Intro: Saturday March 23rd, 2013 / PVP Season 6 is tough!! XD

Saw Docbobm's  blog post on his daily SO activity and thought I'd try myself at keeping a simplified version of my own general MMA daily activity; a score card on how each day has progressed towards my goal in this game.  

Short Term Goal:

Farm Dark Sigil for PVP Season 6.  Level up new heroes.

Long Term Goal: Prepare for SO:8 and aiming for Ada. this PVP season.

Opening Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 550k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 32), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 0), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 3k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Purple 25), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 5)

PVP Rating: 920 - Silver League

Activity: Been pvping the last two days... fluxing from 2% to .5%... meeting lots of players I've never seen before last season and they are all 60k/60k + with lots of heroes!  Can't say I'm winning them all on attack and even worse on defence, but it sure is rewarding besting the stupid AI who's team had 12k hps average!  Spent 32 Gold for PVP Punisher shirt just to stay competative-ish... 45k/60k Armory now, still less than most others who spents actual money or has managed their gold really really well.  Blew my MLB's in an attempt to get Magneto... stupid lucked based system is BS once again... no Mag.

Ending Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 415k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 1), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 22), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 3k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Purple 23), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 0)

PVP Rating: 1118 (+198) - Vibranium League : Not bad, +100 points a day.

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