aka David

  • I live in España 》 Italia
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is a kleptomaniac
  • I am male
  • GazelleStampede

    Hey again, GazelleStampede here.

    Creating another blog post because my first one was bleh. (this one is, too)

    On an unimportant note, I'm thinking of changing my username (haha don't ask how my username started)

    I've got a couple of ideas, but I'm still undecided (yes, I'm always so undecided)

    Seriously guys, thanks. I'm so sorry all of you have to put up with my indecisiveness!

    Peace out.

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  • GazelleStampede

    Hey guys, GazelleStampede here.

    Currently I am having a long and tiring debate with myself on which hero to recruit. I managed to save up 30+ CP and got +20 CP in the daily spin. To be exact, I have 53 CP, which, I know is not a large amount but, hey, as a rookie player, that's quite a lot!

    Here are some I've been thinking of: •Human Torch (been wanting to recruit him since forever •Quicksilver •War Machine •Dr. Strange •Storm (since she's required for one of the best CP farming missions) •Daredevil •Invisible Woman •Spider-Woman (she's on sale for 11 gold)

    So if ever you'd wanna suggest a hero not on the list, that'd be greatly appreciated, and in fact, more encouraged. Or maybe even suggestions for a hero I should save up for. As much as po…

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