Well let's see if any of thus holds up 10 months down the road....

Alt costumes:

New LE alt costume for Captain America

LE costume for Falcon (who I predict will be released prior to this)

Villains: Crossbones, Batroc, and Winter Soldier

Spec Ops reward hero: Winter Soldier

Lockbox hero: Crossbones (he was one of Luke's Thunderbolts)

The plot will loosely follow the plot of the movie, chapter 1 may involve a flashback mission to allow Winter Soldier as a hero for the team-up tasks. Crossbones and Batroc will definately be villains.

Release: April 2014 as a tie in to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I wont make any speculations beyond the basic facts stated above, see ya all 10 months from now to see if this holds up.

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