This happened to me:

me bruiser + tigra + shatterstar VS agent + P5 Cyclops blaster + WW Hulk bruiser

First to move:  Cyclops 

Cyclops used "optic blast" on my agent, suddenly both foes'agent and hulk made a "follow up" attack, still within Cyclops round.

It was in the first round, nobody used Avenger assemble or coordinated attack. When one of this 2 trigger the game show a "pop up" whith the name, in this case nothing popped (?)

Then nothig strange happend untile nex cyclops turn, when the same happened again

At the end I checked the agent profile to see which weapon allowed this, but he had nothing new "golden axe, angolob scroll, and 2 other common thing that I don't remeber"

Was this a Cheater or a bug?

Sorru for my engrish, I'm italian

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