Continuing on from the prior Strike Team App, I present MAA Excelsior.  Once on Google Drive, select, then select the Download icon at the top.

Should run on most recent Windows computers.  If it won't run on your machine, check Windows Update.  Requires the .NET Framework 4.

MAA Excelsior

(Edit: Data files updated 12/10 9:36 ET)


  • App WIP (2016.09.09)
    • As I will never have the opportunity to finish polishing the next version of Excelsior, I have uploaded the current WIP for the morbidly curious to play around with.  Advanced Beta .  There are a lot of new features that were meant for obsessive people like me to micro-manage the game a bit.  The data files are not compatible with the previous version, so you should not put them in the same folder.
  • Version 2.0
    • ​Massive rewrite under the hood to facilitate planned future features (also the reason for the UI changes).
    • Restrictions are now pair based. (Fantastic Fill-In)
    • Lockbox success calculator.
    • Due to significant data changes, uses different xml files.

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