Now you can generate a custom Strike Team list with this App.  Once on Google Drive, go to the file menu and select Download.

Should run on most recent Windows computers.  If it won't run on your machine, check Windows Update.  Requires the .NET Framework 4.

New Release: MAA Excelsior


  • Version 1.1
    • All data can be edited from within the application, including adding or deleting heroes, bonuses, and restrictions.
    • Teams display their bonuses
  • Version 1
    • Customize hero list.  Remove unavailable, underleveled, and annoying characters from matching.  (A smaller list also means faster matching.)
    • Team Up.  Right click and select Team Up on a character to require them in the teams.  Do it again to un-require them.
    • Minimum score.  Won't report teams below your required threshhold.
    • Number of teams.  Generate as small or large a list as you want.  0 or empty for all teams.
    • Parallel processing.  Matches faster with more cores / processors.
    • XML data.  If you are feeling adventurous, all the data the program runs on is contained in the adjoining XML files.  Experienced users should be able to figure out how to edit them.  But remember, the matching and restrictions are done with strings, so they have to be exactly the same.

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