General Thoughts

The following are prevalent changes impacting Season 12 based upon my observation thus far:

  • Armory:
    • 6th Page added
    • Split between Offense/Defense
  • Cube/Mystic: Most common weapons I have seen thus far. Emerald Prism and Vigilante Toolkit has been phased out completely due to the obvious changes.
  • Thor: Might of Mjolnir can no longer be scrolled away. Profileration of Thor is picking up. Last season's darling Ares remains a high usage character.

Approach to the Season

Given that the armory has been split, the impact of Hero bonuses have gained a larger importance. High amrory bonuses is not as large of an impact until it scales high enough later on in future PVP seasons. It was important that I build upon my hero bonuses before progressing in levels. Thus I made a conscious decision to not gain as much experience points by battling every day this season for the lockbox hero - Sabertooth. It is a calculated risk but I don't see Sabertooth as a must have hero to remain competitive in the PVP landscape.

With this approach, I plan to play strategically on certain days (spamming a bunch of attacks in one session) to maintain a rating in the upper 2-3% until the last day of PVP. Unfortunately, the reality of PVP is that last day is of great importance unless you are an elite player that has placed high enough in the rankings. Even though the last day is of great importance, you do still need to make sure you are strategically in an ideal range of ranking before making the final push.

With the proliferation of the Cube/Mystic gear on the agents, I see an importance on attacks that can negate avoidance effects and of course the Scroll of Angolob. When creating my offensive/defensive team this year, I've placed my emphasis on those percepts. Since I also use the Mystic, I also focus on team buffs that increase my damage on attack with the hope that the Scroll of Angolob isn't used too often. That might change towards the end of the season if it becomes more prevalent especially since the AI has a tendency to use the Scroll in the first round.

Fun Stuff

Instead of using my "A" team to start off this PVP season, I decided to field a fun team that can remain competitive in the current PVP landscape in terms of gear and heroes.

To start this season, I decided to use Iron Man - MK42 - Blaster and Hank Pym. There are a few reasons I came up with this combo:

- Smartest Man in the Room synergy between Iron Man and Hank Pym.

- Iron Man has True Strike Attacks.

- Hank Pym has a Stealthy Attack.

- Hank Pym - 3 out of 4 Attacks are buffed with my Dragon Foot gear.

Most of all, I love the Hank Pym Level 9 - Catasphoric Attack - Giant Boot Stomp!

Season Update


Rank: 3792

Rating: 1660 (0.36%)

Wins: 351 (Attack 78/Defense 273)

Losses: 247 (Attack 6/Defense 241)

Comment: I changed my defense team and found I could hold steady without having to attack any further to prevent unnecessary experience gain.

12-04-2013 (5 Days  Remaining)

Rank: 4312

Rating: 1547 (0.44%)

Wins: 224 (Attack 78/Defense 146)

Losses: 155 (Attack 5/Defense 150)

Comment: I took a break from PVP for last  4 days and defense team is holding steady. Very strange as I dipped as low as a 1406 rating and then in a span of 36 hours I was back up in the 1550s range. All from AFK wins and with no changes in my defense team. I am bewildered.

11-30-2013 (8 days Remaining)

Rank: 1566

Rating: 1621 (0.17%)

Wins: 181 (Attack 78/Defense 103)

Losses: 114 (Attack 5/Defense 109)

Comment: Just won Sabertooth, so deciding to skip PVP matches for a few days to avoid gaining experience points. I expect  my ranking/rating to drop a bit before I make the final day push. I'm noticing best time to climb is between 7 pm - 11 pm PST. More players are making a push to the top as the number of AFK defenses has increased dramatically the last 3 days - from 117 to 212. More than 30 attacks a day whereas I've been averaging between 15-20 attack/day last week.

Also, I'm contemplating a change in my PVP team as I've just gotten Uncanny Cyclops to Level 13.

11-28-2013 (11 days remaining)

Rank: 2,835

Rating: 1503 (0.32%)

Wins: 116 (Attack 63/Defense 53)

Losses: 68 (Attack 4/Defense 64)

Comment: Decided to push my ratings up today by using my strongest AFK team

11-26-2013 (13 days remaining)

Rank: 12,354

Rating: 1,290 (1.41%)

Wins: 93 (Attack 57/ Defense 36)

Losses: 60 (Attack 4/Defense 56)

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