This Blog is written purely so that other Marvel Avengers Alliance players can know and learn from my personal experience. It is important to note that I have not purchased and played all characters through to level 12.

I want to first give thanks to Xobai  for his Who Should I Buy Next? Guide.


Disclaimer #1: This guide is written exclusively for in-game usefulness.  If you have a strong personal affinity or dislike for a particular character, feel free to use or ignore that character at your discretion.  This is YOUR game; play it the way it best suits you

Disclaimer #2: There is often no “right” answer. Choosing between several characters can often yield you different results with no “best” result. If you ask me if you should buy Hulk or Thor, I will give my best advice but the two of them offer similar benefits and this is more of a personal preference question.

Disclaimer #3: If you are going to spend a cash buying gold, ignore this Go straight for the most effective characters.

Disclaimer #4: The game changes. What is effective and useful now may be flight desk material in a month’s time.  Frankly, it's almost inevitable that today's good advice will be tomorrow's regrettable decision.  I have no control over this

Disclaimer #5: The existence of special operations changes the value of characters. Certain Characters will be required to obtain limited time spec-ops heroes. Example: Beast is needed to complete a deploy, and acquire Valkyrie.


The first hero you should obtain (VIA free hero for unlocking PVP) should be Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, or Cyclops.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist 1 Task Icon
 He is a valid option only because he is a scrapper. Obtaining a scrapper early on is part of what allows you to get to the epic boss on 2.3 as well as adding new class to your arsenal.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman 1 Task Icon
 Sue is a good option because she can shield and deal a good deal of damage because of Surprise Attack.


Cyclops 1 Task Icon
 Cyclops is useful because he is an action and there is a massive amount of Iron Mans and Human Torches in PVP. He also good because his Exploit Weakness move is quite helpful against tough bosses.

After you obtain one of these three you will want to obtain a Bruiser, Black Cat, or Quicksilver.


She-Hulk 1 Task Icon
 I have never been wowed by She-Hulk but it is essential to have every class avaibible to you heading into a tough battle and she is only 15 cp. She isn't bad though, especially considering her Burst of Speed ability allowing her to take two attacks in one turn.

Black Cat

Black Cat 1 Task Icon
Another Character I have never been wowed by but I haven't yet purchase her Alt uniform that allows her to deal large bleeding damage to foes. I have placed her here because she gives access to the first epic boss, Electra, on Mission 2.3. Which isn't the best CP farming mission but not bad for early on either. If you chose Invisible Woman earlier I do not recommend Black Cat as a second choice.


Quicksilver 1 Task Icon
I have loved Having Quicksilver. He really suits my Top Gun playing style. Load him up with a bunch of strong Iso-8 and watch him take out Character that would otherwise have first allow your other characters a chance to use their abilities. Additionally, He can bypass protect and counter attack ability with blinding punches and will obliterate any nasty Infiltrators.  If you chose Iron Fist earlier I do       not recommend Quicksilver as a second choice.

Next you will want to obtain storm.'


Storm 1 Task Icon
Storm is quite useful. Her Lightning causes static charge which if used well can damage all enemies with D.O.T. Most importantly is that Storm allows you to Farm 4.4 and collect the Magnetic Field Generator.

The rest is mostly Personal Preference but I suggest Spiderman and Captain America as your first 90 CP heroes.


Spider-Man 1 Task Icon
Spiderman is a great Character with a high evasion and his Future Foundation suit makes him a great team player. Even better, is that Spiderman is needed for 2 epic bosses and a premium mission making him invaluable.

Captain America

Captain America 1 Task Icon
He can protect your allies, has Defensive Stance and can counter attack. He also a tactician which can easily take care of those annoying Human Torches you will enevetiably face in PVP over and over again. He is often proclaimed the best hero in the Game.


After this it is all up to you and what you like best and works best for you. I do however recommend keep a balance amount of heroes per class. I suggest you take a look at the Hero Reviews page.

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