent Venom is a little odd, in that he has a ton of support for his own moveset, but you can't control when he is in setup mode vs when he is in Exploit mode. You also have to worry about his class changing, and sometimes you'll have an enemy perfectly set up for a nice big hit and he'll decide to hit someone else instead. However, his damage and team support can make him a really nice offensive support hero with the ability to hold his own if needed, so I really like him. Augmenting is a little difficult since his actions vary so much, but here's the best build we could come up with augmenting the best parts of each.

EISO 1: Relentless, for an immunity to Stun which is something he can't really afford to have, as most of his attack setups require debuffs which expire after a few rounds and he is often limited in his use of Venom, so a round Stunned might make him lose his chance.

EISO 2: Assertive, to apply Combat Awareness to all allies at the start of every turn, making him a genuinely helpful team player.

L1: Knocking, both actions are Melee so Incap will be added to both. Additionally, his L1 in Venom form has Paragon Exploiter, which will exploit the Incap. 

L2: There's not much you can add here to his Go Long that he doesn't already do somewhere else, so I'd augment his Eat Your Brains. It's Melee Unarmed, which lets us add debuffs, and he does both Paragon and Attrition, so either Pressurized or Pulpy will work, deending on which action you choose to use. If you plan to use his L9 for massive AOE, go Pulpy, but if you want to use the L2 ith L1 follow-up, Pressurized might be smarter.

L6: Another action with two very different things to augment. He doesn't really need We Are Venom augmented with Energize or Manifesting, so I'd augment the Bullet Blitz action. Sharpshooting will increase the damage of his next Ranged action by 50%, so is a good choice for setting up his other attacks in Agent form.

L9: This is a hard call. His L9 in Venom mode has far more damage potential, but his L9 in Agent mode is far easier to augment. Go based on which move you prefer. Increase Crits on Ranged/Explosion is good for the Agent mode, Increase Damage on Melee/Slashing is good for the Venom mode.

Another idea is to use some of the Webbing A-ISOs for more overall damage on any of his actions. He does apply Webbed with his Venom L9, and since the isos augment Single Target they would do both for his L1 or L2, and the grenade for his L9. I'm personally passing on these since his way of applying Webbed isnt very consistent, but if you want to use them for a team-up with Anti-Venom or any Spider-People they could be pretty effective.


Angel Icon Large 1


The fun free hero that a ton of people got from a broken PVP, that prompted an alt for 90 CP. He does about no damage, but he can be fun. Archangel is completely different, so he needs a second build.

Angel Build:
A buffer with potential for either more buffs or some debuffs for setup.

EISO 1: Sympathetic, because every move he has is a buff so he will heal after any move.

EISO 2: Inspiring, for the team stat boost that will help him a bit with his low damage and buff style.

His L1 can have the damage boosted with Penitent, giving him Finest Hour.

Give his L2 Gracious for the QA Energize

L6 Manifesting to buff the team with a guaranteed crit next round.

His L9 will get either Rising or Gracious, depending on if you want Stamina Restore or some bonus buffs.

Archangel Build:
He is a debuffer, so we can make him do more debuffs.

EISO 1: Close is a good choice for the bonus critical hits on all but his L2.

EISO 2: If he's a Scrapper, go fro Pillager to remove buffs from enemies. If he is Blaster, Explosive might be better since his attacks are all single target.

DOT Form -

His L1 is a pain booster, and Pulpy will add a great DOT.

His L2 is great with his personal Virulent to become AOE and prevent most buffs.

His L6 would be great with Ionizing, since it has no cooldown and is already good for Despair.

His L9 already ignores defense, and with Pulpy on his L1, Vampiric would be good to add a heal.

Debuff Form -

His L1 and Pulverizing, to boost his later damage.

His L2 can still have Virulent for the AOE option.

His L6 can use Pressurized, for a stat reducing aspect as well as a heal preventer.

His L9 is intended to be a Fatal Blow attack, so Increased Damage is good enough. -Goldencahill


Angela Icon Large 1


Odin's missing child that came back with a play on Pinpoint Target, some powerful debuffs and a really great moveset. Having played her a little bit, her flow is simple. You start with a L1, then take your QA L6 and finish with a L9, using the Extra Turn for an additional L1, and using the L2 to disrupt setups. This build keeps the same general idea, but makes it work better and with more damage.

EISO 1: Close or Aggressive, because Angela's damage is her biggest aspect, and the more damage you do, the faster you can heal with her passive. Adding almost 40% extra crit chance will help her damage be the best, while Aggressive will increase actual base damage but will take a little longer to set up.

EISO 2: Ardent, makes it so that she gets 100% of health back when an enemy dies.

L1: Having played around with her, Mark of the Huntress is how she gets everything done. Adding Pulverizing will increase her damage on the really damaging attacks that use the rest of this move's debuffs.

L2: This move is intended as a crippler, removing buffs and blocking them, with a little Bleed damage on the side. Adding Incapacitation with Knocking keeps the move doing the same thing it is doing, but now adds a Stun to the mix, which gives it the ability to destroy setups on enemy heroes.

L6: While this move does do some Fear debuffs on enemies with MotH, it is primarilly a buff move. Manifesting gives her a free crit along with the Rising Up, boosting the next attack's damage.

L9. This is the big killer, the move that decimates the enemy and lets you start on the next one. Vorpal is a good choice, because despite the small damage cut, ignoring enemy shields and defensive buffs will make sure this attack can't be stopped by some enemy buffs and will keep her working fast.


Bishop Icon Large 1


He's interesting, I'll give him that. One moveset playing off a Tech Gun set, with getting rid of enemy tech and boosting your own. The other is an Absorb Energy set with varying function. Alone, he's really not very effective at building up his energies fast enough to do any harm. With the right isos however he can be a deadly hitter with some self-support.

EISO 1: His personal, Dynamo, so he can build his energy stacks easier and faster by using his tech actions.

EISO 2: His other personal, Energized, because the two E-ISO combined will make him generate Potential Energy like mad and be able to switch between movesets almost at will.

L1: I'd go for Suppressing, so he can shield himself and cut DOT damage.

L2: Knocking, so he can Stun non-mechanical targets as well in his Tech form.

L6: Bursting, so he can shatter shields of all enemies in his Energy form.

L9: Aiming, so his Tech form can further boost his damage. 


Cable Icon Large 1


Another character with completely different “personalities”, at least you can choose what Cable you want. He has a Psychic form that can be fun for debuffs, and then a futuristic form that is great for setup and damage. Future form drains a ton of Stamina, but Psychic form restores it. This makes him a fun, interesting character with no need to ever Recharge. With two very different modes, it can be hard to get one overall best build, but this one should work.

EISO 1: Instant, his own, gives a chance to precounter attacks. This seems to include follow-ups and counters, although this may be a glitch.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, make Cable hit (almost) every time, regardless of mode.

L1: Sharpshooting, increases the damage of his next L1 use after he uses the L1.

L2: Aiming, add Lock On to all enemies to setup a larger damage L1.

L6: Pressurized, so his T-O Control mode can setup his L1 without having to switch forms.

L9: Automated, so he gives himself Tech Upgrade as a QA as well as giving any ally an extra turn.


Deadpool Icon Large 1


Hehe, you think this will be a regular discussion of a hero? Unlikely. I am so amazing I obviously belong on another plane of existance. It is easy to see why Woods worships me. I only cost 135cp, but my power is worth so much more! Sometimes I wsih we could go back to the old MAA days so I could be worth 1000cp or something (like Thor or Hulk or whoever was, I never really paid attenton). Honestly, I'm just amazing!

In all seriousness, Deadpool is really just an annoyance. He has an easy 4 turn setup that can really be powerful, and he can do some nice damage and debuffs. His passive Laptop can also become very annoying if the proc rates go against you. With some good isos, he can be a threat and a powerful hero anyone should put some thought towards dealing with.

EISO 1: Savory, his own EISO, adds Come At Me, Bob & Still Better, protecting and making his L1 give 2 stacks of bleeding. Basically gives him Wolverine's passive and makes his L1 similar.

EISO 2: Spicy, his own EISO, adds Lifepool & Well Fed. Well Fed isn't really going to do anything, but Lifepool restores him to 50% health when he dies.

Alt EISO: Either of his EISOs should work, really whichever you get first.

L1: Ridiculous, give Deadpool (and the target) some buffs to be Boon Busted. (Even better in his alt!)

L2: Aiming, apply Lock On to do more damage with his L9 & L2.

L6: Pulverizing, also give Wide Open with this attack.

L9: Bursting, add Shield Breaker to all of what this attack does in case it fails to kill. Otherwise Increased Damage is good. -Tavarich


Deathlok Icon Large 1


He looked pretty lame at his release, with a generic Cybernetic passive, a resistance to guns (common in PVE but not really in PVP) and moves that seemed counterproductive (Remove Buffs and Boon Buster? What?) Once he came out, people realized that he can do massive damage, and a quick power build turns him into a real one-man army.

EISO 1: Several of his moves are single-target, and one is QA. Explosive will make it add an extra DOT and some multi-target damage.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, so his hailfire of weapons will always hit and ignore Phased and similar effects.

L1: This is his massive damage dealer, and enemies with tons of Combat Data will be completely finished - if the move hits. Sniping combines with the Unavoidable E-ISO to make sure this move will never miss, no matter what.

L2: This move is a debuff setup for the other moves, and has two options. Ionizing adds a simple AOE DOT, and is a the best choice in general for the move. However, Obsolescent is a great option if he is being used in PVP, where Tech attacks on common.

L6: It's a QA almost guaranteed to be thrown out once for the debuffs, and with Explosive, Pyrophoric would be a great option. If you don't have it, Aiming is a good option to boost the damage on the second turn's attack.

L9: Sharpshooting, for a nice combo to boost the damage of the attack fired next. Simple and easy.


Domino Icon Large 1


Since she's gonna be needed for the premium mission on Chapter 8 of Season 2, let's try and make her do a little more of what she already does, which is spread hell.

EISO 1: Distant, get even higher crit rates on all of her attacks.

EISO 2: Surprising or Unavoidable, either try to get stuns for her L1 to exploit or hit phased enemies.

L1: Knocking, get Incapacitation on 2 of her attacks (her L9 already has it with a 60% chance) for this attack to exploit.

L2 and L6: Aiming & Bursting, i'd go with Aiming on her L2 and Bursting on her L6, but since all of them are AoE ranged any of the AISOS works on either attack

L9: Her personal Buckshot is a must-have, it makes her PVP viable through the AOE Exhausted and Bleeding it adds. -Tavarich


Drax Icon Large 1


One more Guardian of the Galaxy, the least often seen in PVP for some reason. Best guess is that he can be unreliable, if he spends 3 rounds without getting hit he is a monster, but who waits 3 rounds? He can be great, but too much setup.

EISO 1: Close, all of his attacks are melee, this makes all of them crit more often.

EISO 2: Aggresive, melee attacks increase attack.

Alt EISO: Close, make Drax crit more often.

L1: Bloody, for a guy who works off of bleeding targets none of his attacks apply bleeding without his limited Destroyer buffs, this fixes that.

L2: Aware, give him Combat Awareness every round.

L6: Pulverizing, apply Wide Open to the target since this move is a setup.

L9: Charged, increase the crit chance of an attack with deadly crits. Good to crit on a finisher. -Tavarich


Fantomex Icon Large 1


Fake French guy, who does an accent to be funny. Only hero to use Gun attacks to the point that they are helpful. This hero isn't bad, he just can't keep a buff.The X-Force revamp would have really helped him, but his L9 is bugged, so eh. I think he needs to be better. Heres how.

EISO 1: Duplicitous, it allows him to play off Disoriented/Mind Control in a fun way.

EISO 2: Hair Trigger, so he can perform a follow-up L1 after using his L1 or L6. If you didn't get this E-ISO, try Distant.

His L1 and his personal Sensing for a precounter.

His L2 needs to be used at least once, so Sharpshooting for the damage buff. His L6 should hit to Disorient, so Sniping will guarantee it.

His L9 is supposed to be his big damage hit, but why not give it Cooperative to take another turn after? -Goldencahill


Hogun Icon Large 1


My favorite out of the W3. Another double class, this time Scrapper and Infiltrator. He seems mediocre but can dish out mega damage, and doesn't need the other Warriors to work like Fandral or Volstagg. He plays simply, starting with the L2, then going for the L1, which sets up for the L9 super slam. With his E-ISOs and A-ISOs, he is a great hero for any team, especially those that do follow-ups and counters for more damage. His only real weakness is Combo Breaker :)

EISO 1: Disciplined, his own from the S1 HB, makes him immune to Off-Balanced, Fumbling, Winded and Flanked.

EISO 2: Militant, so he gains Warbound, increasing Attack and Accuracy for him and his allies when he's hit.

L1: Pulverizing, add Wide Open to his follow up and counter to boost his L9.

L2: Ambient, removes starting cooldown and reduces cooldown to one round, making it a constant debuff on all enemies as opposed to an occasional application.

L6: Rising, add some buffs to this action since it heals him anyway.

L9: Charged, more crits to an attack with Deadly Crits.


Karnak Icon Large 1


Oh I wish I'd gotten the guy. His damage isn't high, but he debuffs everything, the precounters are amazing, and wow. Let's make him even better, shall we?

EISO 1: Aggressive, gain attack every time Karnak attacks.

EISO 2: Bruised, don't consume Combo Setup with any of Karnak's attacks.

All of his actions except L2 are Unarmed Melee, so the options are Pugilistic, Pressurized, Bloody, Knocking and Pulverizing. This leaves you three setups. The first is simple, put Pugilistic on all of them and all moves Exploit Combos. The second, is set him up with Bloody so he becomes like Bleedsilver, and can work with a Bleed team. The last is a balanced build, here is how I'd play him balanced.

Pressurized on his L1 since it is his precounter and sets up for his L9 as well.

L2: No AISO for Debuff Actions

His L6 can have Pulverizing, so it boosts his later damage.

L9 pairs with Pugilistic for more boosted damage and a Fatal Blow.

-Tavarich and Goldenahill

Misty Knight*

Misty Knight Icon Large 1

Misty Knight

She's an interesting Blaster, and the third hero to work with Marked for Revenge. Hers is unlike the others, you don't want to use the Marked for Revenge unless they are already setup, because her L9 changes from a simple Deadly Crits punch into a guaranteed hit, crit, Exploitation masterpiece. Obviously she needs a little setup added to make the Exploits worth anything, and that's where we come in.

EISO 1: Distant, for Ranged Crits on her first 3 actions.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, a Blaster classic, so she can ignore enemy Phased and evasion effects.

L1: Pressurized, her L9 has Paragon Exploiter against targets with Marked For Revenge, and she needs some way to set that up.

L2: Sharpshooting, to keep her L1 and L2 damage as high as possible.

L6: Obsolescent, so her missiles and Killer Driller apply Obsolete Tech.

L9: Increased Damage, the move won't really be used unless the target has Marked For Revenge, so nothing else is really helpful.


Nova Icon Large 1


The one that everyone's been waiting for! Or is he? He isn't the Nova everyone expected, but he looks like he'll still be a great hero to play with. Once you acquire Control and Mastery he can do huge damage and Fatal Blow, but before then he doesn't really have many options. Based on what I see of him, here's how I'd build Nova.

EISO 1: Nova's accuracy sucks, Unavoidable is almost necessary to keep his accuracy in an acceptable range.

EISO 2: Explosive will add an explosion after nearly every move Nova does, which adds to his overall damage nicely.

L1: Ionizing, it'll increase the damage of his L1 and L9 and also apply a damaging DOT on one or all enemies.

L2: As a low damage Quick Action that debuffs, it's basically setup. Pressurized is perfect for it, since his L6 has Paragon Exploiter. However, his personal Speeding is also a good option to activate both his L6 and L9 in a single turn later on in the fight.

L6: It seems to me like it's supposed to be his biggest hit, so I'd go for Increased Damage to boost the killing power.

His L9 is a Fatal Blow attack, and it doesn't really need Increased Damage. Since it is a killing strike, it doesn't need Ionizing or anything. My best choice is Suppressing, so he can shield himself after the hit, giving him a little defense.


Psylocke Icon Large 1


Quicklocke, Mental Coordination, Snappy Service. A tough team. Psylocke was once B Grade, and then people realized how great Mental Coordination really was, and then her Tact alt could do it QA. I love her, and once used her in PVP. This was my setup.

EISO 1: Ukemi, to cut damage of counters and follow-ups.

EISO 2: Her personal, Synchronized, to start with Mental Coordination.

ALT EISO: If she's Tact, Quick for the QA Mental. If Inf, Synchronized so she starts with it.

Her L1 can simply have Pulverizing to further boost her L9.

Her L2 can work with Manifesting to set up more damage.

L6 is a buff, and Energize is a great option.

Her L9 was originally for damage, but I see it more as a crippling move. Couple the Psychic Lock with Reduced Potential through her Psychic Shock A-ISO. -Goldencahill


Punisher Icon Large 1


The most successful serial killer in the Marvel Universe, the definition of anti-hero. A class changing Generalist, but in his case, you choose the class he changes to.

EISO 1: Prepared, his own EISO, makes him preemptively change class to the attacker's counter class. Easily allows him to get a whole bunch of class bonuses at once, and when he has Combat Reflexes, Focused Attacks and Enraged, the results are not pretty.

EISO 2: Distant, most of his attacks are ranged, so make them crit more often. If you were lucky enough to get his Spec Ops one, it will add in a failsafe for him getting on low health, so use that.

L1: Sharpshooting, 5/6 of his L1s are gun and most of his attacks are ranged, this makes his next ranged attack hit harder.

L2: Either his own, or no AISO, since his own can be counterproductive. On its own it is effective, but when you add in his E-ISO he can't class change on his own and he gets the class bonus anyway.

L6: Aiming, 5/6 of his L6s are ranged, so make them and most of his L1 hit harder.

L9: Upgraded, his AISO from the Epic, adds Brutal Strike and Exploits Attrition & Corruption. -Tavarich

Red Hulk*

Red Hulk Icon Large 1

Red Hulk

Red Hulk has two main abilities, with the chance for an additional massively high damage move. His first is Bulwark, protecting your team, cutting the damage he takes and draining massive health from enemies. His second is Heat, gradually increasing his damage and how he works with Fire until WHAM, he explodes. Some people see the second as a good thing, some people don't as it stuns him after the explosion. This build gives you the option of getting Heat really high for damage but not quite to 100%, or triggering Pyrophoric like a maniac, based on situation.

EISO 1: Quick, near vital as it allows him to make Bulwark a Quick Action, so he can attack and protect at the same time.

EISO 2: Smoldering, so he can start with a large damage boost as well as Burning and Pyrophoric on attacks. Since most Rulk users like to lead with a Gamma Bomb, this will get him triggering Pyrophoric very early.

L1: This move is when he is at his most vulnerable. Since the damage isn't very high, and it really is just intended as setup, Knocking will make it a more valuable move, allowing you to likely Stun an enemy while he builds up his Heat.

L2: This move is really good for two things. The damage alone isn't very high, so it can be easily used as a cooldown, reducing some Heat for those who don't want to make him explode. Ideally however, the move would be a massive killer, and it will be if they have Radiation Exposure stacked up enough. Either way, the goal is damage, so Increased Damage is the simple solution.

L6: With the QA from Quick Empowered, this move can additionally become a quick setup. Manifesting is wise, since he can protect, and on his extra turn guarantee a critical hit. Aware is another great option.

His L9 can really help his setup with Endothermic, so he gets 30% heat from it. Combined with his E-ISO, he can have 80% on round 1, giving him Fire attacks, Burning, Pyrophoric, higher damage and guaranteed crits. Another option for PVP players is Bursting, so you can crack down on shields and deal with Invisible Woman or Rescue teams.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon Icon Large 1

Rocket Raccoon

One more Guardian. The king of QAs, and the most dangerous Raccoon ever. He is amazing in PVE, in PVP he is too fragile. You see him more than Drax though.

EISO 1: Distant, all of his attacks are ranged and this makes them crit more often.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, always be on target. Add in a Guardian Gamora and he will not miss. Ever.

Alt EISO: Unavoidable, since he gets guaranteed crits with the alt.

You can also use his personal to start him off with 5 ammo cells if you got it. Doesn't make him as powerful as these other choices, but it does allow for more blasts to start the combat.

L1: Ionizing, add Radiation Exposure to all the enemies. Costing only 1 Ammo and as a QA, easily allows you to radiate a whole team.

L2: Sharpshooting, all of Rocket's attacks are Ranged Gun, this makes all of them hit harder on the next use.

L6: Aiming, add Lock-On to all the enemies.

L9: Sniping, negate the low hitting chance with a Guaranteed Hit. You do not want to miss. -Tavarich


Spider-Girl Icon Large 1


She doesn't seem like the best of the Spiders but she can actually do incredible damage. Some people really love her, others don't appreciate her. All I can say is, if you want to see the power a hero can have without being obvious about it, this is a great example of a hero who will surprise you in a good way.

EISO 1: Vengeful, works with her L1 Intercept debuff to grant her a few extra turns every now and then.

EISO 2: Close, for crits on all moves but her L1.

L1: Powerful, it doesn't need anything else.

L2: Pugilist, this move may not often be used, but if you can't use Webs it'll be a nice setup for L9 and you want it to hit hard.

L6: Knocking, to add Incap to her real setup move so you don't need to use the L2.

L9: Snaring, to guarantee a hit and Deadly Crit on enemies with Webbed.

Spider-Man Noir*

Spider-Man Noir Icon Large 1

Spider-Man Noir

The third member of the infinite counter/follow-up squad, this one is a generalist and one of my favorite Spiders. He precounters enemy Stealthy, works with combos and Flanked, and also has a nice dodge passive along with his trigger happy passive that lets him play well with near anyone, Spider-People, combo users, Union Jack, Hogun, really anyone.

EISO 1: Close, to increase the critical hit rate of his L6 and L9 by a significant amount.

EISO 2: Distant, to boost the critical hit rate of his L1 and L2 by a portion and to push his critical hit rate on the L9 to between 80 and 90%.

Note: If you are using him in PVP, you could always try Hair Trigger for some extra follow-ups.

L1: Exploit Webbing, it applies Flanked and will boost the damage it does on later uses.

L2: Sharpshooting, to increase the damage of his next Ranged attack by 50%, which pairs perfectly with the Wind-Up already on the move.

L6: Pulverizing, it's setup for his L9 so Wide-Open makes it add a little extra setup.

L9: Snaring, so he can gain a Guaranteed Hit and Guaranteed Crit against Webbed targets.


Spiral Icon Large 1


A fun debuffer, she has the greatest evasion passive in the game. 20% dodge sure, but then a counter and a free turn? Not bad. She can use it on follow-ups and counters? Damn, she is great! And she can be a great partnership to Nul, so PVP Awesome.

EISO 1: Rhythmic, so you can use any Dance without setting it up with another action.

EISO 2: Blurred, so she can start dodging even more.

Her L1 can go for Vorpal, to cut through Shields.

Her L2 already has Stealthy, but Thorned would work to Bleed enemies.

Her L6 has all actions Magic, so Thorned again would help her build defense.

Her L9 can have Sorcerous, to Stun any enemy without worrying about protectors. -Goldencahill


Shatterstar Icon Large 1


He isn't a great hero, and could honestly use more debuffs, but I like him. I can do huge Group Boss damage with him, and that's without isos. I added isos, and suddenly he was great again. Here is how you can do that.

EISO 1: Corybantic, for the damage boost from Warbringer every attack, and the ally boost. If you can't seem to get this E-ISO, Agressive would serve the same purpose.

EISO 2: Close, since he can really do amazing damage on a crit.

His L1 partners with Incapacitation (Knocking) I think, even though Pulverizing would also work. AOE Counter and Follow-Up with stun chance? Why not?

His L2 can have Increased Accuracy. Doesn't need extra debuffs and needed to setup his L6.

His L6 can have Increased Damage to kill more stuff.

His L9 is part of his best setup, consisting of L9 -> L2,L6 and dead. I give it Pulverizing to setup more damage next turn. (If you are afraid of them removing debuffs, swap his L2 and L9 isos) -Goldencahill

Victor Mancha

Victor Mancha Icon Large 1

Victor Mancha

He doesn't have the highest damage of all, but he has promise. He plays a supporter, debuffer and can hold his own, and comes with some passives that will make him stop most harmful debuffs. I see a team-up with Magneto in the future.

EISO 1: Distant, to boost his L1 and L2 crit rates to what they need to be for the Deadly Crits.

EISO 2: Ukemi, so he can reduce the threat from enemy scrappers and play better in PVP.

His L1 is damage and debuff moves combined into one, the wisest choice seems like Ionizing.

His L2 is AOE and boosts later damage. Aiming is the obvious choice.

His L6 is a buff that gives him more power, Automated goes well here.

His L9 is harder. It does what it can be augmented to do, and the leftover options are unnecessary. Increased Damage or Increased Hits are all you need here. -Goldencahill


X-23 Icon Large 1


A pure Bleeder, amazing in her War suit, one of my favorite heroes. All the Horsemen are. I currently use her for PVP, here's how I've built her. Might benefit from Hemmorhaging.

EISO 1: Aromatic, she applies Trigger Scent pre-emptively on all attacks but her L2. Sets up for some great follow-ups.

EISO 2: Hardened, since all her attacks are Melee it'll protect her well. Otherwise Skullthumper for Stun chance, which works OK on her.

ALT EISO: Aromatic, the Trigger Scent is too good to give up.

Her L1 I have given Incapacitation, since she follows up with it and it already does good debuffs.

Her L2 gets her personal, Puncturing, for the AOE Pin Cushion to assist follow-ups.

Her L6 should have Increased Damage so it can kill, or Increased Accuracy so you don't miss.

Her L9 is intended for Fatal Blow, but often they end up with 31% of health or something. Vampiric Strike will allow it to keep some benefits and heal her after killing the enemy. -Goldencahill


Anti-Venom Icon Large 1


He's a little odd, but actually a pretty good character with some good debuffs and great damage potential. He's one of very few heroes who can stand up to a 1v1 against the Integrated Intelligence Set, even coming out on top sometimes, and even the Worthy can't often do that. He also can AOE Depower, Remove Buffs, Bleed a little, he's pretty fun. He's also a little creepy, especially when his passive activate a ton and he starts flailing randomly and shooting tentacles and such.

EISO 1: Close, all of his attacks are melee, so this gives them a higher chance to crit.

EISO 2: His personal, Shifty, so he gains a 20% chance to dodge incoming attacks.

L1: Knocking, to Stun enemies while he sets up for his L6.

L2: Pulverizing, because he tends to lead with this move and it will increase the damage of all his other moves on all enemies.

L6: It's his biggest hit, so Increased Damage is all it really needs, but Vorpal is also an option if you want to Ignore Defense instead.

L9: Snaring, so he is guaranteed to hit and crit when the enemy has Webbed (which he'll set up with his L2)


Ant-Man Icon Large 1


EISO 1: Ukemi

EISO 2: Sting

L1: Knocking

L2: Erupting

L6: Increase Damage

L9: Cooperative


Ares Icon Large 1


He is a tough Bruiser with random moves. Nothing really works off another move, so he really only works as support. Some E-ISOs and A-ISOs can change that to some degree, by making him a Stun and damage machine.

EISO 1: Desperate, so his damage becomes more the lower on health he gets.

EISO 2: Skullthumper makes sense based on how he plays, so that's my second choice.

His L1 is his only Melee, there's no real point for anything but Incap with Knocking.

His L2 is an AOE that deals Despair, and you don't want it missing from low accuracy or something. Sniping makes it hit more often. Alternatively, Bursting if you play him in PVP to deal with those pesky IW/Rescue teams.

His L6 is used every turn to weaken, and Advantageous will also cripple the enemy.

His L9 doesn't have a type except Kinetic, and is Catastrophic, so the only one that makes sense is Powerful Kinetic A-ISO. -Goldencahill

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill Icon Large 1

Beta Ray Bill

When he was practically announced on Twitter, most people thought he would be a duplicate of Thor. Playdom ended up adding a few new Electricity debuffs and buffs, making him dual-class and giving him a set of really powerful passives that make him far different from Thor, or really any other character.

EISO 1: He protects from low-health allies, so Vengeful will give him an way to retaliate when your team is hurting.

EISO 2: Close, he has 2 ranged and 2 melee, but his L9 has Deadly Crits and his L1 is setup, so they could use some Increased Crits.

His L1 can go two ways. If you want the move to be a more powerful move, Knocking will give it a good chance to Stun. If you prefer it as setup, go with Pulverizing so it will boost his L9 damage even more.

His L2 probably wont be used much. His other actions seem far more important. However, with Bursting on this action, it will make it a little better in PVP for those annoying Invisible Woman teams.

His L6 is AOE and Energy, and some strong setup for his L9. I choose Ionizing so he can add an extra DOT for a little damage.

His L9 is just a big hit, so Increased Damage is the simplest way to go. -Goldencahill

Black Bolt

Black Bolt Icon Large 1

Black Bolt

He came out, was slightly OP, and was nerfed to obscurity. Now he has been revamped and is better than ever! His moves were slightly buffed, as were his particles, his Power Word can kill again and he can summon Inhumans to make him immune to stuff, buff the team, give him a precounter or shield the team. I play him in PVP sometimes, here's the build I gave him.

EISO 1: Savant, so he can start with a shield. He can be slow to start, and needs the little extra defense in the beginning.

EISO 2: Critical hits really enhance his L9 and L6 damage, so Distant will make the crits more common.

His L1 can use Suturesu, so he can't be hurt by counters on his standard punch move.

His L2 is always used to give him Kree Speed, and Pulverizing will also boost his damage on that enemy next round.

His L6 is effective and breaking and stunning, and the best iso I have used on it is Bursting, so he can blow apart shields of all the enemies.

His L9 can do some good damage, but needs to crit to be really effective. I give it Increased Crits for that purpose. -Goldencahill


Blade Icon Large 1


One of the heroes everyone had been asking for, on release he seemed a little disappointing. After a few fixes and a tiny buff, Blade is still a little slow to get started but once he gets his L9 out he can use it every subsequent round (provided enemies are Bleeding) giving him two turns to Bleed, Fatal Blow, or do whatever he pleases. His passives are pretty great actually, and I see potential in him. The build is nothing special, a simple damage increasing build.

EISO 1: Aggressive, increase attack every time Blade attacks, including his follow-up and counter passive. More attack gives more damage which means a faster win.

EISO 2: Strident, allows him to start with both of his buffs and a turn at the start. This'll keep him gaining two turns a rund almost every round.

L1: His personal, Lambent, making this attack Ethereal Strike and apply 1-3 stacks of Internal Bleeding. You lose the 3 stacks of instant bleeding, but get a move that won't miss and applies irremovable bleeding. The trade off seems worth it to me.

L2: Pulpy, it makes up for the Bleeding lost on the L1 and will be used just as often.

L6: Bursting, makes this move also usable as a Shield Breaker as well as to Stun, Hemorrhage or to Fatal Blow. Kind of the jack of all trades in a move.

L9: Gracious, he runs out of Stamina fast when taking tons of turns, and this will counter the constant drain.


Cammi Icon Large 1


She's really kind of a mish-mash of moves that don't all make sense together. Perhaps it fits her character in the comics, I'm not sure since I had never heard of her, but I wasn't initially impressed. I became less and less impressed with their obsession with Grit, so I didn't initially even like her. However, her high base health and ok stats have potential, and she can easily be isod into a decent shape that makes her style at least effective, if not altogether sensical.

EISO 1: Stalwart Force, so she generates shields after attacking and doesn't need to use her shield L2.

EISO 2: Intrepid Force, so all her single-target attacks (so all her attacks) generate Grit on her. Speeds her ability to gain grit and makes it useful.

L1: Ionizing, so she applies some decent Radiation Exposure with this effect rather than just a single stack.

L2: Gracious, so she can restore Stamina to allies, and more importantly herself, as a Quick Action.

L6: Pressurized, so she can apply Pressure Points to be exploited by her Blast Mine.

L9: Suppressing, applies a shield that reduces DOT damage on this Kicks Like a Mule action, so she can cover herself from damage while she is stunned next turn.


Cannonball Icon Large 1


Cannonball, Cannonball. Probably the worst Spec Ops hero ever, or he was. They gave him a little update, and suddenly he went from a slow, random setup to dealing massive damage, preventing debuffs, and being a really powerful Blaster. My build focuses on maximum power and hit/crit, so this guy will be dishing out damage constantly. He really shouldn't be missing either, unless you get some debuffs applied on you or something. (I'm using Shade's iso build, which is getting his accuracy to a nice 96% and boosting damage)

E-ISO 1: Unavoidable. This is pretty much a must have for Blasters. Cannonball will now go through any Evasion effects they have, including Phased.

E-ISO 2: Cannonball's attacks are mostly single-target, and Explosive will add a nice AOE Burning after several attacks.

L1: Suturesu, so you can use a pretty good damage attack without counters/protectors.

L2: Increased Damage, to assure his biggest hit does the best damage it can. 

L6: Erupting. It's a ground attack so really the only choice is Erupting especially since it applies so many useful debuffs (Winded, Off-Balance and Exhausted).

L9: If you are aiming for the damage and power build, go Pulverizing. The Wide-Open makes the damage of the L1 and L2 even higher (I've actually seen 30k hits with this). If you want a more balanced setup though, his personal is a good option allowing you to play around without going straight for damage and not have to worry about debuffs.

Chase Stein

Chase Stein Icon Large 1

Chase Stein

He seems like a debuff machine, what Golden calls an offensive support. Let's build on that, since he's not gonna singlehandedly win fights, but he can help greatly in crippling enemies while another hero does the real damage for you.

EISO 1: Surprising, add a stun chance while he locks out and messes with enemy stats and moves.

EISO 2: Distant, for an increased crit rate to maximize his damage output.

L1: Obsolescent, it does debuffs already but now you can lock out their tech abilities as well as their ranged, melee or buff and debuff. This will also help keep his passive effective. Another option is Bursting if you don't like to deal with shields, it will work the same as Obsolescent keeping the enemies shield-free.

L2: Pulverizing, most ingame follow-ups are Melee and it applies Flanked, so adding Wide-Open is a great way to boost ally damage.

L6: Automated, Target one enemy and increase your damage. Makes this move great way to start the fight.

L9: Aiming, since his L1 is the most often used move you want to boost its damage and the damage of your allies Ranged attacks. -Tavarich


Crystal Icon Large 1


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, in SO13 ,the world was mostly peaceful. Then everything changed when the Black Order attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed her most, she vanished (leaving only Black Bolt and Thane to fight off Thanos). Ten Spec Ops passed and most MAA players discovered the new Avatar, an Inhuman named Crystal. Although her pyrokinesis skills were great, she has a lot of XP to gain before she can save anyone. But I believe Crystal can save MAA.

Sorry about that :D. An interesting Blaster with some cool elemental powers, she might actually make a fun team with Storm.

EISO 1: Collateral, because her first two attacks are single target, and the collateral damage applies Burning which lets her counter. (Granted, this does limit her ability to keep Chilled on the enemy, if you would prefer to just hit use Unavoidable)

EISO 2: She doesn't really seem to have huge damage potential, so Distant will make sure she does what she can often.

Her L1 is Energy with debuffs, so Ionizing doubles the DOT damage the enemy will get, and boosts the damage next time she uses it.

Her L2 is also ranged, I'd give it aiming to boost her damage on all other moves.

Her L6 has two real options. Using it as the AOE attack move, Cooperative is smart so it becomes a Quick Action. If you prefer to use it for the Gale Force buff, Manifesting will give the team a free critical hit.

Her L9 already does some fun debuffs, and adding Knocking gives it a good chance of stunning the whole enemy team as well. If you are worried about fighting Flying enemies, Erupting will let her hit them and Ground them.  -Goldencahill

Daimon Hellstrom*

Daimon Hellstrom Icon Large 1

Daimon Hellstrom

The first time I ever came across a Spec Ops hero, I had only heroes up to L4 except for my L6 Storm. I go to fight the boss in this limited time mission thing and team up with some powerful guy with a flaming trident. He's absorbing stuff, doing Soulfire, making my attacks Stealthy, healing huge amounts, it inspired me to stay with the game as long as I have.

EISO1: Hellacious, his own EISO from his HB against Satana, heal to half health when dying. makes a lot of sense, if he dies he comes back and uses his L9 to full restore and stop debuffs.

EISO 2: Resonant, so he heals a small amount after any action.

L1: Knocking, so he can add a Stun to his attack that already removes enemy buffs.

L2: Blessing, gives the whole team Increased Healing (which his personal heals from Darksoul, Resonant E-ISO and his L9 would benefit from). If you don't have that, Manifesting might ne nice for a team critical hit.

L6: Cooperative, so any of the moves become a Quick Action. He can AOE Mind Control, do damage or Poison before stabbing, healing or making the team stealthy with another action.

L9: You can go for the buff or debuff side of things. If you want buffs, Rising, add a buff to Daimon or an ally while healing and stopping debuffs. Turns it into a cross between Iron Fist's Healing Chi and Praying Lotus. If you want debuffs, his personal Desecrating will boost your magic damage on all enemies.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost Icon Large 1

Emma Frost

She is once Hellfire club, a mind-reading sort-of X-Man that can be really great in-game. On her own, she is OK, with her E-ISO she can be amazing. I once fought an Emma that used Diamond Body so many times, she survived 27 attacks in a round, and Black Bolt's Power Word (30 ambient particles and Strengthened on him) also failed to kill her. Empower and augment her right, you have an amazing character.

EISO 1: Eternal Empowered Iso-8, her personal, because like I said above it helps her reduce any and all damage, thus letting her survive longer.

EISO 2: Honestly there isn't one E-ISO that will be the next 'best' for her. To further increase survivability, Savant is a great choice, to increase offensive power Skullthumper is excellent.

ALT EISO: Eternal, for survivability.

Her L1 is fun with her personal, Controlling, so they take damage when attacking and then take another hit from their allies.

Her L2 doesn't always Stun, so I add Incap so the stun chance is significantly better.

Her L6 already Energizes and is intended to buff, so Manifesting will help increase the next damage hit as well as removing debuffs and restoring stamina.

Her L9 is AOE, and Maddening will increase her L1 damage or support her Psychic allies. -Goldencahill


Falcon Icon Large 1


I wouldn't have ever thought that someone could beat Rescue as a super-support hero, but here he is, the team-buffer turn changer, counter-maker, Falcon! Adding debuffs makes him a debuffer and support hero, aka really good.

EISO 1: His personal E-ISO is a waste of time. Blurred makes far more sense, so you can still get Nimble on round 1 but have a second evasion effect as well.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, this turned out really well for him in the Heroic Battle and seems to work well in PVP too!

His L1 can have Pressurized, so he does the opposite to the enemy as to his team.

His L2 can be Aiming, so he increases allied Ranged attack damage.

His L6 is really to cripple, I think Knocking will keep the Stun chance as nearly 100%.

His L9 is used early-on for the free Shield Agent summons. Sharpshooting will make it a setup for his L2 as well. Otherwise, Bursting gives him another AOE debuff that will help in PVP. -Goldencahill

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Icon Large 1

Ghost Rider

A motorcycle rider turned demon with the Spirit of Vengeance, he can do killer damage with his L2 and is great at spreading Soulfire and Sin. I wish he didn't always fight Mephisto, who stops his L2 from Epic Overkilling him with Prince of Lies. He can really get to some brutal damage when he builds Vengeance and Sin, and he's pretty great at sending PVE baddies straight to Mephisto.

EISO 1: Tenacious, get to 50% health instead of dying. Useful for a sudden turnaround or when you accidentally Bleed out or something similar.

EISO 2: Ferocious, so he gains Enraged when attacked, giving him a nice stat boost that'll really help his damage.

L1: Damning, apply Sin to all enemies for faster spreading.

L2: Brain Freeze, it's the only Psychic move Ghost Rider has, so Maddening won't be as good (except if he's paired with a psychic hero).

L6: Pulverizing, his L1, which sets up pretty much everything he does is Melee, so it can benefit from this.

L9: Lock On, so that his L2 benefits from it (the move is basically direct setup for his L2, turning enemy Sin into Attack, so it'll add a helpful boost). If you plan to use him in PVP, Bursting might also be a nice option.

Hank Pym*

Hank Pym Icon Large 1

Hank Pym

He makes (some) other genius heroes stronger, and buffs himself with Ignore Defense and guaranteed hit as the rounds go on. He also spreads Opportunist really well, and his L9 makes me hope Galactus will come to the game. Honestly, he's not the greatest hero, but he works great as a team supporter and after the Opportunist nerf he became one of the best spreaders of Opportunist effects. Through some easy E-ISO and A-ISO he becomes the hero he was meant to be.

EISO 1: His personal, Diminutive, so he has some passive evasion to keep alive longer.

EISO 2: Savant, so he can start with a Shield, to help stall until he can get his better Analysis buffs.

L1: It only needs Pulverizing, to set up his following damage.

L2: As his default counter and follow-up, his personal Slamming will stop Stealthy attacks. This allows him to help completely neutralize Infiltrators (since he already has Off-Balance).

L6: This is just an AOE debuffer, and his personal Formican adds one Opportunist debuff he doesn't do.

L9: This hits hard when he sets it up right, and Increased Crits will help him deal the best damage. However, I also realized that he can have an AOE Exploit Combos if you give him Pugilistic, so if you are fighting him and someone who spreads Combo Setup it can make his damage immense.


Havok Icon Large 1


For a time his Plasma Wave was the bane of all in PVP. He'd take a turn or two to setup, and then WHAM, a One Hit KO. Then it was nerfed, so now he isn't quite as much of a killer. Still, he is a great team hero with powerful attacks, and no real way to run out of Stamina between Cosmic Energy, his L9 fully restoring it, and his L1 taking 0 Stamina.

EISO 1: Grounding, protect allies from energy attacks and gain some Cosmic Energy.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, get Ethereal Strike on all of his attacks, don't want Plasma Wave avoided by Phased.

L1: Ionizing, add Radiation Exposure to an attack that already has very good debuffs.

L2: Stabilizing, adds a cooldown, but doesn't Kick Like a Mule anymore.

L6: Aiming, only his L2 & L6 are Ranged, but his L2 is a huge damage dealer and this can benefit the team with another ranged hero/agent present. Otherwise, Ionizing or Bursting makes a great PVP build.

L9: Gracious, even if Havok isn't a stamina intensive hero, it benefits the team.


Heimdall Icon Large 1


The Eternal Vigiliant, who made an annoying team with Hercules for the longest time. His ability to prevent turns and deal big damage is quite effective, and some bonus E-isos and A-isos will make him a true force once again, even if he can't do quite what he used to thanks to buff removal.

EISO 1: Halting, so he can prevent counters as well as pre-counters and turns.

EISO 2: Close is nice for him, gives him the Deadly Crit power he needs.

L1: Without the accuracy he needs from being lv12 with Shade's build, Increased Accuracy is probably smart. Once he's there, go for Increased Damage, since Accuracy will then be about 95%.

His L2 is used often, and although his L9 is the bigger Stamina drain, I put Gracious on this one so his L9 slot can stay open. Heimdall can quickly run out of Stamina, so the Energize is really necessary.

L6: It is just setup for his L1, and while it isn't always used since it takes another turn, it really can help. Knocking will cripple the enemy team so they can't stop what is coming.

L9: It gives all his allies a lot of buffs. Since it is also setup for him, I give it Manifesting, so his next L1 will be sure to deal large damage.


Iceman Icon Large 1


An excellent example of a hero everyone begged for, and when he came out he wasn't what anyone wanted. Well, except his alternate costume. That suit makes him a real monster with debuffs and killing enemies, and while it's maybe not the best Horseman suit it certainly is a powerful character upgrade. His regular suit needs a little work, but hey, does anyone play default Beast or X-23 since the suits came out? Didn't think so.

EISO 1: His L1 is what you want to crit, and is Deadly Crits. A Distant E-ISO is a good idea to make it have maximum damage, and help his L6 crit as well.

EISO 2: Relentless, because immunity to Stun is always helpful and nothing else really helps him significantly.

L1: It's actually his biggest damage move. Increased Damage is all either suit needs.

L2: This is an AOE Melee, but his only one. Knocking will give default a chance to Stun and boost his chance greatly in Death suit.

L6: This is energy, and also a debuffing move. Ionizing on his default suit, since it is only debuff. Suppressing on his Death suit, since it is also Fatal Blow and he doesn't have any other defense capabilities.

L9: This is just good with Gracious, so he keeps his team Stamina high. In Death form, he can't have any A-ISO on this move.

Jessica Jones*

Jessica Jones Icon Large 1

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a pretty accurate hero for the show she was in, and she's also pretty fun. She's got everything she needs to be a powerful hero, except her L9 that should be a high damage attack is lower than anything else. She's easy to augment however, and I enjoy her. Fun fact, using her and base Mockingbird with Flooded E-ISO lets Mockingbird benefit from an E-ISO designed for Nerkkod without using the suit.

EISO 1: Close, for a higher crit rate on every action except for her L9.

EISO 2: Hardened, gives her a defense boost using every action except her L9.

L1: Pugilistic, gives this attack a lot better damage overall, allowing her to apply and Exploit Combo Setup in one action.

L2: Pugilistic, its her highest damage attack and Exploit Cobos will be helpful in maximizing that damage.

L6: Knocking, adds a useful Stun to all of her weapons.

L9: Bursting, adds a useful debuff on an otherwise useless move.


Ka-Zar Icon Large 1


He isn't super effective without the right partner, unlike Shanna who came before him. However, adding someone who spreads Attrition or Opportunist debuffs can make his L9 truly devastating and become a team-killer. His seemingly basic Bleed and Opportunist moves when combined with my augmented and empowered Shanna turned the pair into a team killer, with her spreading Bleeds and debuffs constantly through counters and follow-ups, and Ka-Zar tanking and tearing the enemy team apart. The two were really just made for each other.

EISO 1: Everything he has is melee, and he could use bigger damage, so Aggressive is a wise buff for him.

EISO 2: Close Empowered will help him critical hit and maximize damage.

L1: As a weakening attack that stops extra turns, I like Knocking for Incap so it can get rid of the one turn they get anyway.

L2: His default counter/follow-up, so Pulverizing is a good choice. Lets him apply Wide-Open on a lot of attacks and increase later damage.

L6: In PVE, his L9 can really drain his Stamina, so Gracious will keep his stamina on point and also help allies.

L9: It will kill and brutalize all enemies, exploiting several kinds of debuffs. I'd give it Increased Damage so it can do even more harm to the enemy team.


Magik Icon Large 1


One of my favorite heroes, she's a little random with her passive attacks and may depend a little on her charges, but her personal A- and EISOS make them way better and there's also more stuff you can do to make her way more fun. A fully augmented and empowered Magik will be pretty good at spreading debuffs constantly, keeping health a an acceptable level and dealing some great damage of her own. Her ability to do Breakdown, Attrition and Paragon debuffs makes her a fun team player everyone should have.

EISO 1: Bloodshot, her own EISO, adds Breakdown to her Eyebite passive, which is helpful when it works.

EISO 2: Resonant, all of her attacks are magic, so with this she gets a little heal each time she uses one.

ALT EISO: Really either of the above is good, but if you have her as a Blaster then Explosive might be an option. Sometimes her L2 is bugged to not do Soulfire when you have 2 charges, so adding an AOE Burning as splash damage after her L1, L6 or L9 might be fun.

L1: Charged, her own AISO, with it she gets a full charge in one turn instead of needing two. This doesn't always work yet, but when PD fixes it it'll be great.

L2: Aiming, since this move is basically setup for her L6 adding an AOE Lock-On will make it set up even more.

L3: Sorcerous, for Stealthy on her biggest damage attack, which will help deal with protectors (usually Bruisers, who Magik doesn't want to deal with as a Scrapper)

L4: Pulverizing, for doing more damage with her L1 and L9 when setting up her Soul Charges.


Mockingbird Icon Large 1


The original generalist class changer, had a nice exploit style that has since become outdated. Her new Worthy suit isn't quite as obviously powerful as Nul or Kuurth was on release, since she's a little slow and focuses on single-targetyt damage rather than powerful unremovable killer debuffs. With the right builds however, both Mockingbird and Nerkkod can become really powerful, dangerous heroes. Side note: She's on Agents of Shield now, so maybe she'll get an alt?

Mockingbird Build:

EISO 1: Her own E-ISO, Predictive, so she can change classes preemtively and never be at a disadvantage.

EISO 2: Chameleonic, it will assure she gets an extra turn every time she changes class, so she will be able to set up and damage much easier. If you don't have the gold for it, then Close works as well since she has Deadly Crits on L1 and L9.

L1: Pulverizing, apply Wide Open for her other attacks to exploit.

L2: Pugilistic, this attack already creates the combos, with this it also exploits them (since it is the only move that can consume them).

L6: No AISO for Debuff Actions

L9: Increased Damage, it's really just a big hit and damage is all it needs.

Mockingbird Icon Large 2

Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans

Nerkkod Build:

Unlike Mockingbird, Nerkkod can be a fast deadly attacker in PVP without any extra turns or luck. A simple setup and an agent that keeps Disoriented and the likes off your team will give you a Tactician Power Nerkkod that can dish out 25k or higher on the first round on combat - even in Adamantium League!

The flow for this is simple, you start with Summon the Seas as a Quick Action. Then, based on your partner, you either use the L1 to give yourself Rising Up, or if you already have an ally like Heimdall who has given it to you then the L2. Using your extra turn from Tactician Power, hit the enemy you set up and watch them die. Next round, repeat.

EISO: Flooded, her personal will give her a buff making her L6 a QA and Exploit Waterlogged on all her actions. It's integral to this build, so no side options.

L1: Pulverizing, same reason as with the base alt.

L2: Pressurized, so this action can also do Pressure Points.

L6: Manifesting, for a free team critical hit as a Quick Action to start the combat.

L9: More Damage/More Crits, either will make her dish out the best damage possible.

Nico Minoru*

Nico Minoru Icon Large 1

Nico Minoru

Strange, but so good. She has low health, but when she dies she gets a full regeneration. She can only use most of her actions once, yet she gets 10 actions. As the first of the Runaways she marked the beginning of some odd heroes that really gave unique styles of combat to the game (namely Victor and Molly).

EISO 1: Gasping, for the team health boost when she first hits 0 health

EISO 2: Resonant, all of her actions are magic plus she needs bleeding to use some plus she doesn't have that big of a health stat, so make her survive longer with this EISO.

Her personal E-ISO, Gasping,  is also a good option, but I can't decide which I would prefer it to. You might also like the above better since you don't want your Nico getting to the point where she needs her regen. Up to you.

L1: Sorcerous, make her one attack that can be used more than once in combat stealthy.

L2: All of the abilities are magic, and 3 are attacks, so Sorcerous is again smart to ignore protectors or counters.

L6: All of them are Ranged, so Aiming or Bursting are good choices,Aiming is generally better for her but Bursting is good if you plan to use her in PVP.

L9: Thorned, add Thorns so that Nico can apply bleed on the attackers and not just on herself.


Rescue Icon Large 1


The definition of stall in PVP. She removes debuffs, protects, stops crits, heals, takes a ton of turns, what else could a stall team want? Her only flaw in this stall style is that, if left as the last hero in a fight, she has little damage potential. Since you can't really augment or empower that, this is what I think would be the best way to give her full potential, keeping health up, and making her one of the best defensive support heroes you can get.

EISO 1: Rescue adores buffs, Sympathetic will heal her whenever she uses any move but her L1.

EISO 2: As she loves buffs, Quick E-ISO will make her use one as a Quick Action every turn.

Her L1 is her only offensive move, so she has two options. The first makes her a better debuffer, Ionizing so she can add Radiation. Otherwise, she can make even her attack become a buff with Suppressing (so she gives herself a shield).

Her L2 can be good with Aware, granting her a counter to go with her protect.

Her L6 gives her team a healing shield. Manifesting will give them a guaranteed crit as well.

Her L9 only removes enemy buffs, but if you add her personal Extricating it becomes a Scroll of Angolob on a hero. I can tell you firsthand, it can really destroy setups.


Silk Icon Large 1


Our second Generalist spider with an interesting advantage over other generalists, as well as the traditional web fighting style. I see her as an interesting companion to Noir, both generalists and both use the Combo/Wide-Open style. She'd also benefit from his Flanked and apply tons of webbing. he has the typical Spider style, with a Web move, a setup move, an extra move and an Exploit move.

EISO 1: Close, for the crits on her L2, L6 and L9 (L9 has Deadly Crits).

EISO 2: Inspiring, for the team stat boost but also to give her a little more Attack and Evasion.

L1: Exploit Webbing, for the repeat uses.

L2: Exploit Webbing, since it will be used after the L1 to setup for her L9 and it would benefit from the extra damage.

L6: Knocking, to add a Stun on a move that sets up her passive and cripples the opponent.

L9: Increase Damage on her largest move, it's all it needs.


Spitfire Icon Large 1


I'm usually somewhat disappointed with SO reward heroes but Spitfire here is an exception. She's like a buffed version of Bleedsilver Quicksilver, coming with tons of Bleeding, heals, 2 turns, immunity to Interruption, attack and defense buffs, a full heal bite and a massive L9. She's a great Scrapper sure to be Lv15 very soon.

EISO 1: Aggressive, so gains even more attack when she attacks with any action.

EISO 2: Close, to increase the critical hit rates on her L9 as well as any other action and assure she does the best possible damage.

L1: Pulpy, she relies on Bleeding but she also needs the buffs this move grants, so make it also apply Bleeding to further her setup.

L2: Pulverizing, for the usual AOE Wide-Open every Melee user should have for a general damage improvement.

L6: Increased Damage is all this needs since you'll really be using it for the Fatal Blow and the heal, not for debuffs.

L9: Again, it's a lethal move used to kill, so it only really needs Increased Damage.


Star-Lord Icon Large 1


He was the 100th ingame hero, and he plays Opportunist debuffs like a madman. He is good at 12.2, good at PVP, good in PVE, really he's an awesome hero in general. He is the one Guardian who can work with any of the others to some degree. To maximize his awesomeness, here's my build for him.

EISO 1: Sting, since he counters a lot and an extra DOT is always helpful. Alternatively, go for Ukemi to resist Scrappers.

EISO 2: Distant, since he has every attack as Ranged and critical hits are always a good thing.

ALT EISO: Distant is good for both.

L1: It's AOE, and is always used when he's in a fight between counters, follow-ups or plain setup. Aiming will make it boost the later damage he does.

L2: It can be rather inaccurate at times, Sniping is the perfect candidate to make sure all his shots hit.

L6: Sharpshooting, so his next shot is more effective.

L9: can just be Increased Damage, specifically for Lit Up.

Ultimate Spider-Man*

Ultimate Spider-Man Icon Large 1

Ultimate Spider-Man

The beginning of the Spider-Verse tie in, and we get... something mediocre. I'm not really impressed playing him. He seems to me like the regular Spider-Man, but with a few extra debuffs and none of the cool E-ISOs. This build gets him up to his best, which will at least make him a good team-up hero.

EISO 1: As an Infiltrator without much Defense (his builds focus on Evasion) he is very vulnerable to Scrappers with True Strike, so Ukemi from Reflexive is a must-have.

EISO 2: He seems to work with Poison a little, so Sting is a decent option for a DOT on his Webbing counters.

L1: Exploit Webbing, so he can deal more damage on repeat uses of this move.

L2: This move is just going to debuff an enemy and set them up for his L6 or an ally attack. Ionizing adds to that ability, giving it a second DOT.

L6: This one is a difficult choice. The move can actually do some decent damage, and applies Combo Setup. Pugilist will make it Exploit the combos, so next time it is used the damage is even higher. Alternatively, Snaring will guarantee the critical hit and make sure he doesn't miss, but won't give you the same damage boost. It's your call.

L9: A nice AOE Stun that can't be evaded, but costs you your next turn. To help you survive the next turn Stunned, Suppressing will give you a shield that reduces DOT damage.


Valkyrie Icon Large 1


The Asgardian escort of dead people. Well, we don't love dead allies here in MAA, but she also heals off dead enemies, and enemies being dead is good. She's a little slow, but still has great power and support with Sacrificial Blessing, allowing yo a little chance to recover if you get caught off guard and hurt badly or killed.

EISO 1: Vengeful, gain an extra turn when protecting, which Valkyrie does thanks to her Shield Maiden passive.

EISO 2: Unwavering, increase all stats when an ally if KO'd

L1: Pulverizing, it can be a big hit but it can also be nice for setting up her L2.

L2: You want to be sure she gets the Deathwatch on the right enemy, so make it Stealthy with Sorcerous.

L6: Valhallan, this attack is now a QA and has a 100% chance to apply Deathwatch

L9: Cooperative, make it a QA to debuff the enemy team and be exploited later.


Vision Icon Large 1


He's an android hero that I think was one of the first who could change class manually, allowing him to go to his counter class if he wants. His two movesets complement each other, but are completely different, so his builds are a little fun and have some options. After his update, he has the fun ability to hang around in Phased, either Downgrading or applying Radiation on the enemies without any fear of retaliation. His E-ISO is broken right now, if they fix it it might be a valuable addition.

EISO 1: Collateral, because he already exploits Burning, so now his single-target attacks might blow up and give all enemies Burning so you won't need to use the L1 as much.

EISO 2: Unavoidable is always a great choice so he can go through Phased and other evasion effects.

L1: It's completely opposite in the different forms, so you need to choose one to work off. Optic Beams makes most sense to play off in my opinion. Aiming will boost his other Blaster form attacks, and help keep the damage of the L9 high. (Additional note: When he is in Phased he is still vulnerable to DOTs, so Supressing is another option to cut DOT damage)

L2: It can only have his A-ISO, which gives him Phased when he becomes an Infiltrator and 5 energy charge when he becomes a Blaster. He gets stuck in the class for a turn, which can slow him down, but with the new buff it shouldn't be a big problem.

L6: Like his L1 it has a variety of options, but the smartest ones that work for both moves are Tech augmenting ones. Automated would be smart if you play Vision PVE, but if you want to try him in PVP, Obsolescent gives him some powerful anti-tech damage.

L9: The A-ISO can be chosen on either side again, but his Blaster Form has a big hit and his Infiltrator form has an anti-scrapper nullfier. Obviously we augment the big hit, his personal Flaring will significantly boost his damage.

Wonder Man*

Wonder Man Icon Large 1

Wonder Man

Wonder Man is a vastly different character from most others. While he does do some Opportunity, he doesn't exploit it, he's more build around Rising Up and Finest Hour. He also comes with a nice passive protect that boosts his stats as health gets lower, and immunity to all DOTs. With some good iso work, he can be one of the best tanks in the game. If you have Elite E-ISO, throw it on here, it can get his attack and defense (combined with Enraged and a little health loss) to over 10000 points each.

EISO 1: Averting, make his passive also protect Area attacks, giving him the perfect team tank that never goes away.

EISO 2: Elite if you have it, it'll make the only way to get through his protecting to kill him, if you don't have it then Vengeful, because Big and Fast combined with constant protect can give him a few extra turns.

L1: Pulverizing, it's primary setup for his L6, and this is the easy choice to make it do more damage.

L2: Knocking or Increased Damage, depends on how often you use the move.

L6: Increase Damage is all it needs to be the lethal move it is. Suturesu is also an option for a Stealthy big hit.

L9: Enduring, Molecular Reconstruction lasts one more round and cannot be removed, making it actually a valuable move.

Moon Knight*

Moon Knight Icon Large 1

Moon Knight

So he's a generalist who's insane. This is captured in PD's creation, with him randomly switching classes between Generalist, Tactician, Infiltrator and Scrapper, and gaining new move buffs, new passives and a new counter for each class. Some people like him for this, some people don't. I personally think he's a pretty fun hero, and watching the L1 with 10 retribution on an enemy with 3 bleeding, it's beautiful.

EISO 1: Reprising, he builds up Retribution now when ANYONE attacks including him, so he can easily gain a ton of Retribution fast for some pretty good damage without long wait times.

EISO 2: Close, increase the chance of crits in all his attacks except his L2, thus maximizing his overall damage.

L1: Fractured, makes this action Exploit Bleeds and become a very deadly hit.

L2: Hemmorhaging, so he can trigger all the bleeds he's applied as a QA.

L6: Bloody, so he can apply Bleeds on more than just the one attack.

L9: Pulverizing, three of his attacks are melee, including this one which he uses to gain retribution.


Morbius Icon Large 1


For a vampire, Morbius is seriously lacking in Bleeding. He even has a cool passive playing off Bleeding, but he has no way to apply it. He can be a little bit of a threat with a good team member, but honestly he seems more like another test run hero, this time with Delirium. This build focuses on keeping his Health high and maximizing L1 damage.

EISO 1: Sympathetic, because his health can get taken down pretty fast and you want his L9 to be useful, combined with Energize A-ISO it'll be an easy way to heal and make the risk a little less risky.

EISO 2: Close, his L1 has Deadly Crits and can actually do decent damage when it crits and they have some delirium, and L2 will also benefit from a few more crits.

L1: Increased Accuracy, it brings accuracy up into the 90-100% range we want it in, and also helps the crit rate a little.

L2: As it's the main setup for his L1, Pulverizing well help increase the damage by adding Wide-Open.

L6: Brain Freeze, because as his only Psychic attack, Weak Mind is nonsensical, and the Migraine debuff helps the overall (Chilled is just an added bonus).

L9: Gracious, so he can keep his Stamina up (since this move also drains a little Stamina)


Shanna Icon Large 1


My first CT hero and my favorite Infiltrator. She may not hit very hard alone, but her debuffs and constant counters, follow-ups and more compensate for it. She makes Poisoned good again, and can really set up other heroes well, by playing as an Opportunist despite having no ability to exploit it. Her style is easy, lead with the L9, then use her L2 on that enemy to gain her buffs (I prioritize Berserker, then Tiger Fury, then Nimble), using the L1 as Follow-Up only. She has the nice ability to heal as much as Iron Fist, which is also pretty impressive.

EISO 1: Sting, so she Poisons on her counter attacks. This includes Berserker counter-attacks, so she can spread the poison around very quick.

EISO 2: Ukemi, less damage from follow ups and counters, increases her survivability. Alternatively, Close, all but one of her attacks are melee, this increases her crit chance.

L1: Bloody, add bleeding to her counter/follow up, which may be applied a lot since her L9 has Flanked and one of her L2s gives a chance to follow up on allies's attacks and retaliate.

L2: Knocking, add Incap to all of her L2s, which are already very good on their own.

L6: Her personal, Naturopathic, so she can take 2 turns the round she heals and 2 turns the next round.

L9: Pulverizing, add Wide Open to make her other attacks hit harder. Alternatively, you could try Vampiric so she can consume her own Bleeding for some extra health.

Squirrel Girl*

Squirrel Girl Icon Large 1

Squirrel Girl

Just like in the comics, she is really underrated. She can hit harder than Sabretooth, heal fast, and setup, an all in one. She's not the best hero in the game, but she could probably take down Thanos alone. She seems to focus on repeated attacks and stacking her buffs, the build aims to keep her health up and allow her to do this without taking too much time or too many enemy attacks.

EISO 1: Aggressive, so she damage boosts when attacking.

EISO 2: Sympathetic, since she can use her L6 up to 5 times in a round, so then she can really full heal from near-death.

ALT EISO(s): Aggressive or Increasing, depending on class, to give her overall better damage at lv15. The other one can be either Close or Symapthetic, depending on if you prefer more offensive power or a little extra health.

L1: It is her counter and follow-up, and Knocking for Incapacitation can make her stun well.

L2: It's a Summon that does Flanked. Give it Cooperative and make it a QA, for a QA Flanked.

L6: Nutty, so it loses the chance to fail and waste her Acorn Power

L9: Increased Damage is all it really needs, as it consumes all her Nutty to do some good damage and is really the equivalent of an Exploit move.


Sunfire Icon Large 1


He's like the Japanese version of Human Torch, coming with an immunity to Burning and Radiation Exposure, which is pretty nice (and Radiation was everywhere when he came out). His attacks are difficult to iso, considering he has random sets of moves, some of which have no iso-able type. Playing him is actually pretty fun, but I still don't see Fire as a really lethal type to fight.

EISO 1: Unavoidable, make Sunfire hit through evasion effects and make hit rate based only on Accuracy.

EISO 2: Explosive, make the whole team burn to take advantage of Sunfire's passive and his L2, without having to hit them each individually or use the L6 and waste Plasma.

L1: Focused, only the CP AISOS can be added to this attack and it only has 82% accuracy alone, which isn't as nice as we want.

L2: Knocking, this attacks already Exploits Stun (as part of paragon Exploiter) so let's make it also apply it.

L6: Ionizing, add an additional DOT effect to add to a little of his Attrition side.

L9: Selective, don't hit your allies with a shield and give them a DOT, just hit the enemies.


Volstagg Icon Large 1


The protector of the Warriors 3, and for a time one of the most annoying PVP teams to fight (partnered with Fandral especially). The big guy protects, counters, and drinks a ton of mead, healing and clearing debuffs every time, and if you don't stop him early on his L9 buffed up can kill you. The team has lost some of its luster with Despair and Worthy becoming popular, but Volstagg remains a powerful option.

EISO 1: Nourished, it lets him start with 13 stacks of Well Fed and a protect/counter ability, letting you skip the L2 and go straight into the damage.

EISO 2: Vengeful, he is built to take hits and the extra turns can hurt to fight in PVP.

L1: Pulverizing, so it increases it's own damage on repeat uses.

L2: Manifesting, to give himself a free critical hit on his next counter.

L6: Toasting, so he can drink again every time an enemy dies, especially effective with the other Warriors 3.

L9: This can just have Increased Accuracy, it is supposed to be a killer hit but has terrible base accuracy and his damage increase from Well Fed also lowers it in multiples of 10%. This brings the base up to about 98%, allowing you to worry a little less about the missing.


Avalanche Icon Large 1


Released, and he sucked almost as bad as Cannonball, because PD hadn't really implemented Ground in yet. Now with the right partner (like Quake, Nul or an Opportunist ally) he can actually benefit a team. His style is a simple Opportunist with some Generalized to deal with Bruisers and an extra move to clear buffs on an enemy.

EISO 1: Pillager, have a chance to remove Buffs every time Avalanche attacks. Not the greatest E-ISO, but it works for him and it can remove buffs on his Sky Is Falling counters I think.

EISO 2: Collateral, if you are OK with the trade-off of no Incapacitation his EISO is useful if you run a ground or sonic team. Otherwise a simple Skullthumper can work wonders.

L1: Erupting, hit flying targets with his setup move.

L2: Lock On or Bursting, either do more damage with ranged attacks or break shields, either way this attack is more for the team than for Avalanche himself.

L6: Gracious, recharge stamina to the whole team since he can be a Stamina hog.

L9: Erupting, hit flying targets (not much variety for ground attacks).


Blizzard Icon Large 1


After the Runaways SO everyone knew he'd be a lockbox hero. He's not really that impressive sadly, because his L1 has a 0% crit rate even with Focused Attacks, he doesn't have the ice immunities even the boss had and he can't be augmented or empowered to really work any better. However, as a steadfast lover of Mr. Freeze from Arkham City (who I even made a fanwork of once) I realize that this is the closest I'll get to an icy battlesuit monster, so I'm giving him a chance. Maybe the Cold Reception and AOE Flanked will make him better than I thought.

EISO 1: Unavoidable, for the usual reasons of making you hit through Evasion.

EISO 2: Relentless, to stop Stuns from slowing him down (his setup is slow enough already)

L1: Suppressing, because Blizzard has very little in terms of defensive capabilities and a shield would help a little.

L2: Aiming, added setup to his L9.

L6: Calamitous, it'll be a slight damage cut but you will be guaranteed to hit all enemies with Frozen, which will stop them from dodging for a while more.

L9: Erupting, to hit Flying targets with the largest attack you have.


Boomerang Icon Large 1


Boomerang really doesn't do much damage, and his surprising lack of AOE's makes him really not an effective hero. But don't discount him too easily, his Interrupts and versatile range of debuffs can make him a decent threat that you'll enjoy playing.

EISO 1: Distant, for a generally higher crit rate on all of his boomerang actions.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, adds a 10% chance to Stun to every Boomerang hit.

L1: Aiming, it's his most used Boomerang so it'll benefit most from extra damage application.

L2: Bursting, he uses this one less often, and adding Shield Breaker will help make it a more useful action.

L6: Obsolescent, adds Obsolete Tech to his debuff action, which will be helpful in PVP or sometimes a benefit in PVE fights.

L9: Aware, adds Combat Awareness to a QA so he can throw a Razorang as well as some Interrupting Boomerangs with this move.


Constrictor Icon Large 1


Despite having a decent set of debuffs and a cool passive, he remains somewhat a joke among players. Sure, he isn't bad, but his damage could really use some help, and his moveset is seriously outdated. Here's where we come in. We do a simple L1, L2, L6 progression, allowing the L9 anytime you feel like it.

EISO 1: Skullthumper, his L6 exploits stun and you want to make it happen whenever possible.

EISO 2: Close, so his skills would crit a little more often.

L1: The move is his initial setup, and Pulverizing will add Wide-Open to increase the damage of the next two moves.

L2: Increased Accuracy, the debuffs are important to assure a strong L6 hit, and this brings the accuracy to 99%.

L6: Increased Damage on a move all about damage, no real need for debuffs.

His L9 isn't any type, so can't be slotted with an action.


Destroyer Icon Large 1


The massive engine of destruction, used by Loki time and time again to piss off Thor. For a 'near undefeatable' construct it sure loses a lot of fights, huh? Ingame he comes with a massive immunity passive and a cool moveset that just needs a little tweak to make a PVP, well, Destroyer. I focused this build on giving him a strong offensive presence while also having great defense and debuff immunity, for an all-around hero.

EISO 1: Cleaning, because combined with his passive he becomes essentially immune to debuffs. I'm not sure if it would work with his L6, if it does he'd clear 4 debuffs that round.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, because he doesn't really need any of the others. He recharges naturally through his essence, comes with Stun immunity, has varied attack so no Close, and what harm would 10% Stun do anyway?

Tava and I disagreed on the moveset. The builds are both effective, but have a different purpose. While his maximizes L1 damage, mine is more of a DOT/defense build. I'll include them both.

Tava's Build

His L1 gets Ionizing for further DOT damage and increased energy damage.

L2 gets Pressurized, for the chance of Slowed (stopping evasion) or Exposed (lowering defense)

His L6 can have Energize, as he will probably need Stamina for the turns he might take, or to partner his healing.

His L9 gets Aiming, so he can maximize L1 damage next shot.

Golden's Build

His L1 gets Suppressing. I choose this because Destroyer is already immune to most debuffs, after using his largest damage attack he will get a shield that will reduce damage from what DOTs he isn't immune to and also allow him to absorb damage from the possible counter attack.

His L2 gets Pulpy, because Bleeding is an annoying debuff in PVP and this attack is about annoying debuffs that cripple a character.

His L6 gets Manifesting, as he restores Stamina naturally so now he will be able to spend either the next turn (Frenzy) or counter (Enchanted Armor) using an attack that is guaranteed to crit.

His L9 gets Ionizing, as it boosts the damage of his L1 and also serves as a helpful AOE DOT. 

Doctor Doom*

Doctor Doom Icon Large 1

Doctor Doom

The first and best of the restricted heroes, he can't work with an ally but makes up for it. Getting his cannon unlocked can seem a daunting task, since you need 12 tech attacks or turns and 5 magic attacks for it to truly get the damage out, but in longer fights against Blasters he can really shine. This build gives him a little more damage, some basic resistance and speeds up the unlocking of the cannon, letting you finish off a wave in one easy shot.

EISO 1: Unbreakable, for the powerful immunity to both Stun and Exhaustion.

EISO 2: Distant, because everything he has is Ranged (except the Servoguards) so he can crit more.

His L1 is both tech, so Automated will help him deal more damage in the next rounds.

His L2 is primarily Magic but also Ranged, and Aiming is a great way to get more damage for the L9.

His L6 has two main options. The first, Cooperative, lets him use it as a QA but have a cooldown. This is better for PVE where you need to take a lot of turns. The other option is Obsolescent, which is good for PVP, so you can use an AOE Obsolete Tech.

His L9 is just a finishing blow if it unlocks quickly enough, Increased Damage is all it needs.


Electro Icon Large 1


I've been waiting a LONG time for this guy, of course I had hoped to see him in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 version (because I actually liked that movie where no-one else seemed to). Kinda glab PD chose to make the whole Sinister 6 Team heroes because otherwise he'd have no reason to join. Now, I didn't expect hi to be all that impressive, but he honestly is. Add some good isos and he turns from a moderately powerful Electric user into a massive one-shot powerhouse.

EISO 1: Calculated Force, grants him Measured Attack so he gets massive damage boosts at full Stamina.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, so he is guaranteed to hit through Phased and other Evasion effects.

L1: Aiming, adds Lock-On to his setup move.

L2: Aware, grants Combat Awareness to the buff (which I use far more than the debuff) so he counters with a powerful Static attack when he's next hit.

L6: Calamitous, makes his AOE move that Magnetizes become Catastrophic

L9: Increased Damage, it should already be Guaranteed Hit and Guaranteed Crit if you have him at level 15.


Elektra Icon Large 1


Matt Murdock's girlfriend, an anti-hero, essentially Catwoman but in Marvel. She has a cool Stealthy passive that makes all her attacks Stealthy and prevents effect that would remove it, so she doesn't have to worry about counters or protection very often. Her style is typical bleeder, but with Internal Bleeding that can't be removed. Sadly she has few options when it comes to A-ISO and E-ISO, but this seems like a decent build that keeps her style and adds a little to it.

EISO 1: Close, all her attacks are Melee, this gives her a higher crit chance on all of them, important for better damage.

EISO 2: Coercive, her personal, so she'll get a follow-up attack after every action once she's hit a single time. This works to set up her Bleeding faster and do a little more overall damage.

L1: She'll be using this move a lot, between the precounter, counter and follow-up and her regular uses, and really Increased Damage is all it needs (although you could also do Wide-Open if you didn't want to have to set up with L2 every time)

L2: Knocking, adding a high Stun chance to one of her moves is helpful and this move is often one of the first she uses.

L6: Calamitous is well suited for this move, as it is Stealthy and focuses on debuffs instead of damage. For the small damage cut it won't miss, making it better to set up some Internal Bleeding on enemies.

L9: As a finisher and Fatal Blow move, we need it to hit, so Increased Hit is the simple, yet effective option.


Enchantress Icon Large 1


The lockbox hero that may change the PVP meta forever. Despite being an infiltrator, she takes lots of turns and can completely cripple enemy setups unless they stop her debuffs. Even though she isn't some expensive Worthy or chapter reward hero, she can still destroy entire teams alone. She also can do truly massive damage for an Infiltrator. She is a little fragile, but that can easily be fixed with an E-ISO/A-ISO build.

EISO 1: Resonant, because she can use the L1 a lot and it heals her a good portion every time she uses it, allowing her to heal a good 2k each round..

EISO 2: Ukemi, because her biggest issues will come from scrapper follow-ups and retaliation, this will reduce the damage significantly.

L1: Aiming, Bursting or Sorcerous are good options, but there is no clear choice here. Aiming works if you want it as a purely setup move for the L9, Bursting works for a little team support by handling several shields a turn and Sorcerous allows her to hit whatever enemy she chooses at any time, not worrying as much about setup for the L9. Pick whichever fits your style best.

L2: Thorned, so she can rapidly stack Thorns for a little defensive support that ties into her debuff style.

L6: Thorned, see above.

L9: Sorcerous, so she can't be countered and can hit all enemies without worrying about protectors.


Fixer Icon Large 1


He came out, and like every other Lockbox hero people had doubts. Was he just a redone Omega Sentinel? Would he be any good? His damage unisoed at level 5 equaled that of my Heroic Age Iron Fist, and although he can be slow to setup his grenades, put them all down and he can do more than 100k in one blast. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

EISO 1: Relentless, because a Stun stopping his mine setups would be bad.

EISO 2: Unavoidable, go through Avoidance effects and make his hit chance all about his accuracy.

L1: Sharpshooting or Aiming, while in my opinion Sharpshooting is better, it won't work on his Infiltrator form, while Aiming will. Either way it gives him more damage next time he attacks.

L2: Obsolescent, give people a debuff without having to explode the mines. Makes him even more PVP worthy. 

L6: Automated, it's the only one available for this attack.

L9: Manifesting, if you are using this attack it is often because the enemy is starting to damage your team, and Manifesting will guarantee your next attack damages them back.

"Note - Mine Master Radiant can also be used on his L2 to make Magnetized explode his mines, and this requires a different setup than regular Fixer if he's not with a partner who uses Magnetized - Adding Obsolescent to his L1 will make it initially Detonate, then have Magnetized Detonante mines places on the next rounds.

Howard the Duck*

Howard the Duck Icon Large 1

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck, PD claimed, would never come to MAA unless they really ran out of ideas. Now he's here, and while he's very fun, I had hoped for something a little different. With his L2, I imagined something like A-ISOs that would customize it with a set of 4 moves you could choose out of maybe 20 classic weapons. Obviously he wouldn't gain the passives, just those weapons, and you could make him almost a real second Agent.However, that's a little too much for PD< and what we got isn't bad, but I don't find it exceptional. Here's your build.

EISO 1: Close, for better crits on his L1, L2 sword and L6, which are his primary damage moves.

EISO 2: Sympathetic, so his Duck-Tini and Neurotripe give him some small heals.

L1: Pugilist, so he Exploits the combos his L6 provides.

L2: Suppressing, give him a little added defense on a move that buffs him more than it hurts the enemy.

L6: Pulverizing, to make it apply Wide-Open for better L1 setup.

L9: Manifesting, a free critical hit as a Free Action.


Hyperion Icon Large 1


Despite being a Bruiser, he has the ability to gain every other classes power, without directly changing classes. It makes him a little confusing I think, with no real order to his moves and some odd passives that don't quite flow together as nicely as I'd like. But he is a powerful character, and this build hopefully emphasizes on his randomness with a little of everything, all working towards his overall threat level.

EISO 1: Relentless, to make him immune to Stun, keeps him from getting slowed down and having his powers time out.

EISO 2: Hardened, allows him to build up a little defense as he fights, making him a little more of Superman.

ALT EISO(s): In his alt he's a protector, so if he's Bruiser than you'll want Vengeful (Big and Fast) and either Elite for best use or Relentless if you didn't get it. If you have a Generalist, Relentless and Morale Boost are probably the best options.

L1: Pulpy, it's his counter and follow-up, and this adds a Bleed aspect that both slows counters against him and lets him play with other Bleeders.

L2: Suppressing, for a little defense and DOT reduction, plus the potential prevention of Shield Breaker by his passive.

L6: Pulverizing, sets up for his L1 damage

L9: This move can be used as a debuff move or as damage. If you use it for damage, then Increased Damage. If you prefer debuffs, go for Bursting.


Juggernaut Icon Large 1


Yet another big Bruiser who's main focus is high damage, and high damage only. He has some support to his style, with his immunity to Immobilized and Psychic, a Shield Breaker move and a buff that increased Unarmed damage, and this can really add up to something. I remember the days when running into him and Quicksilver in PVP spelled my doom, now he seems left behind. This build will change that, making him back into the damage dealing powerhouse he was meant to be. I work him in a simple way like this L9 QA into L2, next round L1, finish up with a L6 on the third round, repeat if needed.

EISO 1: Close, he's a Melee attacker and more damage is always good.

EISO 2: Hardened, so he can increase his defense every time he attacks and become able to better withstand enemy attacks.

L1: Knocking, as this move is a Stun move and sets up a little Momentum you can make the Stun chance a lot higher.

L2: Pulverizing, with the flow provided he'll be using this move round one, preferably on the highest priority enemy. This move might kill them, but if it doesn't you want it to have set them up for his L6.

L6: Perpetual, so he doesn't always lose his Momentum using this move, and since there is no cooldown he is able to use it the next turn again.

L9: Manifesting, the move buffs damage on the team, and you will always lead with it. Use it right before the L2 for some huge damage, and then flow right into the Momentum setup. It'll make him smash like Hulk.


Kang Icon Large 1


I remember fighting Kang and hating him for his Out of Time passive, dodging every single shot I made and then taking his shots at me, until I'd finally get lucky and hit him. Somehow, when he came out, he didn't quite capture the ability to enrage that boss Kang had, what with the constant Temporal Armory debuffs, Timestream Displacement triggers and dodging constantly. He's not bad by any note, but nor is he inspiring. He needs more immunities and more damage to be worth the cost of the second hero. This build aims to change that.

EISO 1: Relentless, since you can't have anyone else on your team with him, his turns will really count, so make sure that you won't lose them.

EISO 2: Cybernetic, his personal will give him some strong immunity and crit resistance that he could really use.

L1: Ionizing, so both his guns will apply Radiation Exposure, giving him a second DOT to play off and increasing his Energy damage.

L2: No AISO for this move.

L6: Automated, since you will definitely use the Chrono Shield after gaining Rally, and all his attacks are Tech, so you get a fast damage increase.

L9: Obsolescent, so he can neutralize enemy Tech effects, useful for PVP (if you'd use him) or a few bosses/enemies in PVE. Otherwise Suppressing will augment his Out of Time L9 with a DoT reducing shield to give him a little more resistance.


Loki Icon Large 1


So the first Loki was all an illusion. Loki's refactor has made him a completely different character, taking away his meager spells and replacing them with several powerful magic debuffs and a whole bunch of QA moves. He can make the enemy heal on attacking, then debuff themself, do an AOE Disadvantage or make his Lie-Smith work like crazy. I'd say this Loki deserves a build to live up to his refactor, so here we have one.

EISO 1: Distant, make his Ranged attacks crit more often.

EISO 2: Tricky, his personal, so he can prevent and counter enemy Magic actions, making him a much more useful ally for both PVP and PVE.

L1: Thorned, Loki can use this dagger often for many different debuffs, so can easily build up stacks of Thorns and bleed enemies out.

L2: Aiming, because this move will mess up an enemy with Mind Games and Cursed Mirror, so why not increase the damage they take as well.

L6: Bursting, so you can truly cripple enemy teams by stopping their healing, stopping class buffs and replacing buffs with debuffs, plus cracking shields Invisible Woman or Rescue might put up.

L9: Sorcerous, so he can get all enemies Disoriented without worrying about a counter attack or protectors.


Magneto Icon Large 1


The first lockbox hero, and an amazing hero to play with. He destroys in PVE, being immune to Psychic, able to guarantee hits and stop crits against guys with metal, and do some cool debuffs while isod. He also can be great in PVP, ISK once managed Adamantium using him and Groot as a defensive (and defensives tend to be terrible)

EISO 1: Quick E-ISO, so his L9 will become QA and let him attack that round.

EISO 2: Fluxing, so his Magnetized can't be removed as Polarized.

His L1 can have Ionizing, so he can apply constant Radiation Exposure on enemies, increasing the damage of his L6 even further as well as being an annoying DOT.

His L2 can have Aiming, for a damage-increasing debuff he can apply whenever you want to Stun an enemy.

His L6 can have Bursting, to break through Shields if they are stopping your setup. (Mags should be able to deal with Shields alone and keep this as a damage move, but it has the option of Shield Breaker if you run into Rescue or Invisible Woman.)

L9: This pairs Manifesting with the Quick E-ISO to become a setup move for the team as well as a defensive move.


Moonstone Icon Large 1


She went from a second-rate villain to a pretty good hero, albeit with a really slow playstyle. Her refactor kept that style up, but gave her a ton more damage potential. You can stick around in Phased for a little while and punch them to death, or Phase, build up your L9 and then come out with an actual Big Bang. She has a unique style, I kinda like her.

EISO 1: Her personal, Analyzing, can be great for the counters against enemies with her passive debuffs, so teams that use Disoriented, Mind Control or Fear effects will let her counter more often. However, after playing her in Adamantium I have realized that counters against enemies with Elite E_ISO are ineffective and end up hurting her more than helping, so Distant or Gracious will work to either heal her on Big Bang charge (defensive) or boost her Big Bang crits (offensive)

EISO 2: Quick, because she can shoot off her L6 as a Quick Action after Phasing or double up the Solidarity charges she's getting, overall speeding her playstyle.

L1: It is a simple immobilizing punch with some excellent damage coming out of Phased, Knocking will also immobilize their turn.

L2: It is a little damaging and it phases her, I think Ionizing is great with it, since she will always start with it and her largest attack is Energy.

L6: Manifesting oddly doesn't socket on this one, so it'll have to be Gracious for Energize.

L9: With her personal A-ISO Emerging, Big Bang can do some incredible damage (with a lot of setup of course). If you don't have it, itcan just have Increased Damage to hit harder when it is used.

Omega Sentinel*

Omega Sentinel Icon Large 1

Omega Sentinel

I thought all the rage about Omega Sentinel was exaggeration, until I got her. Cost me a lot of gold, but it was totally worth it. Her ability to class change, buff the team, heal, protect, target, and so much more makes her the old Steve Rogers. I wish she'd get a little revamp though, to make her the PVP goddess she once was.

EISO1: Her personal E-ISO, Indexing, lets her transform into the counter class of the enemy as long as it is one her 3 classes. This can let her have Scrapper and be in Bruiser suit, confusing, but very effective sometimes since she ends in the wrong class.

EISO2: Distant, nearly every attack she has is ranged and she can't use Tact or Bruiser E-ISOs, so this is the next best. Crits don't hurt anyway.

L1: Pyrophoric A-ISO, adds Pyrophoric. Most of her moves will trigger it, adding a little extra damage after all her attacks. If you didn't get it, try Aiming. 

Her L2 can't be augmented, since it isn't any move type.

L6: This has two buffs that target all allies, so why not give it Manifesting so the whole team can get Epiphany. Energize could also work if you are afraid of running out of Stamina.

L9: It's all Tech moves, so it should get Automated to buff her damage later. 


Sabretooth Icon Large 1


Victor Creed, Wolverine's more viscous brother who likes to kill and main for sport. Despite this, he's a poor man's Wolverine according to some characters in the comics, without Adamantium until recently and less ability to work in a team. As for people who play MAA, that call could go either way, as this guy can dish out massive percentage points on Group Bosses with his L1, and actually makes a great team player for Attrition or Bleed teams.

EISO 1: Frenzied or Close, get a higher chance to crit on his L1 and L2 with close or change his style. Some people prefer to have him die and come back with 50% and 2 turns, in case he accidentally dies or you get overwhelmed. Others prefer taking two turns from the get-go, riskier, but more damage output. Go with the E-ISO that suits your playstyle.

EISO 2: Aggresive, the Scrapper one that increases attack when using Melee attacks. This boost his attacks easily.

L1: Pulverizing, apply Wide Open for this attack and his L2 to increase their damage.

L2: This move can do lethal damage when they have some Attrition debuffs to exploit. However, even with Shade's iso build, the accuracy isn't high 90s. Increased Accuracy is smart to get the near guaranteed hit, but Increased Damage is also an option.

L6: Gracious, restore a little stamina to the whole team.

L9: Bursting, get rid of the shields from the whole enemy team. Combine it with the adamantium on his other moves and they essentially Ignore Defense. 


Sandman Icon Large 1


He had to have been one of the easiest mini-bosses ever. He fell off the map in Chapter 3 and came back a season later with a super-strong moveset and the power to smash the competition. Here's how I build Sandman, and I made him into either a pressure point player or just a tough hero.

EISO 1: Barricaded, his personal, will give him a Protect ability that also generates Grit when he's hit, giving him a faster style and helping the team.

EISO 2: Sandman's L6 does immense damage when it is a critical hit, Close works towards the simple higher crits goal. An additional thing to consider, however, is that with his personal E-ISO he does gain a protect, so Vengeful for Big and Fast is also a good option.

L1: Pulverizing gives his L6 a nice damage boost, and also boosts itself (since you'll use it a few times building up Grit).

L2: Manifesting, so you can set up the next action as a free critical hit with your QA.

L6: Suturesu, big hits are good Stealthy.

His L9 is Ground, and Flying is in PVP, so Erupting will make it hit everyone.


Satana Icon Large 1


The first time I ever saw a lockbox hero, it was her. She has a playstyle similar to Daimon but also very different, she debuffs your team, but every debuff boosts a different stat significantly. She can make a fun team with Pestilence, passing debuffs anyone? Alone, she can be a little fragile because of the whole debuff self thing, but once you work her right she is a force to be reckoned with. I turn her into a bit of a Bleeder, so she can play well with them now as well, but keeps the same general style.

EISO 1: Her own, Enticing, so she gets a fun Fandral ability to give enemies Distracted before they attack. Helps her survivability in both PVP and PVE, as well as her allies.

EISO 2: Everything she does is Magic, so Resonant for the constant heal.

L1: Bloody, she needs it to set up and it gives her part of the Bleed aspect. Also makes enemies hurt themselves if they counter it.

L2: Thorned, so that as she progresses in her setup, enemies attacking her will Bleed out. Completes her little Bleed setup.

L6: One of the best uses of Cooperative, so she can either heal, corner or kill as a Quick Action.

L9: A simple fatal/brutal combo, and you don't want protectors screwing with it. Sorcerous, so it becomes Stealthy.

Superior Spider-Man*

Superior Spider-Man Icon Large 1

Superior Spider-Man

Based on what Spider-Man content we have in the game, I have to admit, this guy really is superior. He's a Tactician, which is nice for the extra turns and his setup really needs. He also gets a free counter passive and occasional free crit, as well as an occasional debuff crit with fun debuffs. He plays around both Bleeding and Webbed, and really has the potential to work around any of his moves. Overall pretty fun.

EISO 1: His turns are very important to his setup, because he really is a little slow in his move flow. Relentless is a near ideal E-ISO, because immunity to Incap and Stun will stop most turn loss.

EISO 2: Skullthumper, because he takes a lot of counters, and a chance to Stun enemies is always good.

L1: Exploit Webbing, so he can deal more damage on repeat uses (like through his passive counter) while stacking the Webbing.

L2: Despite the fact that the move is supposed to be a high damage Exploit move, it really doesn't do that much damage. Exploit Webbing is the best choice to give it the damage it needs to be a valuable Fatal Blow move.

L6: This move, if the rest of the build is done right, won't be needed all that much except for the inital setup throw. Aiming will make it set up his L1 as well as L2 and L9.

L9: Knocking, for the simple multi-target Stun move that also carries his Bleeding style along. You could also go Vampiric if you really felt like he'd need the health, but it would make the Hemorrhage obsolete so I wouldn't.


Taskmaster Icon Large 1


Taskmaster has a rapidly varying playstyle that makes him a little complicated to use and iso. His Photographic Reflexes, while very fun to use, changes his class constantly, and his movesets don't exactly line up on all the different options. The build, as such, focuses on a little bit of everything, not forcing him into any one pattern and allowing him to do what he does best.

EISO 1: Distant, because a majority of his attacks are Ranged and higher critical hits helps his damage, which is his only constant.

EISO 2: Close, because without any real flow of moves, augmenting damage is all you can really do, and with Distant already on him, all his attack moves get the crit boost.

L1: This is Taskmasters hardest attack to iso since it's 3 ranged and 3 slashing melee attacks. In my opinion, Bursting is the best option for the ranged ones (which I may consider to have higher importance, since it is ranged in his base class) or Knocking if you would prefer to augment the Slashing/Melee attacks.

L2: Taskmaster's L1 attacks mostly apply or focus on Bleeding, and Vampiric Strike is hinted at in a few of these moves. If you wanted, Vampiric gives all his Slashing moves the same ability to heal him and absorb the bleeds, but honestly with the wide variety of this move, a simple Increased Damage on whatever type you wish wouldn't hurt.

L6: This one is pretty simple. All attacks but his Tactician form are Ranged, and all of those but Scrapper are AOE. Aiming adds to the setup style of most of the moves, increasing the damage of his other Ranged attacks.

L9: When they removed buff from his Power L9's, only his Nightmare Sword remained available to A-ISO. Vorpal is the only real choice, because you want this attack to break through anything and do the damage.


Thane Icon Large 1


Another interesting LB hero. Also the first in game announced hero. He does a little of everything, and he seems almost like a test hero for things like 3x application that later went to Webbed, Prevent Debuffs, Nanoplague, etc. He, like Black Bolt, came out as game-breakingly good and was nerfed to oblivion. He does get to benefit from the Inhuman passives, which can make him a nice partner, but ultimately he does need a bit of a refactor.

EISO 1: Unavoidable, so he will ignore enemy Evasion effects and worry a little less about missing.

EISO 2: Relentless, because his play style is incredibly slow. He has some nice abilities if you can wait several turns, and you can't afford to lose them to an unlucky Incap or Stun application.

L1: Knocking, because his L9 Exploits Stun (or Incap, which this applies) and you want the enemy to not retaliate or remove debuffs as you set up the increasing amounts of Amber on them.

L2: Gracious, his L1 can guarantee the crits, so Manifesting is kind of redundant, and extra stamina never hurt anyone.

L6: There is no AISO for debuff actions.

L9: Calamitous, because this move can actually do decent damage if it hits, which it doesn't always do. The small damage reduction doesn't really matter in the light of not having to worry about protectors or dodging.


Hybrid Icon Large 1


I finally decided that since Hybrid has so many options, and they really arn't all hekpful, we'd just do one overall build that applies to all classes, and let the people do whatever they want. Yes, there are many unique combinations for him, but using his personal isos this is the best way to iso Hybrid.

EISO 1: Life-Draining, so he heals whenever he attacks or is attacked by Bleeding Targets.

EISO 2: Numb, so he reduces all damage taken by 30%.

ALT EISO: Either of the above works, or any of the others, this depends on whihch suit you are using and for what purpose. Numb might be better overall, unless you are using Bruiser suit or need sustainability, in which case Life-Draining would be better.

L1: Rioting, so his biggest damage move Exploits Bleeds.

L2: Hunger Pangs, so he can heal 10% of his health on his setup move.

L6: Either Infectious or Debilitating, depending on if you prefer chances or debuffs. Depower is a great debuff alone, but a chance to spread might be better if it ever works.

L9: Shifting, for an AOE Flanked to spread his Bleeding faster.

For some other options, User blog:Goldencahill/How to Empower/Augment Hybrid