• Gabrique

    Am I Overleveled?

    September 15, 2012 by Gabrique

    I'm a level 60 agent and this is my roster:

    IM level 9 BW: level 7 Hawkeye: level 8

    She-Hulk: level 7 Iron Fist: level 8 Storm: level 7

    Mr Fantastic: level 9 BC: level 6 Luke C: level 7

    Colossus: level 6 Cyclops: level 7 Dr. Strange: level 6

    Sif: level 6 IW: level 6 Thing: level 6

    KP: level 5 WM: level 4

    I wanna now... based on the experience most of you have, if I'm Overleveled, and how much ya think i'll take to regulate my level with my team level.

    Also I wanted adivice with this: I wasted almost all my silver on research and buying stuff at the store, and Ignored the remote ops, now im paying the price (out pf silver, and everything is freaking expensive). Who should I prioritize, the training of my heroes (At least 6 require it, and 4 others are close to…

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