Well, today I am making a blog about recruited one of the most beneficial heroes to our team, Rescue. Current Setup: MK 42 Armor, and Captain Britain. Not using Human Torch, as he's not good as them.

Day 1

Mission 1: Defeat 5 AIM FieldTech Troops

FieldTech Troops are in Mission 1 of the SO, and BAM, done! Pretty easy. 

Mission 2: Complete A Deploy

I'm not wasting any ISO on a deploy, so I'm doing a non-SO deploy, finished my Beast deploy, and is good as done.

Mission 3: Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1

Crimson Dynamo is a Mini Boss, and since MK 42 is the team up, this is going to be really easy. (Like, really really really really really good, like Keanu Reeves good) I used the Heartbreaker power, then used Captain B to weaken him, and finally finished off Crimson Dynamo with my POSSESSED PISTOL

Mission 4: Use on Distress Call

I used that one to just progress to Titanium Man, and used my highest level ally on a high threat

Mission 5: Defeat Titanium Man

Titanium Man is really easy, unless you are a low level agent, then you're pretty screwed, unless you have a high level ally. Honestly surprised they didn't put Rescue as a Team Up. I recommend using MK 42's 2nd attack, then use Captain B's 4th attack, repeat unless he has low health then use his 3rd attack to exploit burning, and defeat him

Mission 6: Research the Armor Plating

This takes 8 or 6 hours (don't know, don't care) 60 ISO, and 2,000 silver (once again I don't remember, DONT JUDGE ME)

I decided to just 3 star mission 1, so ending amount of iso. 160

Day 2

Collected 50 ISO, then got a bonus 20 ISO from roulette.

Mission 7: Defeat 8 A.I.M. ChemTech Troops

These soldier are found in mission 2, so pretty easy.

Mission 8: Use Iron Man Mk 42's Missile Bombardment 3 Times

I have MK 42's 2nd attack, and didn't want to waste ISO so I didn't. Simple as that. Did it in 2.6. (trying to 5-star so I can reach CP orgasm) (12.2)

Meanwhile, decided to start Mission 2

Mission 9: 2 Star Mission 1

I already 3-starred mission 1, as said already, so I'm covered

Mission 10: Fight in 5 PVP battles

One of my most hated task's as I hate PVP, so I did practice fights (not willing to lose in real ones) And done.

Mission 11: Research Deflector Fist

Takes 1 day, and 80 ISO

Ending amount of ISO: 32

Day 3

Collected 50 ISO, and got one of those stupid Stark Cards

Mission 12: Defeat Blizzard

Progressed through that, and had to do all deploys and fight. (Don't ask how I got the amount of ISO to get to Blizzard, don't) Well, Rescue is a Team-Up (finally). I used her 2nd and 3rd ability, and then used MK 42's attack to give him Radiation Expotion (Cancer) then finished him off with Possessed Pistol

Mission 13: Use Rescue's Flyby Attack 3 times

Since Rescue is a Team-Up in the epic boss, and since Rescue's 1st attack is a Free Action, this isn't toooooo hard a task

Mission 14: Win 3 PVP fights

Yet another hated task of mine, and since PVP is over, guess I'll have to do .....practice.... *shutters*

Mission 15: Use 3 Armor Plating in combat

This can be done in regular combat, and creates a shield around you. I did this in 2.6

Mission 16: Research the Ferric Shield

Do Not Get The SHIELD Part of this, and takes 2 days, and 120 ISO

Ending ISO: 320 ISO (Once Again, DO NOT ASK HOW I GOT THE ISO)

Day 4

  • Sigh* My head hurts

Colected my daily 50 ISO

Mission 17: Defeat 2 Mini-Bosses in Mission 2

Decided to 3-Bird Mission 2, because Task 18 requires to 2 Star Mission 2. Exoskeletal Battletank, and The Sentinels are the Mini-Bosses.

Mission 18: 2 Star Mission 2

-_-, what did I tell you. I 3-starred it already if you were lazy enough to not read it

Meanwhile, decided to start Mission 3

Mission 19: Use Protector Protocol 3 Times 

Rescue is a Team-Up in Mission 3, and did the Mini-Boss Fight with Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash.

Mission 20: Okay, My Head Really Hurts (Not The Task, Defeat 5 AIM Directors)

I had to run and re-run just to do this, since there are 3 AIM Directors in it

Mission 21: Collect 10 ISO

Since I don't want to waste anymore Gold, I'll just wait until tomorrow. Good Night

Day 5

Collected Daily 50, and finished Task 21

Mission 22: Defeat 4 Mini-Bosses 

4 Mini-Bosses in Mission 3, Whiplash, Crimson Dynamo, Blizzard, and Titanium Man, and Rescue is a Team-Up

Mission 23: Defeat Savin

Well.... I had to fight all of the threats, and finally he appeared. MK 42 is a Team Up, and I used Captain B. Since He can get Enraged from him, so this is going to be really easy.

Mission 24: 3 Star All Missions

I 3-starred Mission 1+2, and I need 1 more run of the Mission. Out of ISO, though.

See You Tomorrow

Day 6

Sorry for the loooong break.

Task 24: 3 Star All Missions

Finished that final run of 9.3, and now this is done. WOOOHOOOO

Task 25: Defeat Iron Patriot.

Okay, while I was gone I worked myself all the way up to the Iron Patriot Fight. :) I used Rescue, and Captain B, and used a Distress Call at the beginning. Ironically, Rescue came, did her first attack, so that was useless :P.I just decided to defeat Iron Patriot first, then kill the rest of the Sentinels, and BOOM, Rescue is mine.

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