• Gamoholik

    Hi everyone....This is my first bolg and it's about Dormammu-spec ops 4 epic boss.He is realy a very strong enemy and we have to defeat him not only once but thirce with mindless once.So here is a very simple but an effective combo for him- IW and SW.

    Dormammu follows a single pattern to attack during the whole fight.On first two turns he always change his class and than on second turn he attacks so all we have to do is Force Cage him and attack him on the right turn.Bellow are some simple steps for that.

    1)On every wave first kill the two Mindless once and Force Cage Dormammu untill you are done.

    2)Now you have two options

    A) Either keep Force Caging him with IW and give random Debuffs by SW with her Probability Field untill he is dead.
    B) …

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