Now that more and more characters are being released, the classes are becoming a little uneven. What new heroes do you think should be introduced to each class in order to even them up a little?

Here are some characters and the classes I think they could fit in:

BRUISERS: Namor, Sentry, Doc Samson, Red She-Hulk, Groot, Sasquatch, Strong Guy, M, Husk, Frenzy, or Sunspot

BLASTERS: Polaris, Silver Surfer, Photon/Pulsar, Captain Marvel, Rachel Summers, Magma, Nova, Banshee, Jubilee, Dagger, Firestar, Dazzler, Songbird, Siryn, or Chamber

SCRAPPERS: Warpath, Sunspot, Blade, Quake, Puck, Namorita, Speedball, Northstar, Rictor, Longshot, or Wolfsbane

INFILTRATORS: Cloak, Karma, Longshot, Winter Soldier, or Snowbird

TACTICIANS: Banshee, Photon/Pulsar, Moonstar, Night Thrasher, Justice, Guardian, Starlord, Multiple Man, M, Siryn, or Forge

GENERALISTS: Mimic, Synch, or Hope Summers

Comment about what you agree or disagree about and what other characters you think could fit in each class.

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