Mindless One P

With this strategy you can crush any stage that is crawling with Mindless Ones and never have to worry about that pesky Abyssal Stare, or waste a turn using anti-toxin or detoxifier.

This strategy is a major help in chapters 7.5, 9.6, and 10.4...

What You'll Need:

1: An Item that grants the agent Protect (Hoarfrost Mace, Blade of the Guardian and so on)

2: An item that grants the agent poison immunity (Techno-Organic Endoskeleton reccomended)


The next four things are not required, but do maximize the effectiveness of this strategy

3: Quicksilver

4: Bruiser uniform

5: Any Bruiser (though Scarlet Witch will yield a higher score from team-up bonuses alternatively)

6: A counter attack weapon (already covered if using BotG)

The strategy requires little explanation with the gear in place, the mindless ones can only use abyssal stare on the agent due to protect, and the agent is immune to it's effects when using an appropriate item, other heroes can never be afflicted with this annoying and deadly debuff making a fight with the usually irritating Mindless Ones a cakewalk.

If using Quicksilver (who always goes first) and Bruiser Uniform strategy on top of this, open the fight with QS's Tag Team to turn all the Mindless Ones into scrappers, now not only does your agent have immunity to the abyssal stare, but becomes enraged when they try it. If using a second bruiser, or any character with a Protect ability, DONT use their protect ability as they do not share the agent's immunity, to this end avoid using alt costumes with protect abilities turned on at the start (WWII Cap, Modern Colossus ect.)

Additionally it goes without saying this strategy falls apart if the agent dies, so on the off-chance you start running low on health, by all means use a health pack.

Below is a screenshot of the gear I use in this strategy (QJ, SoA not required)


Example of an item set for this strategy

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