Update:  There is now an App for Windows.

All Strike Teams with Team Up Bonuses higher from having three heroes. (More than 37k teams total.)

Spec Ops 22

Due to amount of data, pages may take some time to load.

Data generated by program.  If you feel there is an error, let me know.

Version 8 now up.

  • Version 8
    • Restriction: In-Laws requires Vision
  • Version 7
    • Data: Hulk doesn't have Orphanage (wiki error)
  • Version 6
    • Data: Wiki previously missing Patriots from Union Jack
    • Improvement: Data is now string based, which fixes up some of the sorting issues (Magneto/Magik)
  • Version 5
    • Restriction: Family Reunion requires Cable
    • Improvement: Bonuses sorted
  • Version 4
    • Restriction: Bad Blood requires Punisher
    • Restriction: House of M requires Magneto
    • Restriction: Imposter requires Moon Knight
    • Data: Wiki missing Equestrians from Gambit.  (Should be last missing Equestrian.)
  • Version 3
    • Data: Wiki missing Equestrians from Hulk
  • Version 2
    • Restriction: It's Complicated requires Wonderman
    • Data: Iceman had Defenders twice, causing it to match twice
    • Data: Angel missing Equestrians.

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