Intro: Sunda April 7th, 2013 / PVP Season 6 : Need to improve AFK Defence Team! Pt. 9

Activity: Recruited Black Knight for SO:8, just need Psylocke now.

Still no Warbringer's Axe.  3 Days left of roulettes, crossing my fingers!  Hovering around 1500 Rating, just out of Ada.  I have a feeling minium will be 1700+ this season.  Will go hard on Weds and Thurs and see what happens.

SO:8 is pretty cool, love battling Ultron and trying to take him down before he flees.  Managed to do that once and I believe there's a bonus?  Not sure yet.  Will see what the prize is tomorrow.  Gotten 40 Omega Lockboxes so far.  Opened them and got 3 covers and 1 duplicate.  

The duplicate came when I tried to open two back to back.  So I will try doing it one at a time over a long period.  Hope that works because still 6/8 for Magneto... stupid luck based system.

Short Term Goal: Farm Dark Sigil for PVP Season 6's final 3 days.  Enjoy SO:8 :), level up heroes.  Need more CPs to get Psylocke!

Long Term Goal: Kick Ass!

Opening Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 500k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 0), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 63), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 3.5k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Purple 0), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6)

PVP Rating: 1479 - Adamantium League

Ending Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 863k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 0), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 65), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 4k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic 245), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6) OMB (Omega Lockbox x1 7)

PVP Rating: 1523 (+44) - Adamantium League 

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