Intro: Thursday April 11th, 2013 / PVP Season 6 : Success!!  1624 Rating .48% finally in Ada! WooT :)

Almost got kicked out of Ada when I sat on 1709 for a good 30 minutes.  Lesson learned, keep grinding higher.  Sigh of relieve.  Put a lot of effort this season to find a winning combination.  Although next season will be a complete different beast with Vision and Omega Sentinel.  They take so many turns!!

SO:8 Still on Task 16/25, 2 day research.  Time to relax and just farm more CPs for heroes I don't have or save it for the next SO.  

The duplicate covers are annoying.  I'm now 6/11 attempts.  2 More to go, side Tech quest 3/6, so still lots of boxes from that source.  Still... it's all chance, crossing fingers.  18 days remaining, lets see what happens.

Short Term Goal: Relax after PVP Season 6.

Long Term Goal: Enjoy SO:8 and kick Ultron's butt!

Opening Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 941k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 0), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 131), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 4k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic 94), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6) OMB (Omega Lockbox x1 2)

PVP Rating: 1659 - Adamantium League

SO:8 Task 16/25, Tech Task 3/6, 5/8 Omega Covers.

Ending Stats: Silver(18px-Silver-icon.png 1058k), Gold(18px-Gold_icon.png 11), CP(18px-Command_point_icon.png 6), SP(18px-Shield_point-icon.png 4k+), UISO(Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic 76), MLB(Magnetic Lockbox x1 6) OMB (Omega Lockbox x1 4)

PVP Rating: 1624 (-35) - Adamantium League Final .48%

SO:8 Task 16/25, Tech Task 3/6, 6/8 Omega Covers.

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