• Elthiele

    Welcome! To my first blog on this wiki.

    Starting tomorrow, I will be recording my stats and PVP placings here, as well as my team, and recommendations. I am only an average player, but I think this will help some of you out as we're all average at some stage :P

    My current team at time of posting is:

    • Agent
      • Tactician's Nanolaire TechSuit
      • Lv 45
      • Sgt's Fury
      • Offensive Accelerator
      • Signpost
    • Quicksilver
      • Lv 9
      • Atk + Ev ISO's
    • Hercules
      • Lv 1 :P
      • No ISO's

    At time of posting I am sitting at rating 1,167 (Top 1.4%) with 131 fights. I hope to make adamantium league, but doubt that I will.


    Sorry for the lack of posting guys, got exams this week, wont be able to post. I will, however, leave you with my progress.

    • Agent
      • Lv 47
      • Still Tac suit
      • Modded B&F "Highroad"
      • Offensive …

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