aka Agent Foxy Roxy

  • I live in California
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is You just got passed by a girl :)
  • I am Female
  • FastGirl

    Recently looked at my PvP tournament information. Apparently, the AI of other players you battle in PvP is really bad at defense... choices like knowing when to use 3rd ability powers on special weapons never show up. I noticed this when battling the AI a lot. Same is true for parking your agent when you're at work or sleeping. Before starting your PvP grind, I'd recommend the following...

    1 Check your PvP tournament battle results... if you've lost a lot of points, it means someone underpowered has just stomped your AI team. Click on the "get revenge" link on the broadcast news icon to get 'em back. All things equal, if 2 players are not on AI mode battling each other, the one with superior team make up (team combo, items, and pvp bonuses)…

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