Hi Again, I'm going to create a blog post about Spec Ops 8 , and tell you about my progress

Mission 1: Defeat 5 RAID Soldiers

Easy Enough, I used Black Knight And Ghost Rider On My Team, And 5 RAID Soldiers are In the First 2 Missions

Mission 2: Complete A Deploy

I Saw That You Can You Can Complete A Deploy In PVE, And I Finished The Emma Frost Deploy

Mission 3: Defeat A MiniBoss In Mission 1

I defeated Hydro Man, Switched Out Ghost Rider With Hydro Man, and Switched Out Black Knight With Cable

Mission 4:Defeat 3 ExoSkeletal Battlesuits

Battlesuits are in the MiniBoss Battle, and the 2 hard battles have exosuits, so done.

Mission 5: Defeat Vision

Vision Is the final  boss of Mission 1, and I Used Dr Strange and Human Torch. Dr Strange Got a Double Attack On Vision, and Used Vapors.

Mission 6: Research The Android Hand

This Costs 60 ISO, and Takes 8 Hours, so see you until then

Current Amount Of Iso: 321

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