Sup, I'm freakout117, and I'm making a blog about going through Special Operations

Day 1

Mission 1: Defeat 4 AIM Trooper.

Done easily as they are in the first 2 fights

Mission 2: collect 1 call

EASY, if you have any allies.

Mission 3: Defeat Nitro

Killed him easily

Mission 4:Use Hank Pyms Growing Pains Ability 3 times

Easy, because he is a Team- Up in the mini boss.

Mission 5: Defeat MODOK:

MODOK is the boss of Mission 1, and on my team I used Emma Frost, and Human Torch.

Mission 6: Research The Prototype AI

Takes 8 hours And 80 Iso, Don't have to do anything

Also 3 starred Mission 1, so I'm almost out of Iso.

See you in 8 Hours.

Day 2

Completed Prototype AI

Mission 7: Defeat 3 Sentinels

3 Sentinels are in the medium boss fight, and defeasted them

Mission 8: Beat 2 minibosses

Beat both Boomerang and Grey Gargoyle

Mission 9: 2 star Mission 1

Already 3 starred mission 1

Mission 10: beat fixer

managed to farm 20 iso so beat fixer

Mission 11: upgrade decade

Doing it right now so see you in 24 hours

did the daily roulette, and hit the 1000 iso thing!

Day 3

Completed Research

Mission 12: Use Hank Pyms Goliath Punch 3 times

Well since Nitro And the Hydra Soldier Are Blasters, you can use his attack 4 times

Mission 13: Complete 5 Deploys

Mission 8.5 has exactly 5 Deploys

Mission 14: Complete 5 Flight Deck Mission

I did the 10 minute missions

Mission 15: Do 5 PVP fights

I Reccommend using Real Fights, because of the current PVP going on

Mission 16: 48 Hour research

Since i have 1200 iso, i used it easily so see you in 2 days

Completed research

Mission 17: Use Hank Pym And Iron Man in battle

Did Tactical Force and done.

Mission 18 :2 Star Mission 2

Did that earlier

MIssion 19: Use Bug Squashing Ability Once

Did it in The Evil Thor one

Mission 20: Win 3 PVP battles

Used Deadpool And Hutman Torch, and won

Mission 21: Collect 10 Iso

I got it from gifts

Mission 22: Use 2 Prototype AIs in Combat

I used that in regular Combat

23: Defeat Kang

Wow, he is Hard... I used HT And HP, He beat My Agent, and I won by Using Nova Blast

24: 3 Star All Mission

Decided to skip that one

25: Beat Dr Doom

I Used the same combination, and Dr Doom Killed my guy with 1 Attack, then i used flame stream to burn him, and he used his shield, and died from burning


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