• Freakout117

    Well, today I am making a blog about recruited one of the most beneficial heroes to our team, Rescue. Current Setup: MK 42 Armor, and Captain Britain. Not using Human Torch, as he's not good as them.

    Day 1

    Mission 1: Defeat 5 AIM FieldTech Troops

    FieldTech Troops are in Mission 1 of the SO, and BAM, done! Pretty easy. 

    Mission 2: Complete A Deploy

    I'm not wasting any ISO on a deploy, so I'm doing a non-SO deploy, finished my Beast deploy, and is good as done.

    Mission 3: Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1

    Crimson Dynamo is a Mini Boss, and since MK 42 is the team up, this is going to be really easy. (Like, really really really really really good, like Keanu Reeves good) I used the Heartbreaker power, then used Captain B to weaken him, and finally fin…

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  • Freakout117

    Spec Ops 8

    April 6, 2013 by Freakout117

    Hi Again, I'm going to create a blog post about Spec Ops 8 , and tell you about my progress

    Mission 1: Defeat 5 RAID Soldiers

    Easy Enough, I used Black Knight And Ghost Rider On My Team, And 5 RAID Soldiers are In the First 2 Missions

    Mission 2: Complete A Deploy

    I Saw That You Can You Can Complete A Deploy In PVE, And I Finished The Emma Frost Deploy

    Mission 3: Defeat A MiniBoss In Mission 1

    I defeated Hydro Man, Switched Out Ghost Rider With Hydro Man, and Switched Out Black Knight With Cable

    Mission 4:Defeat 3 ExoSkeletal Battlesuits

    Battlesuits are in the MiniBoss Battle, and the 2 hard battles have exosuits, so done.

    Mission 5: Defeat Vision

    Vision Is the final  boss of Mission 1, and I Used Dr Strange and Human Torch. Dr Strange Got a Double A…

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  • Freakout117

    Spec Ops 7

    March 9, 2013 by Freakout117

    Sup, I'm freakout117, and I'm making a blog about going through Special Operations

    Day 1

    Mission 1: Defeat 4 AIM Trooper.

    Done easily as they are in the first 2 fights

    Mission 2: collect 1 call

    EASY, if you have any allies.

    Mission 3: Defeat Nitro

    Killed him easily

    Mission 4:Use Hank Pyms Growing Pains Ability 3 times

    Easy, because he is a Team- Up in the mini boss.

    Mission 5: Defeat MODOK:

    MODOK is the boss of Mission 1, and on my team I used Emma Frost, and Human Torch.

    Mission 6: Research The Prototype AI

    Takes 8 hours And 80 Iso, Don't have to do anything

    Also 3 starred Mission 1, so I'm almost out of Iso.

    See you in 8 Hours.

    Day 2

    Completed Prototype AI

    Mission 7: Defeat 3 Sentinels

    3 Sentinels are in the medium boss fight, and defeasted them

    Mission 8: …

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