Intro: Monday March 18th, 2013 / SO:7:Active

Saw Docbobm's  blog post on his daily SO activity and thought I'd try myself at keeping a simplified version of my own general MMA daily activity; a score card on how each day has progressed towards my goal in this game.  

Short Term Goal:

Cable to complete SO:7 134/135, 1 more to go! :)

Long Term Goal: Prepare for SO:8 and new PVP season by farming CP and getting myself a Dark Sigil.

Opening Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 846925), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 20), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 113), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 3k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Purple 526), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 5)

SO:7 Tasks 23/25

PVP Rating: N/A

Activity: Farmed 3.5 & 5 Starred a few for guaranteed CPs.  Doombringer #5...

Ending Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 642793), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 20), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 134), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 3k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Purple 476), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 5)

SO:7 Tasks 23/25 - No Change

PVP Rating: N/A - No Change

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