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This is just a guess. Based on the comentary on this discussion and this discussion

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division

Memo for Director Nicholas J. Fury

Immediate Threat Identification Request - Highest Urgency

Entity #: HY201-15

Case Codename: RUBY AMALGAM


Threat Potential: Alpha-3 (Contagion/ Assimilation/ Alien Symbiontes [Blackened space 16 characters] )

Classification Level: Top Restricted EYES-ONLY


Recent disturbances in the Manhattan (9 letters word) area have been linked to the appearance of a new Superhuman entity of unknown origin. Subject is both highly aggressive and evasive, eluding standard detection protocols (potential shapeshift {10 letters word} ability). Eyewitnesses accounts describe subject displaying Class blaster/bruiser/tactician/scrapper/generalist (the pace allows only two characters so I guess, there it goes the little symbol of the class) strength and unknown durability (subject was witnessed to be completely unscathed when multi-story building collapsed upon it).

Subject is vaguely humanoid in appearance, though displays metamorph properties characteristic of symbiont (8 letters word) biology. Combined with the recent dissapearances of Phage (5 letters word), Riot (4 letters word), Lasher (6 letters word) and Agony (5 letters word) (reference case codename NIGHTSHADE QUORUM), it is likely that this entity is a symbiont (8 letters word) of unknown parentage.


Standard agents should not engage. If entity is encountered, request immediate backup and evacuate area. Engagement should be reserved for assets of Superhuman Class iso or above.

A strike team lead by Agent Edward Brocks (Anything with 13 characters or your agent's name :P) and including Spider-man {since the blackened space is divided it can be added as 5, - and 3 So spider-man is possible}(codename CHARLOTTE ACROBAT) should be tasked with confirming identity / classification of entity and developing procedures for containment and termination (if possible).


Agent Daisy Johnson

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