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    A Little Fun

    January 24, 2013 by Fight57

    Many people have been posting that they are bored without a new spec-ops being released. I thought this might be fun for people to try.

    If Marvel Avenger Alliance were a Soccer Game what would be your ideal team.  To make things simpler, lets just say we are playing three forwards, two midfielders, three defense and a goalie. Post your Choices below.


    Captain America – The team captain with the leading strike

    Hulk – we know he is going to have a hard shot

    Hawkeye – The Master Marksman attacks almost never miss


    Quicksilver – Fast enough to be a help in both defence and offense

    Gambit – He is a Wild Card


    Thing – He is a stonewall on defence

    Ms. Marvel – Kree speed

    Hercules – Gift of battle


    Invisible Woman – Force fields

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  • Fight57

    This Blog is written purely so that other Marvel Avengers Alliance players can know and learn from my personal experience. It is important to note that I have not purchased and played all characters through to level 12.

    I want to first give thanks to Xobai  for his Who Should I Buy Next? Guide.


    Disclaimer #1: This guide is written exclusively for in-game usefulness.  If you have a strong personal affinity or dislike for a particular character, feel free to use or ignore that character at your discretion.  This is YOUR game; play it the way it best suits you

    Disclaimer #2: There is often no “right” answer. Choosing between several characters can often yield you different results with no “best” result. If you ask me if you should buy …

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