• Gcape

    "That's just between you and me."

    This is just a guess. Based on the comentary on this discussion and this discussion

    Memo for Director Nicholas J. Fury

    Immediate Threat Identification Request - Highest Urgency

    Entity #: HY201-15

    Case Codename: RUBY AMALGAM


    Threat Potential: Alpha-3 (Contagion/ Assimilation/ Alien Symbiontes [Blackened space 16 characters] )

    Classification Level: Top Restricted EYES-ONLY


    Recent disturbances in the Manhattan (9 letters word) area have been linked to the appearance of a new Superhuman entity of unknown origin. Subject is both highly aggressive and evasive, eluding standard detection protocols (potential shapeshift {10 letters word} ability). Eyew…

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  • Gcape

    I am very much a total wuss to actually try and edit the actual page so I leave it here XD.

    I still very much advise to check The Chapter 3 page

    Unlock Requirements:
    Complete 20 Tasks in Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights

    Team Up: Shatterstar

    Location: Urban Core

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