There is an App for Windows.  Data files are outdated, but can provide customized teams.

All Strike Teams with Team Up Bonuses higher from having three heroes. (More than 205k teams total.)

Strike Teams  (Google Drive)

Select a file, then pop-out at the top.  Due to amount of data, pages may take some time to load.

Data generated by program.  If you feel there is an error, let me know.

  • (2016.09.30)
    • Here we go. See you on the other side, Agent.
  • Release 176 (2016.09.22)
    • White Tiger added to Magic.
  • Release 175 (2016.09.16)
    • White Tiger added to Slashing.
  • App WIP (2016.09.09)
    • As I will never have the opportunity to finish polishing the next version of Excelsior, I have uploaded the current WIP for the morbidly curious to play around with.  Get the Advanced Beta zip file from the Strike Teams link above.  There are a lot of new features that were meant for obsessive people like me to micro-manage the game a bit.  The data files are not compatible with the previous version, so you should not put them in the same folder.
  • Release 174 (2016.09.03)
    • Songbird, White Tiger added to Street Level.
  • Release 173 (2016.09.02)
    • Adam Warlock, Richard Rider added to Flyers.
  • Release 172 (2016.09.01)
    • White Tiger added.  (Female)
    • Adam Warlock added.  (Blaster)
    • Blue Marvel added to Eggheads.
    • I'll be here until they turn the lights out.
  • Release 171 (2016.08.29)
    • Phyla-vell added.  (Bruiser, Female, Scrapper)
  • Release 170 (2016.08.25)
    • Beetle, Blizzard, Boomerang, Enchantress, Moondragon, Songbird added to Red in the Ledger.
    • Red in the Ledger Strike Teams limited to 200+.
  • Release 169 (2016.08.20)
    • Added Enchantress to Gods.  (Thanks Jairxampa.)
  • Release 168 (2016.08.19)
    • Angela, Beta Ray Bill removed from Magic.
  • Release 167 (2016.08.18)
    • Black Knight added to Bruisers.
    • Ghost Rider added to Blasters.

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