These are the next batch of villains I whole heartedly believe will become lockbox heroes:

  1. Winter Soldier: If Bucky Barnes does not get made into a hero, then someone at PD is high.
  2. Hybrid: Only in game villain who was never a villain in the comics, nuff said.
  3. Mystique: Kinda obvious, for usually self-serving reasons she has been a hero multiple times.
  4. Blob: Like Mystique, hard to write Fred Dukes off completely, Freedom Force comes to mind.
  5. Toad: Wolvie's Janitor LOL
  6. Baron Zemo (as Citizen V): I kind of expect Zemo will appear in his "heroic" alter-ego now that Fixer has been confirmed as a LB hero.
  7. Green Goblin: Now I fully expect him and the next two to be under some sort of Government death threat to cooperate much like in the comics, and much like Sabretooth is in the game...
  8. Venom: Mac Gargan: see GG reasons
  9. Bullseye: see GG reasons. "Eye for an Eye" team up bonus with Hawkeye!
  10.  Crimson Dynamo: He has been a hero, and is far more honorable then his fellow armored Russian, Titanium Man

The longshots

These guys and girls have had a heroic deed or two under their belts, but, can't even play the merc angle to explain why they turn to SHIELD.

  1. Ronan: probably the most likely of this part of the list due to the short lived MAA Tactics
  2. Lizard: Doc Connors is not evil, well depends on the writer I guess...
  3. Thanos: He was the holder of the Reality Gem as one of Adam Warlock's Infinity Watch.
  4. Scream: she briefly served as Eddie Brock's partner in fighting the Xenophage, Dirtnap, Chimera, and dedicated herself to destroying remnant symbiote invaders.
  5. Dragoness: Just due to her being a Utopia citizen.
  6. Bob, agent of Hydra: only reason I say he is unlikely is, well, oh hell, just LB him PD!
  7. Sentinel: If they did Rover, I would be in awe, otherwise not expecting a playable Sentinel.
  8. Mephisto: Has been pointed out that he has "helped" heroes in the past, but seriously, read between the lines, this devil ain't a hero.
  9. Carnage: He was playable in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, as a hero for lord only knows what reason, but this mass murdering scumbag serial killer certainly does not deserve to be a hero in this game.
  10.  Doctor Octopus: Yeah the whole "Superior Spider-Man" thing is oddly still running, despite mostly negative fan reactions, and that may make Otto more likely, but lets be real for a sec... do you actually want to play Doc Ock, or encourage the Superior Spider-Man story?

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