Looking back at past PvP tournaments a pattern seems to be emerging, and the pattern is that 3 PvP tournaments in a row will have a member(s) of X-Force, followed by a 4th tournament with a member(s) of the Thunderbolts: I will continue to update this blog until the pattern is broken

PvP Season 1: Deadpool, Group affiliations X-Force/Thunderbolts/Six-Pack

PvP Season 2: Cable, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Men/Six-Pack

PvP Season 3: Psylocke, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Men/Excalibur

PvP Season 4: Punisher, Group affiliation: Thunderbolts

PvP Season 5: X-23, Group affiliation: X-Force

PvP Season 6: Fantomex, Group affiliation: X-Force

PvP Season 7: Shatterstar, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Factor

PvP Season 8: Red Hulk, Group affiliations: Thunderbolts/Avengers, Lockbox hero Juggernaut, Group affiliations X-Men/Excalibur/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/Thunderbolts

PvP Season 9: Angel, Group affiliations X-Men/X-Factor/X-Force/Champions

PvP Season 10: X-Force member(s)?

PvP Season 11: X-Force member(s)?

PvP Season 12: Thunderbolts member(s)?

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