I use to park my agent,

I use po4 to kill my agent in every fight that make him earn more tha 25 px.

After Omega sentinel I didn't fight Ultron because I dont't think 4 boxes worth 50 px

In the last month I run only 4.4 ( 4 starred) , so 3 days ago I had a 90 level agent and 6.1 yet to play.

I spent gold to unlock all the armories in PVP, so the longer I stay low level the more the gold is well spent.

thurday a friend of mine told me " Have you see capter 12? whit only 20 energy you con do boss and epic. I made 60 cp in 3 days"

I reply: It looks terrific

So i Made a marathon from 6.1 to 12.1 in 2 days.

It took me all the energies stock that I have and, worse, it made my agent get 3 level

Yesterday finally I tried 12.1 with my level 93 agent.

first time I lost like a baby (I blame thor, not in my roster) and even so my agent got 120 px.

The second run I won 1 cp and my agent got 470 px

I knew that the epic boss was in 12.2, so I fought Baron & viper, result: iso + 3 cp for 700 px

One run in 4.4 makes my agent earn not more than 100 px

So I was asking myself:

Is it better to earn CP slowly but with less px or is better to earn cp quickly but getting a level after another?

If i consider PX like a cost, which cost Have I to consider more important, energies spent or of the px gained?

I thought that who play the 12.2  9 times/day will get for sure a lot more cp that who play 4.4  3 times/day, but he's going to be level 150 or more very soon. So i realized that the odds that someone level 90ish like me will meet in PVP someone who is running 12.2 are very low.

now I'm level 93 and half, lets say 94, to get to level 100 I have to earn 14626 px, it means about 150 runs of 4.4, and according to my other blog this will make me earn about  463 cp.

So I decided "I will stay on 4.4 until I have all heroes or I get level 150"

I ask you wikia contributors " Can you make me change my mind?"

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