• Eleftherios

    I know that Hank Pym doesn't need a rework right now as he is one fine hero, I thought of this rework that portrays better his power set and his character from the comics. I would love to hear your feedback!

    Hank Pym Rework Suggestion

    Heroic Age Hank Pym

    Class: Tactician

    ·     Smartest Man in the Room:

    o   Each round triggers a new Analysis

    ·     Mental Breakdown: Hank Pym has a small chance of failing to change size

    ·     Giant-Size:

    o Bonus in Defense (+15%)

    o Can’t dodge attacks

    ·     Unlocked at Level 1

    ·     Unarmed Melee

    ·     Targets One Enemy

    ·     One enemy

    o   Fumbling

    o   Staggered

    ·     Unlocked at Level 2

    ·     Buff

    ·     1 round cooldown

    ·     Targets Self

    ·     Special Properties

    o   Quick Action

    o   Subtle

    ·     Self

    o   Ant-Size

    §  Grants bonus in Evas…

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