Intro: Wednesday April 10th, 2013 / PVP Season 6 : Final 24hours counting down!  Activity: Farming CPs for Psylocke, PVP'ing for daily roulette.  Still no Warbringers... le /sigh.

The calm before the storm.  Hovering from 1500-1650, one more change to get Warbringers...  It's not the offense that will win Fantomax.. it'll be the Defence.  And that's where I'm lacking, but seems like so is everyone else except the people who've paid to get 100k/90k armories... which btw, is bull crap, who spends that much without being a hacker?  I saw a guy with so many of those  cat's claws and the newest needle gun, that's nuts!  Enough whining... tomorrow evening will be a lag tackular night of MAA: PVP!

SO:8 is the best SO by far, so many things to do and bonuses!  I got 20CPs from killing Ultron from 55% to 0% on a friend's map.  Freaking awesome!  FYI it was Iron Fist + Luke Cage vs INF-Ultron.  It helped a lot to have Possessed Pistol from my Agent and a QJ + PoF to burn Ultron down in 1 round.  Awesome, simply awesome!

The duplicate covers came back to back.  I'm now 5/10 attempts.  3 More to go, and I have many more side quest tasks to get lockboxes and also more ultrons to defeat on friend maps.  I feel Playdom realized their mistake with Magneto and this is their way of saying, here's a coolass hero for free... ish if you're unlucky.. u still have to pay gold!  Wish everyone the best of luck with their boxes.  I've faced people in PVP who has their Omega Sentinel and Vision at level 9 already!! on the 3rd day of the SO!?!?  WTF lol.

Short Term Goal: PVP so ARDDDDDD.  Must make Ada...

Long Term Goal: Enjoy SO:8 as I'm 4 CPs from getting Psylocke! yay!

Opening Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 863k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 0), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 65), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 4k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic 245), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6) OMB (Omega Lockbox x1 7)

PVP Rating: 1529 - Adamantium League

SO:8 Task 16/25, 5/8 Omega Covers.

Ending Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 941k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 0), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 131), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 4k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic 94), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6) OMB (Omega Lockbox x1 2)

PVP Rating: 1659 (+130 over a few days) - Adamantium League 

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