Hey all!  This is going to be my first blog on this wiki, and I think it'll really help out a lot of people, especially those who are new to the game.  This thing has been really bugging me so I'm really excited to roll this out.  I don't think anyone has done this, but if it has, just let me know and maybe we can merge the two together into a more comprehensive blog or something.  Anyway, on to the content!

What I really hate is when I can't figure out what effect takes precedent over the other, such as can Reality Warping negate a Psychic Attack?  Or what goes first, Opportunist or Combat Reflexes?  I'm hoping that this blog will put such questions to rest and provide an easily accessable collection of information, a dictionary, if you will.  This will be an ongoing project as I can't test everything so feedback from you, the community, is welcomed in the comments below.  Without further ado, let's get started!

Attack Buffs

I guess I'll just do them alphabetically.

Effect Icon 081 Blue
Bio Attack

I guess this is pretty obvious; it works against living organisms only!  No machines here.  Ineffective against targets with Effect Icon 021 Green Mechanical Body

Effect Icon 109 Blue Catastrophic

The tooltip says that it

  • Can't be Protected against
  • Ignores most Avoidance effects and is
  • Guaranteed to hit

Let's do this one bullet at a time.  The first one is easy; anyone with a protect ability cannot protect against a catastrophic attack. 

Then it gets a bit tricky.  Which avoidance effects are ignored by this type of attack?  Well, first, lets group them together.  There are the visual effects: Cloaked, Hidden in Smoke, Invisibility, Mirror Images, Misdirection (I'm going to group this here but since Fantomex hasn't been released we don't know how this works and therefore the classification is subject to change) and Protective Shroud, there are the incorporeal effects: Incorporeality, Phased, and Astral Form, then there are the miscellaneous effects: Blazing Speed, Fleet-footed, Nimble, Reality Warping, Psionic Shadow, Taking Cover, and Whiff of Brimstone.  Catastrophic ignores all visual effects, which makes sense since hitting the whole battlefield will connect with your target whether you can see him/her or not.  It cannot hit incorporeal targets or Scarlet Witch when Reality Warping procs. 

Now here's where I need your help, I have yet to find out what else can negate a catastrophic attack, but if I had to guess, I would say only Psionic Shadow and Whiff of Brimstone would have a chance to avoid it.  Part of why this can get confusing is due to the third bullet; we now know that it is not guaranteed to hit in every circumstance, and therefore, how can we trust the tooltip's word?  It's simplified so we don't have to do so much reading, but that makes it unreliable.  So just beware of the tooltip.

Effect Icon 025 Blue Ethereal Strike

  • Ignores Avoidance and Incorporeal effects

I love this buff.  If I'm not mistaken, excluding Reality Warping, ethereal attacks will hit anyone as long as they don't dodge due to evasion or Blinded/Distraction.

Effect Icon 097 Blue Ground Attack

  • Ignores most protect and Avoidance effects

This one is similar to catastrophic; it ignores protect and hits all tangible targets, with the exception of anyone not touching the ground i.e., anyone who is Effect Icon 066 Green Flying.

Effect Icon 011 Blue Guaranteed Hit

  • 100% chance to hit...usually

Serisously?  It's 100% of the time sometimes.  That is so ridiculously contradictory and useless it's laughable.  Essentially this buff makes your accuracy infinite when using whatever has Guaranteed Hit, making the % chance 100 in the little box you get when hovering over a skill.  This means that anything that is independant of accuracy, like Reality Warping, Phased, or Nimble, is unaffected by this attack buff.  So don't expect to hit that ghost tank with your Dark Sigil.

Effect Icon 076 Blue Psychic Attack

  • Ignores most evasion, shield, counter, and protect effects

This is awesome.  Hits unseen, incorporeal, flying, etc. targets, and can't usually be countered.  The only way to avoid a psychic attack is with Mindless or some kind of Mental Resilience buff, and, of course, the all powerful Reality Warping.

Effect Icon 076 Blue Psychic Energy Attack

  • Ignores most evasion, shield, counter, and protect effects
  • Deals energy damage against enemies immune to pyschic attacks

Pretty much the same as Pyschic Attack except Mindless and Mental Resilience won't help here.

Effect Icon 024 Blue Stealthy

  • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities

Pretty self-explanitory, except just as an FYI, it triggers Enraged, Close Quarters Combat, Combat Reflexes (not the counter attack, just the buff), and Eye of Judgment when appropiate.

Effect Icon 025 Blue Subtle

  • Does not trigger most status effects

This one's pretty ambiguous.  It's like Stealthy but Sublte moves generally aren't attacks and don't trigger agro class bonuses.  It ignores incorporeality and shields, but can be dodged by visual avoidance effects and Reality Warping.


This section is going to be a bit dodgy, since I can really only go by memory on some of the buffs, so if you guys see anything wrong, just let me know.

Effect Icon 036 Green Avengers Assemble

Cooperative Defense can only proc if the attack can be countered by Combat Reflexes.

Effect Icon 061 Green Bleak House

  • After any enemy attacks, has a chance to make all allies' next attack a guaranteed critical hit

I don't use Beast much in PVP, so I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure it'll only proc if the attack can be countered by Combat Reflexes; that is, non stealthy, subtle, or psychic attacks.  The thing about Epiphany is that it doesn't guarantee the hit, only the crit if there is a hit.  Don't forget that bit.

Effect Icon 078 Green Close Quarters Combat

  • The next single-target attack grants one follow-up attack
  • Attacks have a greatly increased chance to hit
  • Attacks ignore most Avoidance effects

I'm pretty sure this works like Catastrophic in the sense that all visual effects are ignored, but incorporeality and the miscellaneous effects, except taking cover, I believe, are not.  I'm not quite sure of the effect of Blinded/Distraction.  Can someone help me out here?

Effect Icon 079 Green Combat Reflexes

  • Counter-attacks when attacked by any attack
  • Increases damage dealt by 30%
  • Attacks become Stealthy

It counters any attack that is not psychic, stealthy or subtle, which really isn't "any" attack but whatever; another case of beware of the tooltip.  Everything pertaining to Stealthy attacks also pertains to Combat Reflexes.

Effect Icon 026 Green Mirror Images

  • High chance to dodge the next 2 single-target attacks

First of all, when it says attacks, it means hits.  From my experience, it overrides Weak Point, which allegedly guarentees the next attack to hit and crit.  Takes precedence over Magnetized.


More to come.

Effect Icon 146 Red Magnetized

So the tooltip claims two things:

  • Magnetized targets can't crit, and
  • Magnetized targets can't dodge

Let's start with the crits.  Magnetized targets have absolutely no chance whatsoever to crit, no matter the circumstances.  They can't crit targets with Weak Point, or any similar buff, nor can they crit when they have buffs that say "guarenteed to crit".  So whaddya know about that; the tooltip actually got something right this time!

The second bit is false.  Magnetized targets can dodge in certain circumstances: of course, the ever annoying Reality Warping will dogde, and anything that is independant of accuracy, like Blazing Speed, Whiff of Brimstone or a Hexed backfire can also cause you to miss.  Mirror Images can also dodge, which really doesn't make sense.

So up to now I've probably been telling you things you already know.  That's ok, there's more to come.  I want to make this as comprehensive and detailed as possible, so I'm going to include things that are already common knowledge.

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