Everyone knows that Gear Sets can be some of the most powerful agent setups in the game. Their synergy often allows them to give the agent a particular sytle, almost like a hero using moves in a certain order for a certain effect, and less like the Agent simply with random pieces of gear picked up along the way. However, there is a flaw with sets, and that is their difficulty to obtain. Most of the earlier sets now cost players high gold amounts, and the newer ones require extensive _ farming to complete in time. As I mess around with my PVE and PVP teams, I realize that using any gear in the game you can create a custom 'set' that works just like a set would, without any of the hastle. Without further ado, here is a compilation of custom agent sets:

1 - Sword Set

  • Uterpendragon
  • First Blood
  • Blade of the Guardian
  • Stainless Steel

This set works very simply. Blade of the Guardian grants a protect and counter ability, applies Rising Up and gives you guaranteed crits plus a health boost when you reach all 4 buffs. First Blood gives Survival Training, a precounter, and applies Tenderized. Uterpendragon is Finest Hour, Ethereal Strike, gives you an immunity to Stun and really benefits from crits (although is not Deadly Crits). What this gives you is a tanking Agent, with two counter chances, both of which increase his/her later damage, some good survivability as a tank, and some OHKO power with Uterpendragon once you gain Blessings of Heroes. I have used this set to great effect in PVE, and it does let you one-shot bosses once you get it powered up. I have not yet tried it in PVP.

  • Added Stainless Steel thanks to MorshuBot - just having BOTG equipped will make slashing attacks do 50% more damage.

2 - Rising Up Set (suggested by BlazeWu)

  • Uterpendragon
  • Blade of the Guardian
  • Guardian Insignia
  • Neurotrope

A variation on the set above, this one sacrifices a small amount of damage on Uterpendragon for the ability to gain the Rising Up buffs much faster and some additional counters, as well as potential healing from Neurotrope. The idea is much the same as well, get the buffs, get Blessing of Heroes, and Uterpendragon them to death.

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